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Hi Is it possible to change the start day of week in meta trader(5)? in Iran the beginning day of week is Saturday, so there is a slight Inaccuracy in weekly candles. There is also such a problem with monthly candles because of Gregorian Date. We need Solar Hijri Date. Thanks
So I've created a simple EA that shuts the superfluous orders as soon as they are in profit as long as the orders number exceeds the maximum int granted. My code for now is this: void DeployErrorCloser(){ if (CalculateCurrentNonUserOrders( Symbol ()) > MaxOrderPerSymbol) { long Chart = ChartOpen (
Just had to reinstall my Metaeditor and now built in functions such as Bid, Ask and DayofWeek no lkonger come up as functions while others like _Digits and Alert still do. Meanwhile I get undeclared identifier errors when I try to compile. Anyone heard of this problem before
hi I trade about 50 instruments in MT5 and want to have my charts split as in the picture i attached. Is it possible to split charts as this way? I mean that every instrument is one chart with for example 4 different timeframes of that instrument. So that i can see in one look the different
Hi! There is some kind of metric related to the rating inside the profile in that is related to Agent Cloud Network Supplier: I have completed tasks but it didn't affect my rating at all. Is that correct
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Many traders have been trying for a long time to beat the forex. It is not easy. If someone comes and look at forex and how prices move, he would say it is easy. But it is not. It is very difficult, it is even difficult to make 1 pip! In forex you cannot have a guaranteed 1 pip. If someone does have...
I was mistaken in a comment: I put 3 stars instead of 5. how to modify it
Ok, what the heck does ArrayBSearch return if it doesn't find the value?? The doc says: "Returns the index of the first occurrence of a value in the first dimension of array if possible, or the nearest one, if the occurrence is not found." What the heck does that mean - "or the nearest one, if the
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Hi all, I have a CENT real account with with 1: 1000 leverage. Can I become a SIGNAL PROVIDER ? Thank all
i have included this indicator into my EA.However, after including it , strategy tester became so slow , it barley moves !! Indicator used : Can anyone help me find how to optimize it or anyway to accelerate the testing
Hi, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but my Metatrader 5 was updated this weekend and now in history tab view when the "Comments" column is made visible there are now no comments shown, so all my orders that have closed this morning show no comments whereas there should be comments
hi, after 8 days, I opened the terminal and I saw that all indicators and experts were deleted. All my codes and my efforts are gone :( How does such a thing? does anybody encounter this situation? İs this a sabotage? I can't imagine me encounter while trading
Hi Guys, I've read the forums, and this question has come up alot. I am trying to detect a when a new candle forms, and my code is simple but for some reason, Time[0] within a while loop does not update. Could you guys explain why please? bool NewBar() { datetime date = Time[0]+PeriodSeconds();
I cannot figure how? I was told a week ago on that forum I cannot have 2 different accounts on one MT5 platform (or terminal?) and was told under the same MT5 account I can open multiple terminals and each account on my terminal. I may have misunderstood. Explanation appreciated Tks Denis
hi my code is flowing ... int OnInit () { //storage 20 high_price history and it's date in array by loop for (i= 0 ; i<= 20 ; i++) { HSaveP[i]= iHigh ( Symbol (), Period (),i); HSaveD[i]= iTime ( Symbol (), Period (),i); } //check my condition in my array that is true by loop
Hello, I have faced a problem. I have been added my forex account as signal provider. But when I am gonna register as seller in "Seller" section then I have no register button over there. There shown an error massage which I have uploaded here. So, how can solve this
I have subscribed to the signal which trades in GOLD# (from XM Brokers), while my account is with ICMARKETS and their representation for Gold is "XAUUSD", none of the trades are getting copied into my account for this reason. Is there a solution to this problem
hello dear support team I have a problem with commands in metatradre when we want to add the last command in metatrader i most to click that for example when we want to create some lines we can't click line and then repeat line again and again i hope to that you add a command to repeat tools. thank
How do i get my account out of investor mode so that i can trade on my laptop? I executed a couple trades and then once i downloaded the metatrader app on my phone, my laptop went into investor mode and wont allow me place a new order.... please help
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hi my code is flowwing... double d; //+---------------------------------- int OnInit () { //--- d= iRSI ( Symbol() , Period() , 14 , PRICE_CLOSE ); Comment (d); //--- return ( INIT_SUCCEEDED ); } /* result= 10.0 */ in the code above, iRSI function returned 10, but rsi indicator on
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My code is the following ... datetime a; //+---------------------------------- int OnInit () { //--- a= Period (); Comment (a); //--- return ( INIT_SUCCEEDED ); } /* result= 1970.01.01 04.33.28 16408 sec past of 1970.01.01 00.00.00 if a declared as int, result=16408 */ chart time frame is
Hello Everyone Does anyone know where can I get reliable version of TD combo indicator? Thanks
I paid for the EA rental for a month, but it is not possible to download the relevant EA in MT4
Hi there all Please help me with the following. I would like to change my candlestick chart to a candlestick chart range,just as the pictures i have attached. I tried with the following code & i know i need to add more coding to it. void OnStart () { long CurrentChart= ChartID (); if
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Hi would like to ask if i rent a EA how many accounts can i tag it to the EA? is it the same as buying the EA but only for the period of renting the EA
Hello, Yesterday I bought EA , it worked under Windows on my Mac. I wanted to run it under iOS on the same computer. I tired transfer file via email, so that I copy it, but now it does not work. Can you, please, advise what to do? I might need to spend another activation, but I do not know how to do
In metatrader when price level touched a pending order and a position opened, the order number is not change. Why? Will the opened position be recorded on the previous pending order
Hello, I have a question about signal and it’s lot size, but I can’t find that subject in ‘contact us’, so please understand why I write it in this category. But I have a question about lot size. Now my balance is over 6000 usd, but it still open 0.01lot size. According to signal’s information, 0.01
Hello , i'd like to calculate Keltner channel for my EA , i only need the calculations not to make it as an indicator to display on the terminal i have calculated the ( Moving average & Average true rage ) but can't get to calculate Keltner channel right Ketlner channel calculations that i'd like to