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Hello all I'm learning MQL5, and in my code CheckResultProfit always return 0. What I do is : trade.Buy(0.1); then after some ticks : trade.Sell(0.1); int tradeResultRetcode = trade.ResultRetcode(); Print("tradeResultRetcode=" + tradeResultRetcode); if...
CRUDE OIL: Triggers Correction, Eyes More Strengthen CRUDE OIL: With the commodity closing higher on further correction on Wednesday, it faces further upside pressure. On the downside, support lies at the 48.00 level where a break will expose the 47.00 level. A break will aim at the 46.00 level and...
MT4 not producing the indicator on Daily charts or above. Fine for anything sorter than 24 hours. Any advice?
I paid for (and it appeared in the Navigator) for Signal Provider EUR CHF 5M. This was about 4 or so hours ago. But I keep getting the message in the Journal '404736: Signal - connect to(null) through proxy failed'. Can you sort this out and get it up and working?
Anyone know of any indicators that can calculate a Moving average of RSI or place a Keltner channel around RSI? Thanks
up to 200 pips per month 200 - 400 400 - 600 600 - 800 800 - 1000 1000 - 1500 1500 - 2000 + 2000 pips per month
I am trying to set up  a new signal provider, all goes well except I then keep on getting the message 'not connected, select from signals database'. How can I get out of this vicious circle?
Probably stupid question but thks.
Hi everybody, Someone know the process to create my own server for MT5 as brokerage company ? There's an white paper or any described process to follow ? Regards, --Arthur
Hi guys, We are running an EA on several currencies and having some major issue with the historical data,,, precisely after 11/2011 something obscure happens/changes either in the price action, bars, ticks, or the whole MQL system - the way it calculates/creates the bars/ticks, i am m not sure but...
as in topic i am looking for an older version of MT5 on Android devices. I already have old MT5 installed on my android 2.3 device, but i cannot install it on other device with same android version (new MT5 requires higher android version probably) BTW metaquotes doesn't care that much for...
Is there any way to get or set the lots size of the default ONE click trader available with the platform ?
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I thought it would be helpful to have an easy to find spot to see what the rules are on this forum, because there has been some confusion with them before (from me for sure, possibly with other people as well). (copied from Rules Please be...
Just to have fann for a moment. I heve never seen something like this before. The price goes up on two down candles and then go down on up candle. See the picture.
If I subscribe to a signal, but my broker has slippage issues, can i change the subscription to another broker without paying again? How can i do this? Thanks.
Hi, I am new to using Signals. And thought I would test with a free signal on a demo account. I have selected the Signal JMLAGRESSIVE and have opened a demo account with the signals broker However the following error keeps coming up...
I am new to MT (using MT5). Why is the candle (size of it) drawn/changing continuously during two time periods. I suppose that the candle for the last time period which is already closed, should remain unchanged (while a new candle is drawn, if it is drawn continuously before the new time period is...
Will the history data be using the same? Different account offers different spreads.
Hello all some days ago i'm contacted by a trader called Ramin ROSTAMI a guy i follow from longtime on myfxbook and mql5 He talk to me about exchange profit from Mayzus account with webmoney to not paid tax on it, i talk some days with him, he OFFER ME 2100$ in exchange of 1600 webmoney and...
hi Price cannot be lower than 20 USD i wanna be a free prvider how...
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Can you have more then one computer using the metatrader software with the same mql5 community account?
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I can change the current password without remembering ? Unfortunately I do not find the current password. thanks
Anyone there can assist to place a prog on AWS?
i'm a newbie, i don't know how to write a script to run in server side(MT 4) . The script can push real time trade data into mysql. thanks !
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Hi everyone. I trade binary options 1 year. I hear about market reset in september. So, what that mean? In september indicator must to update, adjust..? Systems will not work anymore? e.g. SuperSignal inidcator will not work in future(need to be update)? Thanks
Hi everyone I'm newbie for code. I Try to coding iCustom but I have some problem. my indicator get som zero divide error. double x = (a+b)/a; double y = a/b; double z = x/y; so please help me. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
Greetings, Is there any idea about why there is difference between maximum drowdown and relative drowdown on same ea? Shortly my ea have some parameters, for example stoploss level in pips. If i test it with 40 pips my strategy reports same mdd&rdd values. If i test it with 30 pips my...
what format to link product?p=(...) cause link refferal default mql5 low loading and we make format product?p=(...)
USDCHF: Retains Recovery Risk USDCHF: With the pair taking back almost all of its past week losses to close marginally higher, it faces the risk of a move higher in the new week. On the downside, support comes in at the 0.9550 level. A turn below here will open the door for more weakness to occur...
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