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Hi guys! I just joined the forums. Finally someone to talk trading :D Last 2 years i was trading without journal and now i see how much information i could have by now. Will start with pen and paper but i would like to make it digital. Does anyone have an Excell spreadsheet to share? I could...
Hello Everyone! I have Demo and Live accounts with AMP. I have created an EA(with the help of codes from others). EA creates limit orders without any issue on the Demo account. But on the Live account, limit orders get created but they disappear as soon as they are created on the chart. Looking at...
One week making $1000 and following week all is gone, I think I'll got back to selling kfc :-), at least my profit share will always be paid unlike forex. 
Hi, Can someone suggest a broker that allows trading of forex options and futures, and where can I source some historical data? My broker is Pepperstone and they don't seem to have forex derivatives.
I am new here. I would like to trade Bitcoin on the MQL5 platform. How do I proceed?
how can i verify my account in this site? send me the link to upload my documents please
Hi, If I purchase Expert Adviser from MQL5 , Can I operate in multiple accounts? or only one account possible?  thanks
I found I spent ages to optimate an ea with very long duration for each BT. I am considering to buy a specific computer to do the BT only. Not for gaming/ office use. The only requirement is speed up the BT. However I am not sure it related to CPU or RAM or anything else? Please advise. Regards,
Hi, may I know do I get any refund back to my credit card if I cancel my VPS subscription? Thanks
Hello how can I copy signal with EURGBP...  (there are two points behind)  I use ICmarkets and don't have point after EURGBP I like one signal but all subscribers rights All subscribers write that the deals are not being opened.
  Learning MQL5 (2)
Hi all, I would like to learn MQL5. How can I start ? Thanks Foysal
Yesterday where I live there was a power outage, and my pc turned off suddenly.MT5 was opened at the time. Since then, now when I launch my MT5, I get the message 'server base corrupted' in the log tab of the bottom area of the window. I'm am not able to connect. I am requested my demo trading...
where or who can help me to programing my indicator  i dont want pay nothing 
Hi, is it possible to adjust the stoploss in mq5 without specifying a new value for the takeprofit. eg: if I have a buy position, I want to raise the stoploss when my trade is profitable but i dont want to raise my takeprofit. Positionmodify() seems to require a value for TP but the existing TP them...
Is there a way to draw a single rectangle, that spans two days?   For example, the Asian range? Thanks!
ao abrir o mt5 aparece essa janela  não consigo fecha-la,  tambem não consigo fechar o mt5
  Neural Networks (256   1 2 3 4 5 ... 25 26)
I tried to move some posts and threads to this one concerning the subject about Neural Networks. Just to spen some development up and keep everything in one place. --------------------- GMDH is known also as Polynomial Neural Networks, Abductive and Statistical Learning Networks.
  PDF Indicator (1)
Does anyone here know about the PDF Indicator and how it works, a brother needs help
Dear All, I used to export the results to EXCEL for further analysis. Now it turns out that lots of good results included in the exported CSV-File are not visible in the optimization results tab to run a single test. I found in some older threads for MT4 there would be an option to untick "Skip...
Can I trust ticks data from brokers ? I thinking for create "Write ticks" indicator, If ticks data from brokers can't trust. Comment your mind, Please. Thank you.
  Coding (9)
Can somebody tell me how to learn coding !? I want to do EA for my indicator and i don't know how but i want to know 😊 
Yes No Depends on how many bottles
Hello Community, I would like to know how does fetching prices from a different time-frame actually work. If I am currently back-testing on Daily Period, and I used iLow(NULL,PERIOD_H1,0) to compare with Low[0], which bar's low will it actually fetch (from which hour) to compare with the daily bar's...
Hi there, I just started my live account on MT4 today. I have been using the Demo account. First trade today, took the trade set SL and TP however no trade levels showed up on my actual chart. These should show on chart once trade taken. Yes I have checked the box 'Show trade Levels"  Works perfect...
Does anyone know what to do about this problem? Attached is what the MQL5 back tester shows me. This is from a live account with ICMarkets. Help! 
Hi everyone I'm new to MT5, but not programming and want to know if MT5 can do this... I am looking for analytics on when the first tick range candle breaks out of a 5 min opening range. I want to know which times between 9:30 and 12:30 product the most breakouts from this opening range. I'm looking...
Scalpers like Al Brooks would go away soon as a trade hits 3 pips, but in my opinion that requires a large volume. I just want to know what you traders think?
I have register as a seller and all of my signal is been published but when i search them i cant find one what can i do to make them visible
mt5 still with the bug of losing colors in some components in the newer builds... (last tested oficial release with the bug)  mt5 build 2085 for example: how reproduce the bug. connect to a mt5 broker account - open a clean chart - drop the indicator BB from "Examples\BB" - change the BB colors to...
Hi, I've been a mql5 customer for quite awhile and use several of the EAs I purchased here. I've completed my own EA but see that there is no option for US residents to register as a seller here. Am I right about that? And if so, what other options do I have to sell my EA other than on ForexFactory...