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I've realized when drawing a rectangle manually that times, it doesn't expand to the precise mouse point dimensions and either reduces or increases in size. Is there a way I can get the rectangle to remain the size I specified always
I don't get it. I wrote EA, tested it, everything works fine. Now I copy the exact code, give new name to it and in tester it just doesn't do what it should do. Tried same thing with many EA's. As soon as I copy code it does not work anymore. Any ideas
Sometimes we want the program to execute only once. So We use OnInit() or OnStart() . But I find that some code cannot be executed. Such as: void OnStart() { int handle=iMA(_Symbol,_Period,15,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE); Print( BarsCalculated(handle) ); } The result is -1. Even I change it: void
There is no paypal to make payments, using a credit card also cannot make payments, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Is there a website or service (free) other than reuters or bloomberg terminals where you get your fundamentals ? and i am not talking economic releases from forexfactory. the question is how do you guys get your fundamentals
I am totally bored of having to follow the discourse on youtube (example FOMC , BCE Draghi talks) to know when it's over ,someone know how to have the information
Anyone here can help me make a correct documents to submit for becoming a seller on this society? Thanks in advance! Sopheak Khlot
It has been long time I registered my signal but it is not being published.
Hi there, for some reason my signal isn't public anymore. It isn't under any other category,  I can only see it in 'All Signals'. I can't find it under Signals, when searching for myself. What happened?
I'm writing an indicator that for example asks to check for several conditions, then using a for-loop looks back (10 bars) to see if an event occurred after these events x & y have been verified. It in EA but I'm not sure why. Could anyone explain what it's actually doing? or is it the correct
Signal system doesnt work properly I opened an account and published here its been 6 weeks but system not shown real situation how can get repair this for ex. I deposited this account only 5.000 USD it says deposit amount is 5130,10 USD You can check this from the link below [link to the signal was
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hello, for the last 2 days my computer is doing weird things like change clock time and date..i uninstalled my current antivirus and installed another one. after run it i received this report. Is that could be from my broker or from an EA or an indicator. i have no coding knowledge. but i can search
hi,  what do i need to do when withdraw is locked? 
Dear Support! I wanted to order an EA on the site by credit card payment. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem. I enter my credit card information and the site no longer allows me. All information is accepted, but when I enter my credit card number the field will be red. I tried both Mastercard and
hello, someone have a link for contact customer service here please
For some reason, the documentation syntax uses curled brackets instead of the square ones for the time array
I’ve rented a product for a year, last week I noticed that the product and the author have gone from the platform. Well, not professional behaviour of course. But what happens next? Will the rental period still be maintained? And will the product stop working when the end date is there? Many thanks
Hi Is there any way to read news faster than forex factory ? For example, the gdp index will be released at 8pm But Forex factory puts the news on the site 30 seconds later In your opinion, if I get the news directly from the source that the Forex Factor site presents, How many seconds can I be
this is my code that get macd value use icustom: double macdValueCustom=iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"MACD","Signal",0,1); MACD is customIndicator(not only macd but also others) but ,test result like this: how
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I ma trying to code my own template for my customers to have them apply the EA and it draw out the session times that we trade forever. I just need it to constantly draw the vertical lines to indicate the session times. Any tips, and guidance will help. Thank you so much>
I would like to ask if it is possible to copy trade from difference broker ? For example the signal provider's broker is A and my broker is B. I prefer to use B. Thanks
Hi all, i've read on a main page of 1995 mt5 versione that, there is a MetaTraderR package in CRAN repos for use mt5 in R environment. Unfortunately I can't find this package in any repos i've searched into and i haven't found any help around, someone knows how to install it or where is it? Thank...
Hi, I use a code to insert Trailing Stop on my EA: input double TrailingStop = 8;input double TrailingStep = 2; void MoveTrailingStop(){ bool s,mod; for(int cnt=0;cnt<OrdersTotal();cnt++) { s=OrderSelect(cnt,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES); string sy=OrderSymbol(); int tk=OrderTicket()
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Hi traders Is there any ready EA to apply an order in exactly the moment that the price cross the SAR and not in the next opening candle? Any settings i should apply? If not is there something i miss? Thanks.
My hosting rental cpu is freeze at 100%. not coming down even I stop the server. ( picture as attach file) happen when I update my ea codes, Ea is not running even I start the server, is there other way to restart the server? please
Ever since I became a trader, and having used several platforms, I've needed sometimes to quickly switch a chart to a different currency pair. That way, you don't have to actually open a new chart all the time. Sometimes, you just want to take a quick look at another pair, which has the same...
i have such LINK: http://sms.bulksmsind.in/sendSMS?username=admin&message=XXXXXXXXXX&sendername=infotp&smstype=TRANS&numbers=<mobile_numbers>&apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXX I wrote code: void SMSapi(string userID,string password,string senderID,string phone,string text) { int res; char data[];
HI. in separate window i draw candle #property indicator_type1 DRAW_COLOR_CANDLES#property indicator_color1 clrGray,clrSandyBrown,clrLimeGreen i want to hide them. i used this: if(!show_candle) PlotIndexSetInteger(0,PLOT_DRAW_TYPE,DRAW_NONE); but the result is not true . and my result will be
Quick question. I'm trying to convert some code from mql4 to mql5 but having some trouble. How do I express the below conditional in mql5? if(OrderType() == OP_BUY) Also, is it still possible to select orders by position instead of ticket only like in mql4