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Dear all, with a MT4 Virtual Server (rented from MQL5.com, setup and synchronized from MT4) is it possible to do "manual trading" from there (from the virtual server's ip) ? As I understood that on the Virtual Server, one can only run EA to trade. best regards, seffx
Hello All, Greetings of the day!! I get the following error when I attach my Indicator to a chart. Basically my indicator tends to call a DLL file which I have placed in "Libraries" and I have also enabled "Allow Dll import" TradingForecast AUDUSD,H1: uninit reason 8 TradingForecast AUDUSD,H1: not...
I can optimize the EA on open price; however, the ea will not optimize on every tick.  The cloud kicks back an error "stating no memory for ticks" Any Idea?
Hi I am wanting an SSD for a new laptop. How big a hard drive do I really need: 1. MT4 2. Navigator Pro * both following 10 currencies. WEEKLY, DAILY, and 4-HOUR DATA for each currency. Is a 40Gb SSD enough?
When using this, is it not possible to increase any of the settings such as lot size?
Hi I have been coding this for some time but can not get a working code, here is the input and the desired output. input stringoutput double1.29001.3125.90126Thanks
Hi all I posted a signal and next to it it says free How can i remove it and make it paid Also can i choose the starting time of my history results because it was different strategy before 2019 and it's messing up the results of my account. Thanks in advance
Hi all I've just bought an indicator and paid via PayPal, but i can't install it. There is no download link, and the button that says to open the terminal to install it there doesn't open the terminal. I'm on MT4. Any suggestions? Thank you.
dear, please note that i have purchaised a robot but i cannot find it on my terminal, i only can find it on my MQL5 , and then when i click to install on the terminal it will ask me to buy the robot again ??? what is the solution ? thanks
Is there a limit to the size of the real account for free signal services
Hi, I would like to know if it possible to extract the original code from a bought expert advisor from the market ? I mean, when you buy an expert, you're not definitely the owner since the seller can retire its product from its list. How can you avoid this situation ? Best regards for all !
  Infinite loop (3)
Hi! Consider this code:  int a = 1;void start(){       while (a == 1) {       p("In the while loop");       GoToSleep();            }}//*****************************************void GoToSleep(){   p("Sleeping");   Sleep(10000);   p("Sleep DONE...");}//*****************************************void...
I have some programs I wrote for MT4 and they're stored on MQL Storage. Now, I want to re-write them over to MT5 and I'm wondering: if I connect the MT5 MetaEditor to MQL Storage, will it download the MT4 files? FWIW, I'm hoping that it doesn't; I'd prefer to keep the MQL4 and MQL5 files separate.
On my backtests, this always comes up as n/a. I am using MT5 build 2007. What am I doing wrong?
#include <Charts\Chart.mqh>   CChart grafic; int average_handle;//--- input parametrsinput ENUM_TIMEFRAMES   InpTimeFrame=PERIOD_H1; // Timeframe input ENUM_MA_METHOD    InpMethod=MODE_SMA;     // Methodinput int               InpPeriod=20;           // Periodinput int...
can any one help me with this , my account can't connect to my signal provider, i have tried vps as well
Hi guys, This problem exists for the central exchange with futures. I notice for a long time, on demo account, when the market price touches the limit order, it will immediately be triggered. But on live account, the market price needs to pass through the limit order in order for it to be triggered...
Dear Coder, I need your help to explain me how to use the function of Time[] in MT5 which is exit in MT4 but not in MT5. How can I fix it in MT5?
I would like to know how can I install custom indicator in mobile? can i use the indicators which i use in the desktop version for the mobile version too...or do i need to make any necessary changes to its code. can anyone help me.
i was going to sign up for a signals. but as doing so came up with a message" volume of copied trades ... may not coincide at provider volume.." i have an attachment with the message. I use Hugo'sway broker with MT4. Is there a-work-around for this ? i would be starting with an account balance of...
Hi, i am trying to make an EA on EA builder as i have no coding skills. I know what i am trying to get however i dont think EA builder can do it, can anyone help build it for me? Bellow is what i would like it to do: Open Buy trade when :- EMA 8 crosses above EMA 50 , EMA 50 is above EMA 350...
Hi,     I have recently down loaded MT4 (Version 4.00 Build 1170 - 20 Dec 2018) The indicators on the platform from Accelerator to ZigZag will not load onto the chart? Also, all indicators I download as an .mq4 will not load onto the charts where as indicators ending in .ex4 will load?? All...
I am a beginner hope this isn't a stupid post, but - Is there a way to put 'up arrow' and  'down arrow' objects onto the object /toolbar - just to make it a bit quicker than using the 'Draw arrow' drop down. There is not the option to select these using the customising toolbar. Anyone got a solution...
Hello everyone, please anyone tell me how to download  full day per tick data freely? Thanks.
Hello MQL5 Support I have been subscribing to "name removed" for the last 2 months. I see is has now been cancelled. Apparently you (MQL5) don't believe the subscribers (like me) actually do exist ?! I have a profile on your website , what additional information / FCA would you perhaps require from...
Hello if I use Virtutal server should I have the Auto trading button on?
I added funds thru the MQL5 portal and i immediatly saw it reflected on MQL5, but i am expecting it to reflect that on the MT4 platform since i was directed from the MT4 platform initially when i clicked on a signal provider. but i am not seeing it update to the MT4 platform.  what am i missing ?
Hello Recently I have an issue when I lunch metaTrader, showing me a dll popup :  After several weeks of searching in internet and Forums, I suspect my antiVirus McAfee which detect MetaTrader as unckown source :  Thanks to report the issue to McAfee. Best regards,
Hello! I have one account and I follow one signal. Is it possible / reasonable to follow more signals with one account? Or is it better to use one account per one signal (two accounts for two signals)? Thanks for your reply! BR, Janos
Hi I am new to MQL4 coding but have been studying the C type language to get a very basic understanding. I would like to write a simple ea that just exports the account balance at the end of a days trading to a text file. I have VBA code to read a text file value, do a simple calc to calculate a new...