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Is  there a way to write a script that will detect all active variables and their values. This could be used in conjunction with a breakpoint to print() the Variables. Or am I trying to reinvent the wheel. Mql4 does not seem to have a debug environment.
  Real volume (5)
Programmers and traders are trying so hard to find an edge that would give them an advantage. However everything in this businesses with a clean and correct data to begin with.There is no doubt that MT5 has wrong volume data feeding, at least in my mt5 platform, futures exchange data. Real volume is...
Hi i downloaded mt4 but missing the tradepanel what to do ?
Hello, I have made my submission to become a seller at least two weeks ago, yesterday was accepted the document, but not the QR code... when I uploaded the new picture with me and QR Code, the QR Code was suddenly accepted, but the document not anymore...and any file I load now is being rejected...
Yes, completely. I would love it.Yes, but it is not essential.No, it is not necessary because MT5 data quality is higher than MT4 data.
Hi, I have tried many times to register as a seller but I never receive any code from my mobile. (no matter i click "Resend" nor i do the register procedure once again nor i do it next day) what should i do? Thanks
Hello there ! Im new in mql robot, just wanted to know, if i enabled 10 robots lets say, how can i at the end of the day know which robot performed better? i mean how to divide transactions per robot ? Thanks 
 Hi Guys, I'm having trouble getting notified on the MT4 App when my price alerts get triggered. How can I fix this problem any help will be appreciated Thank You
Hello Someone can help me. I'm doing an EA  and I want to change the price according to the result of the previous operation    OrderSelect(1,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_HISTORY);   if(OrderProfit()=<0)   lotaje1=lotaje1+step1;      else if(OrderProfit()>0)   lotaje1=_LOT_trade_1; Try doing it with...
Hi community, i have a problem with mt5 if i configure an alert i no longer have the popup window...only sound ! How can i fix it please ? Best regards
Hi, I have a suggestion for the marketplace. As you may know, there are several indicators, EAs etc. that have many reviews. Going threw all the reviews is not possible, but sometimes you as a customer tend to read different opinions and reviews, not just 5 star reviews. But its difficult to find...
Scalping, Martingale, Grid, Indicators, Manual trading, Other (comment pls)
Hi all, i need assistance. I am unable to register a VPS on my MT5. How can i resolve it and rent a vps with mql5?
I would like to ask if I can use 2 different signals respectively for 2 trading accounts(1 signal for one account) with only one VPS. If not, can you advise me the best way to have 2 different signals for 2 trading accounts.
HI every one, I am new trader .. it wouldbe appreciated if some one help in getting mbfx timing sound alert. or support & resistance soudn alert. regards, khalid 
Hi there, I am using MT4 on my phone via an app. I want to recieve Price Alerts on my phone. I am unable to install the MT4 on my PC as I have a MAC, and cant get the installation to work. I am able to access MT4 on my PC via the MT4 WebTerminal. How do I set up price alerts on the MT4 WebTerminal...
I have more than 100 accounts(MT4,MT5) now. Now I want to change my password. How can I change it automatically in a fast way? Includes master password and read-only password. Now it takes several hours to change it manually.
hi everybody,                      i m new here and i m trying to learn about metatrader… or if i can be linked to a previous post  i ask if and how metatrader cam import read and save database in metastock format stored in the pc thank you very much luigi
Hi i am new on this platform. Recently i subscribe a signal provider but there is something wrong. Signal provider making trade on 0.05 volume but it comes to me 0.01 volume. I dont know where i am making mistake so someone can help me please.
i have registered an account  i use mt5 and im trying to download colorsit utility from the market... it just doesnt download... please help
can someone help me get rid of these errors please... i get these errors on almost all indicators i downloaded from forum...i just tried to compile..but same errors
How could it be.? The same login in 2 computer, but the Moving Average is different. It's better after deleting history data, but it's still not the same. Any clue about this.? Thank you.
I work in Brazil, with the BRL currency. Since the currency field was added to test, this field is changing every time to USD. Its very annoying. This field only works when I set BRL in debug specified settings. There is some way to do it not change automatically anymore or change the default...
Hi MQL team, is it allowed to sell my own custom indicators on my website (in addition to the mql market)? Of course they are custom made, not copied or something. Thanks in advance!
Hi, I don't know what happened but my rating has decreased ? is it possible? what I have done wrong??
Today I realised that I didn't receive any notifications from my mt4 app on my samsung note 9 when the app is closed. It was when I open the app that all the notifications came up altogether at the same time; obviously I missed the earlier notifications due to the app not able to send notifications...
Good afternoon everyone, how to become a seller / Provider?
Hi Guys, I know from some other posts that I may not get the solution for free. I'm trying to create an EA that will stop trading when it reaches a profit target. I have managed to get it to switch autotrading off but it keeps repeating. I've only just started learning so any guidance is helpful....
do you just create a new demo account or is there a way to add fund to an existing demo account
Hi When you click on copy $30, it does not take you to your mt4, and if I have more than one mt4 and with different broker. How do I choose the signal to load on to the specific mt4, there no option for search box for the signal on mt4 platform.