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hai.... I need information about forex pair corelation... anyone can help me?...thanks!!
I need to disconnect the expert programmatically in MT4 after it's done it's job Is there a way? Thanks Dan
We need translators and proofreaders for some languages. Conditions: Native speakers. General knowledge about trading and forex. Basically, about wording and specific terms. This is: you need to be able translate some trading/forex material into your native language. Arabic Chinese French German...
Check out my latest signaling service at Search for SuperDUPEREURUSD Opens long positions at the Moving Average and the Oscillator of BBP is lower than the zero line; and the ADX falls. Opens short positions at the Moving Average and the Oscillator of BBP is higher than the zero
Market time sync oriented orient express. Search Japanimoney on
The Ewing signal produces between 10 and 15 signals per month. My goal is to make profitable trades, not to trade often. Every trade has a 40 pip stoploss and a 30 pip profit target, so mostly anyone can use it. I don't like high drawdowns or risky trades. However, I suggest you do NOT risk more...
Hi. 1) I'm not sure how to get the following real-time data by DDE: - open - close - volume - only date - only time 2) I have Metastock 9. I opened MetaTrader 4. I downloaded the DDEChartUpdater and set it up in vain. The setting is: Name: EURUSD Symbol: EURUSD Intraday 1 Minute C:\MetaStock
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I have $3000 free margin. When I add a market order to EURUSD with a volume of 1 it costs aprox $30.00. If I try to open a market order with a volume of 5 I get a message saying "not enough money". Shouldn't it cost $150.00. Thanks
hi Below is my first own EA. Unfortunately I have some problems with it. How it should work: Every new (Daily)-Bar the EA should only set one sellstop and one buystop. Prices, StopLoss and TakeProfit are all calculated by a formula using the High-,Low- and Close-Value of the privious day. Now...
Hello all, I'm looking for a site, ticker, free software or anything else that shows me live (or as close as possible) quotes of indices of my pick. It has to have market close/open indication, percent of change and must be costumizable. I tried the Yahoo!Finance site, but it's about 20 minutes
Hello, I posted this question on mql4 forum, but nobody replied so I figured it didn't catch attention of any of the MT4 developers. It is very important for me to get an answer to this, so please, try to provide some.. I am having this necessity to occasionally modify history files from my code
Hello all, I'm looking for a site, ticker, free software or anything else that shows me live (or as close as possible) quotes of indices of my pick. It has to have market close/open indication, percent of change and must be costumizable. I tried the Yahoo!Finance site, but it's about 20 minutes
Hi, I tried to set a trend line to be orange with thickness 2 (second lineon the drp down list) on 4hr EURUSD but when I change my timeframe to1hr, the line changed to dotted red. How do I change the linepermanently to orange with thickness 2 until I decided to change again?When I change back to...
Hi All, I would like to introduce my new signal service fully based on a strictly selection of EAs. The Tsarkaya system at the moment follows a daily strategy on five currencies and breakout strategy on USDJPY. The daily strategy place a trade almost every day at same time, the breakout use a...
When placing an order in AUDNZD the difference sl - price - tp must be about 600 Points. That should be corrected. 2) In the metatrader trade window I see the price with 5 digits, sometimes with 6 digits. Enclosed the sreenshot.
I write some indicator for MT5, if ex5 cannot be decode, I will release them , else, I save them on my harddisk . thanks
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Hi guys I am very new to this forex businesss i would really appreciate if anyone can tell me one simple example of stratgy so I can understand what is stratgy.. plzzzz thanx
This is an mql4 question. So, let me get this straight; If draw a trendlinebyangle on the chart, I can only pull values off of the trendlinebyangle that I've already set? That's completely useless. It doesn't matter how I draw the trendlinebyangle, I cant' get a value that I didn't set. See...
Hi folks, I trying to code a small custom ipanel indicator( spread and time), its very basic. Most of the code I have done, found it a little tough, but got there. I have got stuck on something, I am trying to create a small box that will sit in the bottom left corner, that will sit on top of the
To Development team of MQL5 , It seems that the Watch window is showing wrong values of variables that I am passing as arguments to a function. For example: void OnStart() {    double q = 0.5;    double p = 1.2;    Dummy(q, p); } void Dummy(double qty, double price) {    Print(qty);...
Rosh, I created a function that contains one parameter of type string and several other arguments of diferent types (like double, bool, etc), and everything was going fine. Then I  included another parameter of type string to this function signature. After this modification, I started to receive an...
folks i have a EA written in mq4. when i hit compile, it shows "0 errors, 0 warnings" in the status window. but i do not see a ex4 file. can someone help -thanks venki
Different EAs(trending, rangebound,etc) perform differently under different conditions such that it will a streak of winners and losing trades. Can EAs be modified to trade virtual or real lots based on equity curve condition?
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THE CABLE System by TheFloorTrader TheCable | Rent a Signal ACTIVATION PROCESS - DONE Here ...we go... Our methodology of trading is use by the biggest player in the forex industry ...finantial institution ....big corporation ...ex. and ...they use this methodology for ...decade's and .....
ID: 30537 This system is based on price action and trend following. I don't use any classical indicators. It works, I trade it live, it let me won a trading contest beating few hundred other traders and get a decent prize: What differs me from my fellow competitors is a focus on strict risk control...
I have checked the forum to get an indicator that shows Two pairs in one chart.For example; I want to see USD/CHF at EUR/USD chart at the place of indicators. Is there something like that or is it possible? I really thank if it is done
Total # of weeks: 3 This week pips: 166 Total pips: 1290 Average pips per week: 430 This week USD: 261.84 Total USD: 2226.25 Average USD per week: 742.08 Fully automated EA, NO martingale, fixed lot size, low DD. Bye!
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I've finally hit on something that is profitable. Took me a couple years (read: 4). So now what? How do I manage my money? How soon do I move up in lots? Should I set up a VPS and write an expert adviser for it? What do you guys suggest?