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Hello, i new here. I try tot publisch a expert programma, but i get always the error, No money. Must i before i can publish, deposite some money to mql5
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my broker doesn't have a download for MT5. Can I still download it and set it up for use with my broker ? Broker is:   Ally Invest (Formerly MB Trading) Thx
Good morning, today I try to connect but I still get this message: "403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied" Please solve my problem and thanks in advance
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Hi dear friends' I downloaded metatrader5 software. And I can not view or find gold /XAUUSD/ on my software platform. I used all the methods that you guys mentioned in old articles such as open market watch/ and search on symbol window and to reinstall or update my mt5 software. No any of these not...
Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is an EA that allows a signal providers trades to be copied on clients MT4 but with the ability to select your own lot sizes. Thanks
Have any of you guys read Bill Williams' books and/or traded Woodie's CCI? I can honestly say that reading Bill's books taught me 'how to approach the game of trading' - New Trading Dimensions is a philosophical bible to me. I don't actually like Bill's indicators however.... Woodies' concepts, on...
Hey, everybody. Who can explain it to me, some bought a productfrom me, but then they canceled it and system wrote What does that mean
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Why are the candles overlapping
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Hi An EA that I purchased some time ago ( which has been working perfectly) is not loading onto my chart. How am I able to reactivate it? Thanks Mike
I'm new, and would like to find a sample code to create a function that would return the numeric value of an indicator. For example for the bear or bulls indicator.s Could you give me a link or sample code
Hi guys. I'm trying to read latest line in latest log file. So could anybody help me?//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                        Test1.mq4 |//|                              Copyright 2019, R.T. Software Corp....
Hi everyone. I am trying to start using MT5 instead of MT4, because of it's new functionalities. I have 10+ years experience with MT4 and could say I feel as an expert in it's use. So, in MT5 I try to use some useful functionalities like  Fixed chart position.  When you try to use Fixed chart...
Today my platform make an update to 2342 version. What new about 2342 build
Please how do I change my User ID from the default to my preferred one
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Hello, I am new to the world of VPS...some basic questions here. when I sign up for MT4's VPS I will commence the VPS service on a demo account, how do I switch the VPS from demo to my live account? thank you
Hello can any one experienced with Renko brick EA's assist me in understanding if it is at all possible to strategy test and optimize these particular sort of EA's accurately Thanks for your time
Hello, I found a strange behavior on MT5 strategy tester. In my MT5 platform, if I open a chart and use +/- keys (both keys on "main" section or in the "number pad" section) it zooms correctly but, when I run strategy tester I'm able to zoom only using keys on number pad. On my main PC is not a
Hi, I builded a library for one of my EA using this article's SQLite solution. This solution, inside a DLL, was coded for both 32 as well as 64 operating systems, which is my case. I have integrated my library with the SQLite inside my EA and compiled it many times and used it many times with
Please can anyone help? I can’t login to my mql5 account because the verification code is no more pushed to my iOS mobile terminal. In my profile, I added verification for login from unexpected IP address. For months, Push message with verification code was always sent to my MetaTrader 5 mobile
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Hi there I'm trying to do simple http sockets with an Expert Advisor , but everytime i use the function SocketConnect i have the error 4014, which is in the doc the fact that i can't call the function because i'm in an indicator, but as i said, i'm in an EA, i also tried to use it in a script, but i
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Will MT5/4 download if I am using LINUX? Its not happening for me! Help please. Thank you
Hello I wondered if people had opinions on who are the best ECN STP brokers might be? I look everywhere for good information, but there are so many 'reviews' that are essentially advertising or promotion it's hard to truly tell one from another. Thank you very much
hi im trying to end the void ontick function just after my Stop Loss has been set. Sorry im a newbie and still learning. Im using a strategy quaint moving average strategy and i want to add a trailing stop loss to the code. i think the only was is to end the void ontick function once the rule is
Anyone know how to solve this problem I follow a signal which I wish to migrate onto a VPS, but for some unknown reason the button to migrate is greyed out and non functioning. I have other VPS on m other accounts working just fine
What happens on a practical level if I don't tick the box "Synchronizartion without confirmations" (so with confirmations) ? Urgent Reply pls
So i recently purchased something from here for my trading and i go to login to my community account through the terminal and nothing shows up in the terminal when i login so i can install my thing, someone please help
I am stuck with this error 4802. When I try to get value of the custom indicator handle CustomIndicatorHandle=iCustom(...); it says in the Experts tab: cannot load custom indicator (... )[4802] The indicator is put into C:\Program Files\MetaTrader 5\MQL5\Indicators Please help! Thanks.
I am programming an ea that places a trade once a day after the new day candle opens. But sometimes I get the warning "Trade Failure, Market Closed".How do i re-send the trade if it doesn't open
Hi there, I recently dowloaded MT4 platform on two different computers (One at Home one at work to get richer twice as fast). The one at Home shows all forex pairs including AUD/NZD, NZD/JPY etc.. The one at work does not show all forex pairs but also show gold and some stock market symbols .How...
Since the creator has said only few pairs can be traded, but I found out that others are also profitable. So can I just add it to the chart and let it start trading? or it is some kind of creator setting