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USDJPY: Having put in a temporary bottom at the end of Monday trading session, USDJPY looks to recover higher on price correction. This corrective view remains valid as long as the 120.33 support zone remains unbroken. On the upside, resistance resides at the 122.50 level where a cap may be occur...
Hi, Is there any EA ranking (best sales / best reputation etc) page / thread ever sold in the Market place?
Trade more Trade the same Trade less Don't trade anymore as 2015 was to painful Need to wait and see
Is there a way to change MAX LOT  in BACKTEST ????
Hi all In its role as a commercial business. One of the successes achieved also thanks to the communication to connect with friends is the most important factor is why I will not hesitate anything to restrict the material resources available in my library to share will tell you. So, people see me...
GBPUSD: Having remained weak and vulnerable to the downside, GBPUSD continues to retain its bearish bias. Despite its present price hesitation, we look for the pair to extend its past week losses in the new week. Support lies at the 1.4800 level where a break will turn attention to the 1.4750 level....
  Loss and profit together? (17   1 2)
Finding out the reason behind loss, we will be able to find the profit.
today got new updates on mt4 platform, only found increased font size so far, no changes noticed other than this yet. i liked previous font size looks good to me. any other changes made on this update?
Hello. if views option also introduced in signal it will be useful for signal providers. Thank you
Profit (write in comments the amount if possible) Lose (write in comments the amount if possible) No profit and no lose
Hai guys. I have published my signal a week ago. But it is not looking in mt4 signals column. How many days it take to show my signal in mt4. Please reply. Thank you.
Hi, Let me change your wiev on the Market. If you are still losing money you have a wrong view. [email was deleted]
  Is trading easy? (11   1 2)
Yes No
New York time London time Tokyo time Range market Other time
one two three more than five
I want programmatically got every tradeable symbol in my mql4 soft. I have ever seen someone done this before. I am sure its possible to do that. was these information store in a array or something. could anyone tell me ?
  Order Delay (17   1 2)
Hello all,    My E.A. stars to openning orders with 30, 40 points after the bar opened making drastic results at the end. At the first, it was functionally correct but now isn't. Someone know if is a normal programming issue or something else ?     Thanks. 
i trade indices on mt4 and wanted to see trend in other time frames bought dashboard correlator from a shop but didnt work
Does anyone know a solution 99% also testing a new version of MetaTrader: 940 It does not work for me and I stuck very
EURUSD: Except the pair sees a reversal of its past week losses, EURUSD remains bearish below 1.1059 zone, representing its Dec 15 2015 low. On the down, support is located at the 1.0800 level and if violated, expect more weakness to occur towards the 1.0750 level. Further down, support lies at...
EUR/USD above 1.10 EUR/USD between 1.05 and 1.10 EUR/USD between 1.00 and 1.05 EUR/USD below 1.00
  Mq errors (3)
i have few errors in my first ea 1.first extern bool trade kl10.2 = true; the error '.2' - semicolon expected 2.second- void initStringArrayFromInput( string& strings[], string input ) error - 'input' - unexpected token thanks
MQL5 community has presented, still present, a lot of Signal providers to potential customers. Demand for profitable Signals at the MQL5 community is huge, obviously. However, The MQL5 community site presents Signals' performance in a wrong method, for example, over 1,000% growth in 58 weeks. When...
i am honored to be a part of this wonderful community and respected senior experts of this forum i have a problem i need to convert this indicator into mt5 indicator. i am attaching the indicator and i hope some one can convert it to mt5 in full working condition. thank you so much in advance
Advice to whomever believing in extremely high growth signal which thrive suddenly in short term. How to identify scamming signal: 1) Before signal is published, you will see multiple trades opened at similar price level, trades opened at almost the same time and closed at the same time as well....
Good Morning, does anyone knows where can i download historical data for pairs USDJPY, USDCHF and AUDUSD? I need to conduct some optimizations, and my broker does not source these historical intraday 1 minute OHLC data.  Is there somewhere that i can download this data? Thanks.