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When there are superposition (from more than 1 deal), how is the the Position Price calculated?? Also, when displaying superposition Profit in Points, how is the Position Profit Points calculated??
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Hi guys, I'm at lost here actually because I have this nice script that I use for trading. It's nice because it has an MM function to it. The only problem is, I'm using M5 TF, but uses the value of M30 or H1 ATR, so I have to calculate the difference between M5 and M30/H1 ATR value. As we all know,...
Hi Guys, I found this great System, in backtesting looks great, called Reverse System Best but when I put it on my demo it didn't trade at all, I founded strange since it's earlier version Reverse System does trade a lot but it wasn't profitable it opened so many trades all negatives. So I was...
Hi guys , I need a indicator based on this condition . A indicator which places support and resistance of 5 pips on both sides of any candle i click PM me if you can do it . Thanks cheers
Hi , I've just tried to build a litlle EA with Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4. It is here as attached file. It is about buying on a Key reversal up on the lower band of Bollinger Band and selling on a key reversal down on the upper band. The compilation is ok but I can't test it with MT4...
Hello everyone, can anyone code an indicator which can show gold silver ratoin on chart. it will be great help . thank you.
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HI, I need an indicator for metatrader 5 like gp_clock in metatrader4 which shows the remaining time to close the current candle which is related to the current time frame. For example,if you are in 60 min then it shows something like 20 min to close this candle . Thanks
Resume from sleep (WinXP) causes strange charts behavior: Select any volatile currency pair, lets say GBPUSD, select M1 timeframe to see changes frequently, then put your PC into sleep mode. Wait a awhile (a minute should be enough), resume your PC and now you can observe: the MT5 is not restoring...
I define a object myobj like this: myclass myobj; How to free it? thanks hongbin
I want to know about advantages and disadvantages of the automated trading. I have possibility to get free robot by Rita Lasker. Is it easy to use robots? Of course, there is a support in this company, but I want to ask other people first. Thank you!
3 Prong strategy which will inform you of market gap trading,scalping and trend ratio regarding movement.Indept description of how to trade these situations and what to avoid when you encounter these situations as we all will at some point in our trading career.
Assessment of trading strategies and how to improve performance in markets as they change pace.Tips and techniques on how to adjust your trading techniques to fit the market as it changes.
The three habits of sucessful traders explained in detail.Including become a machine,money management,and do not act..react.
Market philosophy and how it applies to practical trading according to market guru Bill Williams.A think outside the box excercise to stimulate progressive thinking about trading strategies and market science..a must read.
Candle stick intermediate explination as well as calculation of pivot points and how to diagnose a trading trigger and when and how to execute the trade based on your analysis.
Japanese candle stick formations are covered in this pdf in order to pin point reversal patterns and continuation patterns.All markets have these same universal patterns so trading them in any market you will be successful.Including but not limited to shooting stars,doji,pinbar reversal,hangman...
This book will give you step by step market analysis on the actions of a wave crest and trough and what is happening behind the scenes to make this formation possible as well as were you should place your orders tp and stop loss and re-entry.
This is a excellent example of in the now strategies and how to handle day to day forex trading situations and a bit of psychology on how to emmotionally deal with whatever situation may occur wen applying these techniques.
Dow theory as well as trend theory is discussed.Fibonacci reversals and trend pull backs are explained in fun and easy to understand terms.Risk management,cost averaging, and many more topics are explained in this guide.A must read on your forex journey.
Ten essential rules that highly successful forex traders follow.Fundamental forex strategies and how to correctly apply them are discussed in this book.Including but not limited to trendlines,fibonacci,elliot,ect.
This will show you the difference between forecasting the market and trading as well techniques to put the odds favorably on your side.A very technical and informative read.
Greetings to one and all, So how goes the development of v5? Are we 'winning'? (< 8) I utilize information in the comment field for data analysis quiet extensively. It isn't included in v4 reports. Any chance of having the option of including it v5 ? Thanks, DougRH4x
can someone put me through how to upload files.there are some software that i want to share with the community.i need step-by-step
Does somebody know how MT4 fills the Volume indicator ? When I compare the number of my broker-ticks in minute i and I compare this with Volume[i]: it is not the same ! and there is only a lose relation (quotient)
This may sound old - but I'm at a halt in how to proceed. I've invested in an Expert which runs on MT4. My Broker is Interactive Brokers. I need the MT4 Workstation to be able to send / receive orders from Interactive Brokers, but can't find the interface I need. Am trying to do Automated Forex...
Hi all, I am using MT4 for a long time...... i am very continent only with meta trader...... i feel very uncomfort to use metastock or amibroker. Does anyone help me in importing the EOD data from excel to metatrader....... I am tracking indian markets only...... is it possible to import the data...
I have a custom indicator that is being deleted from the indicators folder when MT4 starts up. My OS is Windows 7 (64 bit) with Kaspersky anti-virus. I have installed MT4 on a USB Flash drive and run it from there. I take the flash drive to work and run it from the flash drive at work as well. I...
Hi, I like the MT4 platform a lot and have used it quit a bit. Recently i have been picking up performance problems - the program takes long to open on my computer, it connects and reconnects several times, and does not want to close the process in the Windows Taskmanager when exiting the program....
I have several EAs developped but one problem plagues them. During backtesting I have good initial entering and stops from the trailing stop however many times the same bar trips a new entry and 50% of the time a loss because of this erroneus entry signal. Any ideas on how to prevent re-entry into...