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While backtesting an EA there are 3 model options available namely 1) Every Tick, 2) Control Points and 3) Open Price only. Each of the 3 models give different results on same set of data and other setings remaining constant. Can anybody suggest me which model is most reliable and why such...
  Cost Averaging System (611   1 2 3 4 5 ... 61 62)
I have a couple of cost averaging system that I would like a few members to test. These systems will double down or other level of increment, and hence is risky. I would like it to be tested and the testers post their results here. IM me for the EAs and I will email them to you. I am testing one...
October 4th, 2006 Disciplinary Action link: NFA ID: 0358427 SPOT FX CLEARING CORP http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/Case.aspx?entityid=0358427&case=06MRA00003&contrib=NFA
i wanted to know when the forex market as we know it was started. what the dates of the begining of trading the major paires? euro/uds gbp/usd usd/jpy usd/chf Thanks!
Hello, Is it possible in an expert advisor, to have 2 different timeframes conditions, for example : buy if MACD (daily) is higher than previous and MACD (hourly) is higher than previous. Thanks for help. Jo
Hi. I have an EA that closes all trades when in profit, and then restarts again. On restart...I need my EA to create a new OrderMagicNumber (on it's own) so the EA won't look at previous MagicNumber when deciding whether to close my orders. This cycle must be continuous so if magicnumber is 1000,...
  Is this system REAL? (16   1 2)
Has anyone purchased this: Forex TRADING System=EASY DAY=Stock Market Software Item number: 170035960161 Is it real??
  Darvas Boxes (early version) (32   1 2 3 4)
Hi, I have just developed an early version of a Darvas Box indicator. This indicator is my first one... so, critics and comments are welcome Thank you all ign... Attachement: This is the version 0.3 with a big bug fix. Download this one if you are using the previous version.
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2006 the "Championship Report: First Week" (http://championship.mql4.com/2006/news/42/) has been published. The report contains brief conclusion about the first-week results, three leaders and characteristics of their Expert Advisors. Besides, the...
  Fractal EA (1)
hello newdigtal I dont know if u have these EA's i found them at russian forum? but i dont know if they appeove themselves?
Is it correct that the ATC-2006 Rules allow total of 3 open positions with maximum of 5 lots per open position? So a total of 15 lots can be traded at one time. Wackena
How do I set up my MT4 platform such that I can access multiple Brokers on a single installation? Is it even possible to run multiple copies of the same MT4 program (accessing different brokers) all at the same time? OR is it simplier/easier to just install all the different broker's platform and...
Is it possible to create a 90 minute or 10 minute chart with the period converter, if so, how? Regards
The Build 197 21 September 2006. Code 1 Upwards arrow with tip rightwards (↱) and Code 2 Downwards arrow with tip rightwards (↳) are drawn diferently as shown here. Only right arrow on white backgrown is drawn. Slawa is it correct?
  IFX Markets Ltd (10)
Could you please give me any information on IFX-Markets Ltdbased in Boston, US with offices in London and Shanghai. Do they honour one's stops for an example; do they also lock you out (like FXCM) during important announcements. In short will you recommend them as a Dealing Desk ? Thank you for...
Hi i was looking at some indicator formulas and was wondering if anyone can help me change some color to a custom color. for example ObjectSet("H4 line", OBJPROP_COLOR, DimGray) the above is pretty straight forward if i want line to be black u just change dimgray to black, but how about if i want a...
  0123 (6)
Hello, Found this EA on the Internet, but I don't speak the language, back testing shows promise, and one week of forward testing also shows promise, But I don't know what the EA is doing,. I don't understand the language, also He uses the term "VAR" a whole lot in this EA , I guess that's so we...
Hello Traders I have been testing these EA's forever am trying to ascertain which model type is the most accurate for interpretting the data. I went through the previous posts and the help files of MT4 so please do not suggest this again thanks. I understnad that fractal interpolation of least...
i know this is probably easy for you guys but could one of you guys change the EA called "currency_loader2" to save the csv or text files in the same folder for example the expert\file folder. my goal is to have daily and hourly text files that update themselves every minute or so. i hope this is...
Hello, I'm a freshman who just began two weeks ago. I want to make my trading system ASAP... :sweatdrop Happy trading!
Dear All, Pls see from the chart attached. At least, it use the pivot point. But, Mt4 has the indicator that below this chart ? You can see that indicator below the chart has upper and lower zone. MT has this indicator ? Carlo
Hi Everyone, I hope the attached info is of some help. Good luck. Mukesh
  Questions and articles (32   1 2 3 4)
I asked these questions of different brokers. This is the general reply I got. below the reply are the questions I asked. They do offer an account type as he mentions that you can scalp on but need 100k to do it. They are an introducing broker for a ECN broker. Thats the closest I could find to...
Hi. I have an EA that closes all trades when in profit, and then restarts again. On restart...I need my EA to create a new OrderMagicNumber (on it's own) so the EA won't look at previous MagicNumber when deciding whether to close my orders. This cycle must be continuous so if magicnumber is 1000,...
Already know about babypips.com but, would like to know are there any other recommendable sites that offer free resources/content such as videos,daily blog, system reviews and or paltalk rooms? Thank you, Blaze_survey
Hi, Guys Starting to get my feet wet in Forex and wanted some information. Would like to know are there any simple [easy to understand] yet profitable [or at least more wins then loses] for a newbie/beginner?? Any feedback would be appreciate it. Thank you, Blaze_survey
Hi, I saw Shaff Trend Cycle here https://www.mql5.com/en/forum (the last indicator in the picture) Can someone send me a link for it to download? One more question-how to make 2 indicators in 1 window, f.e. Stoch(14,5,3) and Stoch(5,5,3) to be in 1 indicator? Thanks
Hey guys i'am seeking for a nice mql ind' and the million's dollar question is !!! who got the PT indicator? Regards
  Stochastics... (12   1 2)
Hi all, Is there a way to plot the Stochastic indicator on the Price graph? If so How is it done? Thanks in advance Peace..
  Divergence & Convergence (18   1 2)
Hi all, I was wondering is there a indicator that would plot divergence & convergence in MT4. If so could one guide me to the right place. Thanks Peace