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Hi, I am currently using some systems (indicators and EAs, both bought and developed by myself) that are very hardware intensive. I have some powerfull hardware at my disposal, because I work at a ISP. I have a dedicated server on a data center only for my MT4 platform (it's a intel xeon E5-2609...
  Arbitration (3)
I am in a job with a coder who is ignoring me and has not ever produced any code.  Now that I accepted arbitration there is still no response from the coder.  Since he is not responding, I cannot get out of the job or unlock the funds.  How do I get this fixed?
My (win10,64, Mt5 b 1881)  call: ..input int      BB_Period = 14;input double   BB_Devi   = 2; Hdl_BB;int OnInit() {   ..   Hdl_BB = iBands(_Symbol,PERIOD_CURRENT,BB_Period,0,BB_Devi,PRICE_CLOSE);   if(Hdl_BB==INVALID_HANDLE) {      Print(__LINE__," The iBands(",(string)Hdl_BB,") by "...
  Order Board (4)
Hi, How I can the Order Board to my MT4, any ideas?!
hi, i just rented <name> ea for 1 month and i dont know how i can use it. please i need a guide on how i can install it on my mt4 and use it.
Hi, I brought my EA on 2018.09.14 and it work fine, however once the window 10 updated on 2018.09.15, my EA was disable. I need to reinstall the MT4 and waste 1 activation to re-download again to let it work. Anthony
Hello, I want to make the Fibonacci extend to the end of the candlesticks but it seems to stop short like the picture I have attached and doesn't go all the way to the right. Do I use meta editor for this? If so, and there is code involved please dumb it down as much as possible because I am...
EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD dependent on USDX currency. But I need to know other currencies dependent future currency. 
Hi everyone, does the EA closes the trade or I need to close it, so far it's running for a 2 days with profit without closing any position. Thanks
Hi A mql5 code needs to know when a new bar arrives. various methods use "TimeCurrent()" which can remain fixed "not changing" for a long time till a new tick is received by the termnal from the server. How does that affect the ploting of a new price bar? i.e. does the terminal plot the bar based on...
In MT5 expert advisors is it a must to send modifications for stops only after the trade opens so as to be compatible with ecn accounts like mt4?
Hello, I need your help How do I cancel my subscription? I'd like to create my own signal to sell. Thanks..
Please help me get in touch with the relevant support to have my profile approved for selling expert advisers on the MQL5 community, a telephone number perhaps.
I am not able to use the Cloud Network service. I deposited money and enabled the servers, they are ready but don't work. Why? The service desk doesn't answer me. I waited for hours and nothing happened...
Is it possible for an EA to open a trade when an indicator places an arrow on the current candle or a previous candle? If yes, how?
hi everyone, I did a program to select the best market according to my strategy. The problem is I put a lot of time to find a good symbol in a market watch (even if I sort alphabetically). So I m looking for a mean to win time but I don t know how can I change the background color of the symbol or...
Hi, Trying to download history for majors, minors, and some crosses. After a download, MT4 crashes and never recovers. Only a full reinstall with deleting personal data helps. Tried on two different brokers. Any idea how to fix it? Need the data for backtesting. Thanks in advance!
I can't assigne in real time the signal subscription. Somebody can help me????
  Filtration (13   1 2)
Hello, Could anyone tell me about flitration in Metatrader 4 Administrator? i didn't understand about it. Thank you
There seems to be a payment which is locked padlock is showing does anyone know what that means or how I can solve this problem? 
hello how can i add mt4 online to my website like this is this a plugin or coding
I rented an indicator from MQL5 7 days ago the money left my account 7 days ago I still cannot access the indicator nor can I get any help finding it. I have tried everything it just says rented untill Oct 26 but I cannot download or use it Any suggestions?
In MQL5 signals showing time is broker time ? I asked before but any forum moderator had trouble with my question and delete it without any rason
Hello who can explain to me how it might be that I upload historical data identical to the MT4 of two different brokers and run the strategy tester in the same data and export me different results ?
  leverage (9)
hello,  i am a signal seller. my leverage is 1:500 in fact. but it seems 1:300 here. why?
hi is there any indicator to change prices  style from 1.25656 to 125656   and show them in  mt4 chart ? 
Hi, I had applied Seller status for signal publishing, But the status still not approving after 2 weeks since 20 SEP 2018. How can I resolve this status problem as I D'ont know what's going on? Regards Garett Yong
Trading Signals with Automatic Execution on Your Account: problem with signal. Symbol "EurUsd.m" not found, symbol "GbpUsd.m" not found...
  expert (1)
HELLO would YOU PLEASE you Create and expert for me to close all my trade when all trade consequent in profit with my given limit for profit as a USD $ for example if all trade profit more than 100USD  close all order automatically  .?