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  CDP indicator (1)
CDP indicator from Kalenzo. For the information go here
What do u think about that kind of money managment? double MoneyManagment(double BidPrice, double StopLvl) { double capital = AccountFreeMargin()*0.03;//three % of capital to use double lotsize = 0.1; double pip;//one pip price - that u have to calculate and set manualy if(Symbol() == "EURUSD") {...
Hi all, after writing my first indicator now I'm trying to code me first EA!! I have this problem: Once I obtain a buy or sell signal from an indicator I wanna place a buy or sell stop order at 5 pips + spread from the high or low of the bar of the signal...if an other signal occurred I have to...
One of SL i'm using is like this: SHORT : NormalizeDouble( High - 3*iATR(Symbol(),0,10,1)),4); LONG: NormalizeDouble( Low[Lowest(Symbol(),0,MODE_LOW,10,1)] + (3*iATR(Symbol(),0,10,1)),4); For now it looks good but mabye someone have a better - difrend idea to make SL? Please SHARE YOUR SL:):):)
hi everybody .. i was searching my computer for .mq4 files and i found that i have a huge colection of indicators (most of then i don t know how to use) i will post a bunch of them everytime i log in will also be great if people with good knowledge post comments of how to use them ..let s...
  CDP indicator (4)
Could somebody help to write the following indicator? Input PreviousHigh(PH),PreviousLow(PL),PreviousClose(PC), Output: CDP=(PH+PL+PC)/3 AnalysisHigh1=CDP+(PH-PL) AnalysisHigh2=2*CDP-PL AnalysisLow1=CDP-(PH-PL) AnalysisLow2=2*CDP-PH Mark AH1,AH2,AL1,AL2 in chart for reference. Thanks in advance
Hi MQ Guys, Quite a few people I know including myself are running MT4 on VPS (Virtual Private Server) services. I've noticed that the Journal shows a constant stream of Relogins every 3 mins. It is independant of the broker and happens with just a single chart open and no EA or scripts running....
EA created Foreverold. See explanation here.
hello i am from india i came across this forum some times ago i find it very useful for me though i am not forex trader i like to trade equities and futures but there is a lot of knowledge in this forum its reallt amazing and nice. is any member of forum having metastock 9 or any other version of...
Hi all, I would like to display the difference between the UpperBuffer & LowerBuffer at the top of the screen to the left (beside the OHLC values) Can someone tell me what to change and add. Thanks in advance. Regards. Sam
I don't understand what's the mean " fractal interpolation".
  Expert for SHI_SilvertrendSig (46   1 2 3 4 5)
Hi, I am a newbie. Please can someone help me to make an expert program from this indicator : SHI_SilvertrendSig. ( if it possible ? ) Thank U. May profit always with U
There's a Great MQL4 free tutorial here: I'm saying Great because I'm the writer of the tutorial :D Any feedback?
Hello, I am buiding a DLL file with external functions in it, so as I can call these external functions from DLL after I import DLL into MT4. For MT4 to be able to call the DLL file, does the DLL file have to be windows 32 bit? For MT4 to be able to call the DLL file, does the DLL file have to...
  Expert Advisor Builder (114   1 2 3 4 5 ... 11 12)
JavaScript to create Expert Advisor.
Hi Dear, Can you added Three Line Breake Chart (3LB) for Meta Trader in Last version or update MT4 ? Best Regards,
Hi all, at first I want to thanks coders' guru for his great MQL4 course!!! I'm new in this language and after coders' guru lessons I'm tryng to develop my own indicator and surely, after it, I will try to automated its signal in a EA. I would like the indicator to plot its signal (green and red...
Hi folks! I hope you've red Appendix 2 - Trading functions before you continue with this lesson. In this lesson we will know a lot about or expert advisor, so put on your white Doctor's lab coatand wash your hand carefully with a good sterilizer and be prepared for this surgical operation.
Is it possible to write the Bollinger Bands Width indicator for MT4? It helps to trade "the Squeeze" (= shows the end of the extreme small volatility) traderix
The code I use for closing 3 open position at the same time. for(int i = OrdersTotal() - 1; i >= 0; i--) { if(!OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES)) continue; if (OrderType() == OP_BUY) {OrderClose(OrderTicket(), OrderLots(), Bid, 13, White);} else if (OrderType()...
  SomaEagle (2)
Hi guys, I found This EA and I_XO_A_H indicator for MT3 Regards MFX
  StepMAExperts (41   1 2 3 4 5)
Dear colleagues! Good time to do the gifts before Cristmas. I have just finished the first version StepMAExpert. Let this will you beautiful toy on New Year's holidays. Merry Cristmas Igor P.S. Results to optimization will be in following posts. File Tracert.mq4 rename Tracert.mgh then place it in...
  Client API (4)
Hello, is there any chance you release client api ? Or protocol specyfications I'd like to write linux version of client -- Greetz ^^MAg^^
  Change Lots (5)
Hi all... What I've to do to change lots? int LotCalc(double Risk){ int vLots=0; if (UsePct >0 && Risk>0) vLots=MathFloor(AccountBalance()*(UsePct/100)/((Risk/MarketInfo (Symbol(), MODE_POINT))*10)); if (UsePct >0 && Risk==0) vLots = MathFloor(AccountBalance()*(UsePct/100)/1000); if (vLots>MaxLots)...
I have being trading for a while and have visited a lot of forums but one thing always puzzles and that is: I read about both a lot of newbies and seasoned traders chasing the holy grail in Expert trading, do not get me wrong all is good but what happened to manuel trading. Also is anyone trading...
  Third party (3)
Hi all We are a small trading house and we have our own trading software that we plugs into different brokers though API. Some of our employees wants to trade forex with our software. I see there is an client API for version3 but not for version4.There is 3 different API available for version 4,...
sorry if i'm offtopic, i'm trying to apply bollinger bands to RSI. Is there any way I can do this w/out creating a custom indicator? if not, any ideas how to go about doing this?
this bit of code doesnt seem to buy, any ideas why? if(Close[2]ma){ OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,lots,Ask,3,stop,Ask+profit,"",2005,0,Green); } it should buy when a new candle closes above the moving average and the previous closed below it.