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So I'm having an odd problem this morning.  The DOM is ticking but my chart is not.  It's either "waiting for update" or no ticks on it. I've tried the obvious -- reboot -- changing profiles -- opening a new chart. How can I reset everything?   Thanks.
The markets predicted it right, the Bank of Canada maintained its overnight rate at 0.5%. Correspondingly, the bank rate stayed at 0.75% and the deposit rate at 0.25%. According to the BoC’ full statement the global economy strengthened, while a number of prices commodities rose such as oil. In...
The latest MetaTrader 5 Android build is already available for download on Google Play. Update your application and try its new features: Trade and History tabs now offer a sorting feature allowing you to arrange all trades by symbols (financial instruments), orders and open/close time. Apart from...
The latest MetaTrader 5 Android build is already available for download on Google Play. Update your application and try its new features: Trade and History tabs now offer a sorting feature allowing you to arrange all trades by symbols (financial instruments), orders and open/close time. Apart from...
So today again no trades were copied from signal to my account. When I log into my MT4 account and looking at the journal I get this response::. Signal - signal subscription disabled, enable realtime subscription in 'Signals' settings I then do what I am supposed to do.      Then I export to MLQ5's...
The bid tone around EUR gathered pace in Asia, pushing EUR/USD higher to 5-DMA level of 1.0644.  Eyes ECB rate decision The European Central Bank (ECB) is expected to keep the key rates unchanged. Taper talk remains a taboo; however, the probability of Draghi talking up Euro is high given the sharp...
Demand for the US treasury yields returned with the US dollar’s following hawkish comments from Fed Chair Yellen, knocking-off gold to the levels unseen since last Friday. Gold drops sharply from near multi-week tops Currently, gold drops -1.05% to 1199.30, recovering quickly from fresh five-day...
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Hello All, I need to know the concept of ADR. Kindly help me with formula. Please   Thanks In Advance Abhishek 
suppose I have $100,000.00 on my account and I subscribed to asignal provider his balance is $10,000.00, and then he gained 50 % in that mount, so what will be my profit ?
Hi Can one accuallty install a Mt4 app on iPhone the can install my prefered TPL files? Regards 
According to some, it all started with Mario Draghi, who back in 2012 said that the ECB would prevent the collapse of the Eurozone "whatever it takes." By saying that, he effectively took the impetus away from Europe's politicians to engage in any real structural reform and promote difficult policy...
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I have no idea what I am looking at there. I am trying to use distributed computing power to make a little extra cash But there are buttons everywhe re and I have no idea what I am doing can anyone help me set this up 
So I trailed the MQL5 VPS with a signal. Execution was perfect. I paid for the 30 day subscription within 24hrs but now no trades are being opened. How do I fix this?
Hi I have bought an EA from MQL5 market and I´m running that EA on my computer for several different broker MT4 terminals. I have used just one activation and now I´m considering moving hosting to MQL5 Virtual Hosting or in Standard VPS. On standard VPS I would need to use one more activation if I...
I installed around 20 terminals on my PC, but able to only open around 15-19 terminals. When I open a new chart, the terminal keep showing "Failed to create empty document". Has anyone encountered this problem before? How did you overcome it? How many MT5 terminals can we run on a PC? Thank you.
Hi i have developed a forex trading website in PHP and now my client want to see the trading data of his clients in his website and also his clients where trading is done in MT4 so can anyone help me how can i display the trading data of his clients in website 
I'm new, so new you could call me ignorant. I'm trying to learn, but the internet is a plethora of information, most of what I don't need. I've created a demo account and I buy at 115.476 and sell at 122.171 (spread is only 3 pips) and it's still showing a loss? What am I not understanding? I...
The GBP/USD pair embarks upon a corrective mode on Wednesday, after having faced fresh offers at 50-DMA, as the bulls consolidate the recent massive upsurge.  GBP/USD back below 1.2400, where 50-DMA intersects: GBP/USD surrenders 1.24 handle and now looks to stabilize around the mid-point of 1.23...
Hello there, I want to know that if there is possibility of using one signal to more than one account from different brokers .   Is there any one who can help me to understand about this ?
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Hello .I have a micro account and sell signal , or you can copy the signal from my account standard
Hello, Due to practical reasons I'm using multiple PC's to control trading on one account. Now I have setup VPS to the "master PC". How can I control the same VPS from other MT4 terminal? Thanks for your help. br. Pekka 
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Hy guys as far as you know the red and Green bar in the MMR indicator are or not repainting????? Thank you for your precious help. 
Taken 2 years and probably about a thousand + different strategies and literally millions and millions of back testing / optimising runs but finally I may have found it :) backtest.png results uploaded 
In her speech today PM Theresa May outlined 12 key objectives in negotiating the exit deal for the UK. She has already realised that being part of the single market is not an option as long as the UK wants to control immigration from other EU countries. Instead Theresa May wants to replace today’s...
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Hello all friends , after I rent Vps can I add more than one account on it ? is this possible ? or do I need rent one vps per account ? a lot of thanks for your advise . 
I need withdraw money from my account but servicedesk is silent for 3 days. What can I do, is it scum system? 
I am developing a really complicated strategy and i have already used Magic Number and Comment, is there any other way to separate orders?
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my signal stopped copying and its active, i also register with vps  
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