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This version of the old indicators GMMA Long/Short around here and other forums has been checked read some papers of Guppy. Shorts GMMA are 3,5,8,10,12,15. Longs are 30,35,40,45,50,60. Also, now the lines maintain the width and color when you move to another TF. Easy color change added.
Based on Tom Demark' TD Sequential Indicator. There is a reversal on the daily chart. The 13 was on 4/17. Tom Demark Rocks!.
can some tech me? see bellow picture
Hi guys, I've been using NF's demo account for the charts, but I wonder why there's always an extra bar on the weekend? is it due to server data error? or just for the demo account? can anyone suggest a broker with more reliable data and trading? Another question, is it possible to have an 8-hour...
Im following TEB System from ForexFactory forum. Entries for this system are usually discretionary, but exits not. Positions should be closed when 4H Stoch cross. Would it be possible to create an EA to close open orders when this happens? I attach Stochastic Cross Alert indicator, which may be...
Hello all. I'm new to MT4 and I must say that it's very impressive! I'd say it's just as good as Metastock and you can't beat the price. Anyways, I've looked through manual and this forum but I can still can't find help for the topic I'm having a problem with. It's shorting. I've looked at...
Hi all, Does anyone have an MT4 equivalent for the VT S/R indicator? Attached is the screenshot on how it looks on VT. Thanks, -soso
I have a lot of trial and error experience in programming MT4 now. From time to time I have questions on programming statements. It would be a big help if I could talk to someone on an issue from time to time locally. Is there anyone in the Houston area that I could ask a question or two from...
The development of the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE has almost been completed. At the moment, we can offer everybody a beta version of the new mobile terminal for smartphones. Download the MetaTrader 4 Mobile SE ("Downloads") and take part in the development of the new terminal. Your opinions and comments...
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International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
  Magnify price (1)
This Indicator magnify the price and put it on the chart. I put 4 charts on the screen taking about a quarter of the screen for each pair. This indicator can put the magnify price on a large chart, but the magnify price does not appear on the quarter size zoomed chart. Any help will be much...
  market hours (5)
hi, anyone knows of an indicator that plots the different market hours along the time axis. i would really appreciate it thanks
I've been reading here the last few days and have read several of the long threads on some of the better known EA's that use Martingale type of MM. Such as 10pts3 and all it's descendants, Firebird, etc. It seems like most of these threads seem to have died off when people gave up on them due to...
Can someone please help me to calculate the cumulative drawdown of the current open trades? Thanks in advance, TimeFreedom
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Does anyone know about a weekly range indicator? I ran a search but couldn't find anything so far. I'm currently using one for daily range (#(T_S_R)-Daily Range Calculator .mq4) and I'm really happy with it, but a weekly average would help me a lot. Maybe something similar to TSR?
Hi I am currently using MT4, but only currencies data available, can anyone tell me is there any commodities or stock data for download ? Thanks very much
i have a question , that ea is only used for one chart , example 5m charts or 15m charts , can't hook to two charts 5m and 15m. here is a simple ea //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| aaa.mq4 | //|...
Is there a way to take your MT4 platform and get it to change the time stamp to an individuals time zone? I have Strategy builderFX version of MT4 and it's GMT clock is not set to a standard time. Example : I'm writing this message at 11:00PM EST (03:00GMT) my MT4 platform says that it is 2007,04...
Does anyone known if Supersignals (by Nick Bilak) is available for MT3? Also, has anyone programmed an EA that uses Supersignals for BUY and SELL at Green and Red Arrows? (Either for MT4 or MT3)? Thanks.
I've been trying to code an EA in MT4 using custom indicators and I always have the following problem: When the EA tests the value of the indicator at any shift value (I usually use 0 or 1), it often returns a value quite different for that period than the corresponding indicator value displayed on...
Anyone have automatic trading?Please share it an also share the tutorial. Thanks
I found one great indicator called XO_5. All I want is to make one simple ea with XO_5. When indicator is full green ea must open long position. When indicator is full red ea must open short position. After open position first target for ea is to move stop loss (sl + spread value) to "secure"...
  Log Scale ? (2)
Does MT4 have a log scale function ?
  I-Trend (3)
Is anyone familiar with the I-Trend indicator? If so, what are your thoughts on this indicator? Any feedback would be much appreciated... Thanks.. Marc
Im looking for a Price-level alert indicator. Id be grateful for direction thanks
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All the cars in this video belong to one man in UAE , he is the son of Dubai ruler ( I am not 100% sure ) I could not help but posting this video on Dream on guys, Dream on
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Hello I just want to ask if someone know a good software to let me posting in 3-4 forum in the same time? For example forex-tsd forum and another 2 forum I try Universal Forum Poster from but dont works on forex-tsd Anyone have any ideea how to make that, because i dont like to loss time...
Hi Does anyone here know about this indicator? fx_pline
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Can anyone please help me to code an indicator or script that display candlestick's wick as thick as esignal candlestick. I really love their candlestick but I don't wanna waste my money each month just to look at it.Please help me, guyz. thanks in advance.