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I know that Moving Average cross systems are quite popular, so I made a generic one that can take whatever standard MA you want. An explanation of the features is in the source code, but I'll also post them here: extern string averages="==== MA Settings ===================="; extern int...
How would I program my expert to only look at the close of candle at 2:00 to enter trade everyday?
Hi folks, I got one indicator from other platform, here is the program coded in that platform. Hope anyone can help to code it for MT4. SMA21:MA(CLOSE,21); GAO:=MA(REF(HIGH,1)/REF(CLOSE,2),27)*REF(CLOSE,1),COLORRED; DI:=MA(REF(LOW,1)/REF(CLOSE,2),27)*REF(CLOSE,1),COLORGREEN; Best regards, RickyS
  Trading game (2)
A little while back asked if there was anywhere I could learn the basics of trading. Have come across a cool online trading game called traderwars which you can play for fun. It's player to player and quite challenging. I found the glossary of terms quite useful too.
Hi everyone, I have looked all over this great forum but i can find what im looking for, im sure someone must have made a EA like this already its really simple. What i am looking for a is a EA that will open a position when price comes winin X amount of pips of a ema. It would need stop loss and...
  Trendline Alerter (13   1 2)
Hello everyone, I have this indicator, the Alerter, which basically warns when price approaches your pre-designed trendline. Can anyone change the code so instead of an email, you get a sound alarm? Thank you kindly.
hi everybody, im new to forex..just started my own demo account and the market always seems to go against me..ive made around 4 demo accounts til now all going broke! i was hoping if anybody could show me any good indicators for beginners as myself..something to show me the trend of the market and...
Milky is here, no constraints, free for every one. It generates 134, not enough money, errors. You know what I mean. 0.1 lot on 5000 deposit work for eurusd 30mins. Still looks good. AGLOCO: The Internet's First Economic Network Today’s hottest Internet businesses are all about the power of social networks. Companies like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube have become worth billions because businesses have realized that these social networks are generating...
I have this code in my EA: while (entry_stats_name[j] != NULL) {......} Where entry_stats_name[] is typed as a string. When I try to compile this I get this error msg: '!=' - different types in comparison How can I check if a string is empty or not?
Hi, I ask this publicly because it seems that FX_sniper is no longer amongst us ( realy sad). The ergodic indicator that works already great could be improved even more. Place on a 1H chart a MACD with values 5,13,1. Place in that same data window ON that MACD an MA 2smoothed (so not on close but on...
Hi All, I would like to know what is the numbe rof maximum custom indicators allowed in MT4? Because I recently downloaded the 1000 indicators pack from another thread on this board and extracted them where in the indicators directory but whe I re-launch MT4, only a bunch of them is showing up in...
  Guaranteed WINNING Strategy. (36   1 2 3 4)
1) Find a Newbie. 2) Take every trade opposit to Newbie. 3) Make a fortune.
Hi all, This is my first post in this forum. I trade a system which is very simple yet powerful. It is not convenient to be traded manually though, since a lot of signals can not be traded because they appear in time when I either sleep or I am at work and can not keep an eye on the charts. I need...
As a manual trader I need to ask a question. Why do the simplest of strategies that work well seem to be ignored by the people looking for Expert Advisors? Here is an example of an entry for M30 that I use very much in my manual trading and it very seldom lets me down. Firstly let me say that I am...
I'm a new user to MT4, and would like to program William's Ultimate Oscillator. Any help out there? My programming skills are, well, lacking. tia
  Close all open orders EA (32   1 2 3 4)
Guys I am trying to find the Close all open orders EA. I know I have seen it somewhere in one of the threads. I have done all the searches but no avail. For the life of me I can not find it. Please if you know where it is, or if you have it, please post it here again. Thanks nubika
Hi, anyone have Pivot points EA for trade... really appreciated your help.... thanks in advance..
  Variables (6)
Hello, if one changes the period of the chart or enters new values to the indicator, than all variables are put back, but if one simply only switches off the terminals and then switch it on again the variables are not put back again? Who knows the problem and a solution? Eaxmple: bool first=true;...
Hi every body, As I am a newbie and I don't know anything about mql4 language, but just from one of the help pages I tried to make this attached EA. Unfortunately when I compiled, it got some 6-7 errors. Would any body be kind enough to correct them. Also most of the EA's in those threads, either I...
Hi, Setting the date, manually, in Alert 2 to todays date, why does Alert 1 return a different value than Alert 2? Even using TimeLocal() as opposed to TimeCurrent() yields the same returns. #property indicator_chart_window int start() { datetime x=TimeYear(TimeCurrent());datetime...
Hi.I have a couple of demo accounts and my EA'S have stopped working, open orders are suddenly closed and no new ones initiated Is this a bug? Anyone else having the same problems? How do I correct this problem? Thanks.
  Data Window (2)
Hello guys & girls, A request from a frequent (24/5) user of Metatrader, both Demo & real time. I use a three screen trading system & its a real pain losing a chunk of my screen when I access the Data Window...How about a floating one? Tks
  $$$Milleon Dollar Way$$$$ (62   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hay i and my friend starts now trading and we going to get some milleon $ rs. We start balance 3000$ and trading only Gold ,we start 0,10$ per pips :P Im starting puting here screenshots and i give signals here too anyone can join with signals ....Thank you i hope we r going good . Money : 3000$
Dear Metatraders, Can anybody develope some plug in or something which can import data from esignal data access service into Metatrader. I am ready to pay for reasonable development fees. regards Bobby
does anybody know of a script that would prevent the journal ect. from being deleted after shutting down mt4? i know there is one as i have seen it before but i cant remember where.
I wanted to know is there some code or something, which like i know a company providing feed for various equities worldwide. Can i bring it to MT4 just for charting ? And do this myself by doing some coding ? Or will i have to tell my broker to do it. Any kind help will be appreciated
This fractal zig zag indicator does not update. Can anyone fix this problem? Appreciate the help! Dave <<<
  Alert (9)
Do we have alerts for this indicator? i don't find it on the audio alert thread. Can someone post here please?
hi, is there any way to minimize metatrader to the system tray? i tried a shareware program (4t tray minimizer) and it kept crashing windows explorer. thanks.