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Hi friends i have developed a system based on murrey maths and elliotwaves any resources you have pls post here so we all can learn i will also post what i find , resources like ebooks only or some indicator for EW, MM indicator already available here. thank you
Hallo I just bought metaTrader 4 for mobile in Poland .Received registration key. Even upgraded to latest version from your web site and have problem. Program works on my QTEK 9100 but it shows no connection. I checked server, login, pass and still nothing. No connection . Of course I have good...
  What it is (4)
what is indicators
Hello, I wish to write a custom .DLL to process BAR data. I will pass Open and Close to my .DLL, modify the O and C, and pass it back to MQL4 in a 2 dimentional array... can someone provide an MQL4 example on how this can be done? To my knowledge I can't return an Array from the .DLL... but maybe...
I've tried downloading the user guides from the Support section and when I click on one of them, IE displays the index, but not the content. It just says it's unable to access that web page. I've also tried opening them directly from the web page, but same result. Any ideas?
  On Crosses (1)
Hello dear traders, i will post my analysis on Crosses we have right now long trade developing on GBP/JPY which should initiate at 204.62 preparing my charts appologize that i am late. JJ
Hello, I've coded an Indicator that I want to auto-load from my EA (the Indicator loads when I load the EA). Is this possible? Does anyone have an example of the syntax? (If possible I would like to #include the Indicator in the EA code). -charliev
"Splines" as in "Cubic Splines" turn charts with jagged edges into charts with nice smooth curves because the hard data at every interval is used to find interpreted data at every 0.2 or 0.25 of the interterval. It would require being able to divide the BARS into sub-divisions like every 0.2 or 0.25...
I am trying to write an expert that places multiple limit and stop orders, but for some reason it will only open up buylimit and buystop and no sell orders. Why is this working for me: if (WantLongs==true) { if ( price1 > Ask ) { entermode = OP_BUYSTOP; } else { entermode =...
  Reversal Days (4)
A few months ago there was a thread about reversal days, and John Cranes system. In that thread I posted some charts and showed the HRV an indicator created by Conners and Raschke. I stated that the HRV would not show up again for some time. Well I was wrong, this is a rare thing but it is in...
My "discovery" of the CCI-oscillator, changed my world from entering trades late or taking stupid entries and wiping out my account, to averaging 600 pips/ month consistently over the last 15 months. My dilemma is the following:.......The CCI-6 ("turbo")[cci-t hereafter] "overheats" at the...
been using this cool program securdat for 5 or 6 years. It monitors folders and stores copies every time you make a change to a file in them. e.g. if you are editing abc.MQ4 then every time you save you will have abc[0001].mq4, abc[0002].mq4, etc. useful if you make a mistake. it is shareware but...
could someone tell me *AT LEAST ONE* EA which works? i have just tested firebird, envelope and many others and until now i have not seem any which works. could someone tell me *AT LEAST ONE* and in wath time frim it works?
I've downloaded all the renko related indicators and none of them are actually a renko that is displayed in the price area for mt4, there is one in the nisson grafics folder but its ext not mt4. Is there an mt4 renko to download or can anyone make an english version? If so you have my many thanks.
Hello MetaQuotes Can you tell me what this Error means :logon (4.00, #287F3AC4) My Journal is full of this msg and every couple of mins I get disconnected from my broker and then re-connect and this msg pops up in my Journal Thank you for your Time EK
I saw before Newdigital giving code example to use something other than alerts in an indicator, which the computer say the word instead of the alert. I've been searching the forum, but can't find it. . Can Newdigital or someone else help me ? I'm trying to put some alert code. Thanks.
"Splines" as in "Cubic Splines" turn charts with jagged edges into charts with nice smooth curves (see example attachment). They would require being able to divide the BARS into sub-divisions like every 0.2 or 0.25. Would this be possible? Is there a way to plot a fraction of a BAR? -charliev
  Bug? (3)
I programmed an expert advisor to monitor multiple currency symbols. It's working properly on a standard account. However, the expert advisor will not trade on a mini-account.
  Easy iCustom and Alerts! (69   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hi folks, I know very much the pain of using iCustomfunction and thousand of requests asking me about Alertson crossing an indicator another indicator.Well, it will not be painful anymore. Just download this new indicator and wait my description. Please vote if you like it !
Hi, What is the best indicator to use that looks into a bar and tells me how rough or calm the ride is within the bar? I mean, if I'm looking at a bull candlestick on M30 I would like to know if the M1 data within was trending strongly upwards or if it was really jumping all over the place. Maybe H4...
Hi I find that the subscription to thread tool is not working. I have subscribed to a number of threads, which have been updated and have yet to receive an email. I have asked for some instant and some daily emails. Anyone know how to fix - or is anyone having the same problem? Thanks
Does anyone have the codes to set the Donchian Channel indicator on Metatrader>
  Compiling ! (2)
Hi all, I wondering if there is a way to compile with a command line an .mq4 file with the MetaEditor ? Like: Metaeditor -c xxxxxxxx.mq4 Thanks :) Ciao
Hello I found that there is no function similar to ObjectGetValueByShift (and ObjectGetShiftByValue) that could be applied to horisontal lines as well as to trend lines. I think it will be helpfull to have a pair or these function to accept as wee horisontas as trend lines... Thank you I
  ROC for MT4? (57   1 2 3 4 5 6)
Check this out people! I made this indicator with histogram presentatnion When the price is above moving average it is green and when it is bellow it is red. Like on the example. And the size of histobar is counted from line 0. I hope U like it guys Regards Kale
  News from elite subscription (434   1 2 3 4 5 ... 43 44)
I am starting this thread just to let the members know what is going on in elite subscription section.
Howdy, I am trying to send info to the output file via Print, but I can't find the file that is created/updated. Where might this file exist? thanks Mark
Hi all, I looking for MT4 indicator which will draw a horizontal line at the high and the low over x periods. example, if I'm working off the eurusd 1hr chart I would like to see a line at the 50 period high and the 50 period low, but the period can be set to what ever you want and the lines update...
Hello, as we know we can put only one EA on a chart. On the other hand, we can put multiply indicators on one chart. Is it possible simply move an EA to indicators directory to do the trick? I think it is enough, but maybe I'm missing something. Regards, Michal