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I am wrting some code to move my stop loss to breakeven after certain number of x pips profits has been secured. BUT.. how can I turn my code off when and if I decide to start a trailing stop loss from the MT4 menu manually. Is there a function that recognises that a MT4 menu fired trailing stop is...
Hello Everyone! I'm trying to hobble together an EA from a template program and am running into a few problems with the code and was hoping that someone could help (it's probably riduculously easy but I'm still lost). The theory is simple: - enter and go short if the RSI crosses up over 50 - enter...
I have already posted about missing data problem on MT4, when you try and down load the 1min data back to 1999. And there has been another post regarding this matter. Will you be fixing this problem, and including the fix in the next version, or will you be doing something about before then ??
I try to explain. I am looking EA what would only open buy or sell position in every 60 minutes. It would open an new order every 60 minutes and I could get choose sl and tp. And I could choose would it open sell or buy. And it would double the lots with every lost.
If I'm running two different EA's on the same currency pair in the same account, how do I get the signals from the 1st EA from displaying on the 2nd EA's chart and vice versa?
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How could I make the indicator that could expried? And how I changed the format exe to Mt4 ?
I'm testing this now with a few of my scripts, but perhaps someone already knows the answer to this question. Are the variables defined at the beginning of the script global? Do they reside in the program memory attached to the currency and chart until MetaTrader is restarted?
Hi all, I am in need of a money management EA that will perform the following tasks: 1. Breakeven after X pips in profit 2. Trail orders by X pip 3. Option to move SL by X pips 4. Take profit at X pips 5. Basket Profit option (profits on all open trade) 6. Basket Loss option 7. Magic Number option...
hallo can any one find or creat script in meta trader allow us to cange T/p & S/l by change line positions like visual treader...
will not buy and sell on date and time please help me. thank you. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| DATE & TIME .mq4 |//| Copyright © 2006, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
I need it to buy and sell on date and time. this is the error I get thank you. '\end_of_program' - ending bracket '}' expected C:\Program Files\WindsorDirect 4\experts\DATE & TIME .mq4 (97, 1) 1 error(s), 0...
Hi, I am on the lookout for an indicator that measures the distance in pips between 2 moving averages and that can signal an alert if it reaches a given level, has anyone came accross such a thing?? Much appreciated Mike
Hello the idea is this : only 1 trade per symbol allowed. i use to do it like this: int total = OrdersTotal(); if(total != 0 ) { return(0); // dont trade } else trade but the problem is that i have other open position from manual trades\other EA i need that the ea will open only 1 trade per symbol....
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2006, the "Championship Report: Tenth Week" has been published ( Only 10 trading days are left till the end of the Championship. Leaders are still rotating in the Top Ten. Anyway, Ldamiani and Hendrick...
I haven't been having any luck finding an MT4 broker that trades micro 0.01 lots on Demo and Live account. Help please.
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Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to change the start time of bars in metatrader,so for example, i could start a day bar at 7.00am gmt,thanks in advance jonmem
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hello do have any body winning solution ex? thanks
Does anyone know where I can find economic news releases over the past year or more that is in a spreadsheet format? Thanks!
Does anyone have ZigZagFibs V2.0 for MT4? info here
Hello, does any of you know of this indicator repaints the past? Many thanks in advance, -25-
I know price/indicator divergence indicators are available on platforms such as TradeStation and Trade Navigator. However, I'm looking for a reliable price divergence indicator for Metatrader 4. Specifically, I'd like to track divergence between price and CCI. One scenario is represented in the...
I often use "insert---shapes---rectangle". How to create a hotkey for this? Or create a toobar button for it ?
Hi Guys, What can I add to an expert advisor which can close all the open orders ...when the time is 23:00 Thanks
Is there a way to change the data format of MT4 export file I am looking for the ASCII.csv but need the data to be in the following format; DATE TIME OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE date and time format as; Date Format: MM/DD/YYYY Time Format: HHMM any help appreciated. Is this even possible? Thanks
The EA is for EUR/USD in the 1 Hour timeframe. Looks not bad in backtesting. But is the backtesting with MT4 reliable enough to start live trading? Is it possible to get backtesting with a quality higher than 90 %? The translator is very good, far better then the Babelfish translator. Here's an example: The Metaquote's Russian forum in english
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I have been using the Alpari M1 data to backtest with 90% quality. I decided that I would like to get better data, so I purchased some tick data and wrote a script to convert it to fxt based on the standard script on the MQL website. Now the generated fxt file from the Alpari data for 2 years on the...