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Hi everyone, one simple question: I tried to install MT5 from 5 different brokers: ICMarkets, FXPRO, Admiral Markets, ActivTrades and Pepperstone, and with all of them the Monthly GBPNZD chart goes back only to May 2010. Do you guys have the same problem? Is it possible to have more data? How can I
Hello, I am trying to create EA where I want to take user input based on the input he selects in the drop down window. Is it possible to do this combo enum type in MQL5. Thanks MQL5 community. Best Regards
I do not understand the purpose of creating these two types of rectangles: OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL and OBJ_RECTANGLE Ultimately they look similar. The OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL does not even give a preference to write text on it, how is that a label? OBJ_RECTANGLE_LABEL and OBJ_RECTANGLE are simply the
How should I take a photo with QR code
Hey guys, I am getting acquainted with the mql language, but I have some knowledge of C++. I want a data structure where I can link a value to another. I was thinking of a map- (C++) or dictionary- (Python) like structure, but it is an overkill for my purposes. So I was thinking of a custom array...
  vps (1)
how can i use my mt4 vps to another mt5 account with same broker
Hi, I am just wondering if it is possible to draw objects on Indicator_Separate_Windows? Ex. Fibo or trendlines If its possible can someone tell me how? I can't find any topics in the forums
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how to deposit direct from new card without cardpay
My xauusd and xaueur cant scroll back more than january 2019 but i need it to scroll back to like january 2012. hat should i do
What will happen if I click on cancel job
Hello to everybody... I want to subscribe for a particular signal; I want to know how to do. It's a stock exchange signal
  Fibonacci expansion (13   1 2) there a way to modify the fibonacci extension tool , so that it will not draw the fib levels as a ray all the way to the right? make the length of the levels the same as it is in the fibonacci retracement tool. it makes a mess of the chart when u have more that one
I ask if it is possible to increase the size of the date character and the values in the graph of Mt4/5 And possibly the font size of the menu file, tools, etc. Thank you in advance... I would like to use less glasses
Hi I noticed that my mt4 account running on mql5 vps did not copy the signal for 2 days, the image attached shows the vps journal, Any idea why and how to get it to work again? Thanks
Some quick advice please as I do not have the time now to read all about strategy tester: when does one have to use the "start", "step" and "stop" columns? Thanks
I basically can't Download ANYTHING (EA's oder Indicators etc.) form this Market here! I've tried it with Google Chrome and Safari. When I click on download with Chorme - just nohting happens. When I click an download with Safrai - there appears a error Message Which basically says something like
Hello, I want to buy a computer to make optimization faster, I read open threads about it, but I want somthing updated for these days. What do you recommend? i7? i9? 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB of RAM? what are the importent parts? I guess GPU and screen resolution are useless for optimization... Do you have
32 Mexican economy indicators have been added to the fundamental market analysis app. Information is collected directly from public sources, such as the Bank of Mexico, Ministry of Finance and State Credit, the National Institute of Geography, Statistics and Informatics (INEGI). By regularly
  MA over RSI ? (1)
Hi I want to create replica of Traders Dynamic Index in my EA so who would like to share code of moving average over rsi ? Thanks for your help
Hi everybody, any help appreciated. I want to show under the chart in mt5 my values . Can anybody explain me how to do this or give me some right links with tutorials. Can i do it with the indicator wizard? As example i want to see under the chart the actual interest rate or inflaction etc.. in a
  New VPS fee? (2)
I noticed i was charged $12.50 for 1 vps renewal.... right here it's still available for $10/Month what's going on? why didn't i got notified that there is a new fee
I'm sure many of you have heard all kinds of talk about the high likelihood of the upcoming financial crisis, but regardless. I just wanted to know, for example during the 2008 crisis, did timeframes like M5 trend far more than they do now, across the major pairs? I'm asking because my current
Hello, i would like to have a personal password that is easy to recall. How do i go about it
Hi, _as_ I_see,_there_is_no _possibility_to_use_"space"_any_more,_neither_in_the_forum,_nor_elsewhere.... Are_we_trapped_in_a_fishglas...(_or_is_the_earth_flat_now)
Yes, I sell trading applications and signals and I am ready to share my margin with affiliates Yes, I am a community member and I would like to recommend my favorite applications and signals for a fee No, I will not participate in the affiliate program, though I sell trading applications and signals...
Hi, I've created an EA using eabuilder and tried backtesting & optimizating using MT5. However, I've noticed some passes are returning 0 trades and I've put it on the visual mode, the custom indicator which the EA should be using is not showing on the chart and I get a lot of these errors "Not all
  Something interesting, old thread (1264   1 2 3 4 5 ... 126 127)
Dear all, I would like to start this new thread cause I have some indicators that I paid for them and I want to share for free with you, all of you that for years share tons of ideas with me in this beautiful forum. I hope to encourage many users to do the same thing Best regards doc EDIT now the...
My new <Deleted> program uses the "<Deleted>" indicator which calls iCustom from "Market indicators ". With "Tester Strategy" the program works well (call "<Deleted>" from "Market"). But the validation of my new product returns the message: 2016.04.01 00:00:00 cannot open file 'MQL4 Market
I am new user and I am testing few EAs. I have been able to optimize the EAs and received good results during back testing. I saved the input parameters and tried to run them again the other day and received completely different back testing results when testing again with the same settings. Any
I would like to know if it only happened to me! this morning I opened the mt4 and the indicators downloaded from the market, bought or free, no longer work. I try to stick them in the chart and nothing happens, yet I log in to my account and so it's all right. They don't even work in the strategy