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  Expert code... (14   1 2)
I am having a bit of trouble with writing experts. When I read iCustom indicator values they do not match the same indicator that is plotted on the screen. Is there a trick to getting the correct values into the expert. Do I have to replicate the indicator as a fuction inside the expert? I have...
How can I delete "Individual" fib lines without having to change the fib levels every time? Also how can I add date and time to the Fib Time Zones? Thank you! Jon
Could someone tell me the pros and cons of spread betting versus margin trading and tax implications if living in the UK? thanks Darren
  Help (5)
Hi all I have downloaded a system and have compiled it and there are no errors or warnings, now HOW do I get this to the termial and on the charts????? I have read the help menu and would not waist your time if I was not desparate. thanks
Anyone has experience in using Tom Yeoman's trading manual to trade the manual ( I heard that his approach give almost 90% in winning trades. Kindly share your thought about it... Thanks
Hello all: Does anyone have code for a Keltner Indicator? Thanks! -charliev
I would like to know if anyone can tell my why this system gives so much back that it makes? next question... is this the same system? http://www.lightpatch...
Could someone please share with me what the code might look like if I would like to modify this order. I know that you can only set entry orders ~5 pips (broker buffer) away from the market price. I have pending BuyStop for 1.8580. When the market moves away from this BuyStop I want to be able to...
Hi, I think there may be a problem with the MarketInfo function. The following code always returns 0. Print("Spread: " + MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_SPREAD));
From the site : Bye DV
Just found a very cool site. Check it guys! Give me some feedback please! Bye!
Hi all! I'm new in trading n already try any different EA based on MA Cross. Could someone tell me is it possible to use 2 EA at the same pair but different time frame?? Because i'm using H1 MA cross for open position and MACD+OSMA in M5 for exit, all by manual. Or could it possible to combine it...
Guys , where can i get this murray math indicator from???// Thanks Babar
Hi All, I've got a bunch of indicators in my indicators folder and I've noticed some of them are now gray and I can't select them. Is there a max number of indicators I can have in the folder? Thanks! moneyline
Hi, I have about 7 EAs (collected from various forums) which i want to test....while reading thru these forums, i have heard people say that we could open several demo accounts and run one EA on each of those demo accounts....i have one demo account from i thought i would open more...
  Deleting arrows on chart (19   1 2)
How does one delete arrows on the chart with MT 4? I have tried ObjectDeleteAll(0,0) and that deletes the vertical lines but not the buy and sell arrows.
  Rsi (5)
Hi Everyone, I've been a manual trader for a while and I'm now interested in testing some automated patterns. However, I have little programming experience. Would anyone be able to post the code for a technical indicator using RSI with a 1-hour interval for the USD/JPY pair? Any help that any...
Hi everyone, I can't manage to update my price history in MT4. When I run an EA in 2005 for instance, I get an error because M5 data isn't available for this period. So, I've downloaded some M1 (1 minute) files for 2005 and 2006 on the Alpari website and imported them in MT4. I noticed that the...
hi, In my ea i would like to start with 0.10 lots and then increase to 0.20 if the last trade was a success or decrease by 0.10 lots if last trade was a failure can someone help with this logic i am also trying to figure it out by my self. thanks in advance.
Hello Does anyone know how to add stocks to the meta trader ? Someone have a server with it ? Thanks a lot Haim
this error apear to me 2006.06.06 11:10:17 USDJPY,H1: invalid ticket for OrderModify function what does that mean plz?
Hello I am lower than amature in MQL programing I like to add on code to my expert for expire date and my expert don't work after specify days Can you Guide me how I can do it?
Hey guys, how would i go about in mql4 code aquiring the lowest close price for the last 8 candles (as a stoploss). Once the code has the lowest, i can assign it to a variable and make reference to it. Thanx, Graham
I'm trying to add the 'Ichimoku5.mq4' EA to my chart and it's giving me a 'Ichimoku5 :-(' in the upper right hand corner of my chart. What's that mean? I'm using SBFX if it makes a difference....
The preliminary version of the client terminal with genetic optimization is released. The genetic algorithm can be enabled in properties of the tested expert, the tab "Testing". The genetic algorithm works only in case if the total of passes exceeds 2000. Client terminal can be downloaded using...
This indicator that I got from one of the threads seems to give really good signals and seems to be what I am looking for, can someone pkease advise me 1. If this indicator is reliable to use? 2. how I can add a sound alert when the arrows show up? I spent a fair amount of time trying to add a sound...
Hello all, I use several time periods... how can I determine the specific bar index for a specific time? For instance, 2 June 0:00 may be Bar[1] of D1 chart... how do I find the same bar time for the M5 chart? Thanks for the help! -charliev
  Please get me started... (15   1 2)
I'm new to this, well kinda new, I've studied trading for a couple years, enough to know something about myself as a trader, I have a demo account. I believe in systems and system development. I believe in auto hands free executions of strategies. Alas I'm not a program coder. I'd like to learn....
Has anyone run two instances of MT4 on the same PC (from separate directories) with two different server feeds at the same time? Any data problems or port problems? Is this doable? Please advise and all the best, Frank