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  Banned? (8)
I was just wondering - in the happy event that someone is a very profitable trader, would a broker ever ban someone?  That's what bookmakers would do...
who is using robots for trading and setisfied ? what robot is working fine can any body tell us .
I find a few of developers are asking for jobs just to ensure other people don't get jobs. After getting jobs they don't bother to reply or submit any specifications. I think such developers should be blacklisted. Also there is no procedure written in the rules on how to get back the refund....
Hello there,  I hope someone can help me here. I recently subscribed to the **** signal.  From the numbers I see on this site, my current equity is about 6.25% of his.  ($1,000 / $16,000).  I would imagine that would bring me 6.25% of his profits, but that's not happening.  On a recent trade, he got...
Any one expert in c++ , python , who can make tool  by which one can trade at multiple accounts  with one Account ?
Hi,  I was thinking about becoming a seller on mql4. I noticed that in the application it asks for id, adress, etc, which I understand the reasons for. My question is who has access to this information/address/id/who reviews it? Do moderators have access to all this information for review? If that...
FCA want to change policy about CFD,FOREX and they want giving less leverage to protect traders in online trading shape they also cleared Binary bets regulated under gambling commission. If it will effect soon what will happen with running trades peoples should need to deposit more. FCA also want to...
Looking 5% return on capital so what will be reasonable lot volume size on 2000 USD balance then account equity can fight well? Expert traders comments looking Best
hi all,  my broker provide mt4 type of copytrading, and i want to copy the trade to others mt4 by using trade copier EA, however when i enable the EA, the alert message replied that the account is not allowed EA, trading is disabled as well. BUT, i switched to different copier which give no alert,...
Hello, Anyone else who cannot subscribe a signal in MT4 using activetrades as broker? Regards.
Hello, Now i use Mt4 and follow one signal. Is it possible to follow more than one singnal, or solution for do that ? Thank you
My mobile app keeps going back to some default list of symbols after I delete the ones I don't want.  It's a new symptom in the past week or so.   Thanks.  
Do any of the signal traders fall within the US guidelines? i.e. 50:1 leverage, no hedging. I have an Oanda account in the US. Looking to plug in a signal trader.
They weren't kidding about protectionism The main headline from today's press briefing was that Trump wants a 20% tax on Mexican imports as part of comprehensive tax reform, but that's just part one. "Mr. Spicer said the tax initially would apply only to...
I will like to change my broker , but i heard about tradersway and will like to know if it is a good broker. please give me some advice.
Dear all. I would like to ask you is there options to run and use MetaTester 5 into VMWare machine? I have virtual pc with windows 7 x64, virtualization - ON, more than 4GB ram and more hdd space. Can i use this program and share my cpu idle time? Best regards.
We're going to have very, very strong controls over currency manipulation and devaluation"He was talking about those controls in terms of future bilateral trade deals so it's not exactly a hint a naming China a manipulator but it might be seen that way. We're going to have bilateral trade deals with...
Hi guys, is that possbile in a code? One indicator makes some calculations then it should simulate an object-click to activate a second indicator. No other solutions are needed because this is also for educational purposes. Thanks! 
Some of hedge fund billionaire George Soros' short positions dating back to 2012 were published on the Dutch financial market regulator’s website this week due to "human error" according to the regulator AFM, according to Bloomberg. Dutch bank ING is among the positions exposed...
may we use ArrayCompare() fuction to compare two structures ? if not ,is there functions to compare strucures ? thanks .
The UK Office for National Statistics has just released the figures for the GDP First Estimate. The UK Prelim GDP q/q for the Q4 reading emerged at 0.6%. The official report from the UK Office for National Statistics highlighted the following: UK gross domestic product (GDP) was estimated to have...
Today I got the newest MT5 build version 1513. That might be ok, but the date I can see in Help/About window is 25 Jan 2016! Not 2017????   Matthias / Bobcat 
  How to trade (8)
What do I have to do to start trading?
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  How to win in forex (12   1 2)
Every trade should have these qualities to win in forex trading 1. Trade discipline 2. patience 3. entry and exit plan 4. money & risk management 5. Technical &  Fundamental awareness 6. Use of indicators timely 
I have an live MT4 Platform with FXCM. Just want to know if I can add the Meta 4  signal providers or not? If not, should I move my fund to Oanda MT4?    Thank you! 
Once the world's reserve currency, the British Pound has steadily fallen in significance as a currency used to finance international trade and fill central bank coffers. It appears that the trend has accelerated of late. New research shows Sterling has seen a rapid loss stature amongst the world’s...
  MQL (3)
Anyone knows what's the name of the indicator showing current profit in the upper right corner? I will be very thankful for Your help