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Here is a new video for everyone, Mark Braun and Carol Boroden host the video, enjoy
Hello to all, After browsing through this forum, I was amazed at the high calibre of MT4 programmers that hang out here -- i mean, coding a pattern detector for gartles / butterflies etc, is quite a accomplishment! That set me wondering -- is there someone here that can code indicators for detecting...
  Fx10 Ea (4)
Hi Can anyone make this EA? It is used on 5 min and 10min
Hello coders If is posible to code a script to save me all data what i have avaiable on my metatrader4 for example i open eur/usd 4H chart i put the script and to save me data for eur/usd on CSV format fille and to update evry 4H If i put the script on 5M timeframe to be update evry 5 min and so on...
Could someone post here this indicator in MT4 . There should be this indicator but I cant find it:
hi i cant locate the expert tutorials if there is any thanks in advance
Hello Codersguru, may i post a code of murreymath indicator and could you kindly tell me how to relate buy and sell orders from the lines i just need a template thanks in advance
  Murrey Math EA (25   1 2 3)
is there a murreymath ea available on this forum? i have been trading murreymath successfully for 2 years if someone can provide me a template i am sure i can take it from there adding further stuff. thanks in advance ForexStyle.
Hi I find my code becoming more unmanageable as its complexity increases. What I think is needed is event driven programming. Then when an event like a buy or a close occurs, other functions will just react to that. Currently one always has to check all the orders to see if something has...
Hello, Sometime recently the line numbers MetaEditor shows in compile errors are not counting comments, so the line numbers are too small and I can't tell what line of the program the error is in. So when I double click on the error it takes me to the wrong line of code. The longer the program is...
  Tools request! (64   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hi folks, I'm very interested in creating as much tools as I can for MetaTrader! Do you have any Tools' request? Suggestions? Please find the tools already created at:
  CCI indicator (15   1 2)
Can anyone create an indicator like woodiesCCI for MT4 it's really cool but from what i can tell no one has done it yet...
How do I close opened order after "X" hours? I can use expiration=X to close pending orders, but how can I close active positions after X hours that they have been opened. I have multiple simultaneous orders and open positions that open based on stop prices placed at various levels and they are...
Hi, What is a principal data source for Metatrader4 client? Is it a MetaQuotes server, server of a broker company, or something else? Thank you.
Have an Irish Chuckle.
  Nice clocks (114   1 2 3 4 5 ... 11 12)
Hi Folks, I just wanted to let you that Paul has completed his desktop clock that can be dedicated to International Forex Markets OR International Stock Markets and can be displayed in Horizontal or Vertical. It will show you not only which International Markets are presently open, but also how long...
I noticed on the russian forum that Renat said there will be a genetic optimizer in MT4 in several months from now. That is great and I applaud you. I also like the new metaeditor stuff (build 187). Really cool integration with (but why get rid of SpeechText() ??? ) I think that you guys...
  About Fibo extension (11   1 2)
Till now I still can't figure out how to draw fibo extension in MT. My problem is how to drag second line to retracement Swing Low/High? Sorry for my stupid question.
string PadLeft(string S, int toLength, string withChar) { if (StringLen(S) < toLength) //return (StringSetChar (withChar, toLength - StringLen(S), 0) + S); else return (S); }
  SpeechText back to live! (20   1 2)
Hi folks, Don't bother yourselves and download my Speak DLL: Now MetaTrader can speach again! Your comments are very appreciated!
Hi, It would be great if MT4 could provide for Live trading and backtesting for stocks (not CFD's) on NYSE, etc, as TradeStation 8 can do this. To do this MT4 would have to allow for a NYSE data feed, plus have a setting which would allow us to chnage the tick value for each stock ie 1 tick = 1...
Hi guys, I mean "JADX" indicator attached to this chart. Does anybody has an idea where I can find it? Thanks REGARDS
  Mmts-2.0 (5)
Hi! Has anyone this e-book: MMTS-2.0 by Monica Korzec? Nina
  Triangular Arbitrage (67   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
Hello guys and girls, Came across an interesting (but extremely hard to understand) article regarding profiting from forex using a risk free strategy called "Triangular Arbitrage" (see more details in link) If I understood it correctly (which I...
  Simulation? (2)
Does metatrader allow simulation. I want to use metatrader to practice using simulated trades with historical data instead of trading against the real market. This allows me to practice to trade when there is no market activity. Can metatrader do this. If so how and if not is there any other...
it's strange, just occurs some time. BTW, there's a problem for that: after changing the time value of the text object, it can't move to the right place immediately.
Starting at a certain phase during optimization, all the Input parameters for which the run has completed are all shown with the value for the current iteration (in the results table as well as in the tooltip on the graph). This remains after opt. complition too. build 191 (08 Mar) Doji
I have been approached by an IB to potentially do live training for coding in MQ4. He wants to provide step by step - live classes- online for traders to learn how to automate their strategies. My question is, does anyone see value in that, or are the courses found here and on the web sufficient...
Hello, I am looking for a TRIX indicator. Does anyone have it available?