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Hi All, is posible to code and EA that works with this symbol properties: I am trying in strategy tester but i can`t. I see this two errors in log: 12:33:35 Tester: exchange rate cannot be calculated 12:33:35 Tester: margin exchange rate cannot be calculated Regards, Vince.
The world is changing, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in a good series of charts. Luckily, we've seen no shortage of excellent charts this week that amply illustrate the changes underway. The best charts this week touch on everything from the "silent peak oil trade" to the sexiest...
$0-1,999 $2,000-4,999 $5,000-9,999 $10,000-19,999 $20,000-49,999 Over $50,000
The pound has continued to weaken against the euro, seeing its biggest one-day fall in almost three years, on continuing signs that the worst may be over for the eurozone economy. At one point on Friday, sterling fell 1.8% against the single currency from a day earlier, the largest percentage...
KRUGMAN: It Looks Like The Deficit Wars Are Over, And The Economy Is Entering A 'Virtuous Circle' This week we were fortunate enough to have economist Paul Krugman in for a discussion on politics, the state of the economy, technology, and inequality. In this first section, I asked him if he thought...
Per day Per week Per month Per year No need to withdraw because I'm very rich :D
1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-18 19-21 22-30 Above 30
Less than 3 month. 3 to 6 month. 6-12 month More than 1 year!
only one indicator. 1 to 3 indicator. 4 to 6 indicator. more than 6 indicator.
please everybody help me to get this indicator or please try to give me this indicator what is shown white color in picture. please anyone give me this indicator.
long term strategy middle term strategy short term strategy day-time strategy scalping strategy high frequency strategy
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Laptop. Cell phone, tablet. All of them.
Forex Stocks Futures Bonds Options Others (please reply)
Hello, As you can see, there is a mistake in 4TF MACD . It shows 1H up, when the 1H MACD shows down. Can I do something ? Thanks
hello how can i copy and paste all horizontal lines from 1 chart to another?
spread_export.mq4 This is a simple exporter expert which writes the historical spreads to a .csv file. Usually you don't get historical spread information from most borkers trough MT's history center. This expert will write the current spread into a .csv file and so you can build up your own...
Does not show arrows when tested in the tester
Between 1 to 2 Between 2 to 3 Between 3 to 4 Between 4 to 5 Between 5 to 6 Between 6 to 7 Between 7 to 8 Between 8 to 9 More than 10
Follow small trend, ignore big trend Follow big trend, ignore small trend Wait until small trend is the same as big trend
There is a chance that investors are underestimating how much volatility the markets will see in 2013. At the end of 2012 companies cut back on spending in the face of policy uncertainty, and there's still a lot of work to be done in Europe. Moreover, geopolitical risks and a slowdown in...
Hi zere ! I downloaded a MACD type custom indicator from internet, according to which we BUY when it is above 0 and SELL when below 0. I made an EA from the only difficulty is to get the EA recognise the custom indicator, for which your kind help is sought. I am attaching the...
1-2-3 High & Lows 25_Rules_Of_Forex_Trading_Discipline All About Forex Market In Usa Book1Trade secrets at the market of Forex Channel Trading Cut Losses Forex_On_Line_Manual_for_Successful_Trading Forex_Trading course1lesson1 How To Think Like A Winning Trader stops losses How To Trade Like A Pro...
It's been a historic month for fund flows into the stock markets, and the final week of January was no exception. This week, total flows into equity funds amounted to $18.8 billion, making it the third-largest week on record. In a note to clients this morning titled "Sell-Signal Triggered," BofA...
Is there a way to sell MT4 code over MT5 market, is it planned for future, or what is the MQ policy about it?
Manufacturing in the U.S. expanded more than forecast in January, reaching a nine-month high and showing the industry is starting to improve. The Institute for Supply Management’s manufacturing index climbed to 53.1 last month from December’s 50.2, the Tempe, Arizona-based group’s report showed...
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anyone has an indicator that can add 4 different MAs at one go?