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Hi... anyone here knows where we can get statistics for eurusd or usdjpy pair? I mean data of theses currency pairs, with their HLOC. It needs to be easily copied and paste, as I need to input into excel.
Hi, I have got the above error every time after installing and setting up a demo account after some time. It does not occur immediately but usually after a few weeks. I understand that the demo expiry period is 90 days. But this error seems to occur prematurely. Anyone can help?
Hi, everyone Just opened an ODL-MT4 demo account. Quite pleased by the features of MT4, and also concerned about the data feed from ODL: observed missing bars from 20:54 to 21:47 on 13 Oct. Just want to ask if it is possible to change the underlying broker and the data feed, and if yes how? Many...
What are some ways (other than every "x" number of pips) to add new trades to your position (not compounding, the same lot size each time) if trend trading?
I have for a long time used the Point variable to convert pips to points in my MQL4 programs. For example, if I want to calculate a stop loss value for a buy trade, I would multiply the required number of pips by Point and subtract the result from the Ask price. The broker I use - Alpari - have...
PlaySound does not work on my system when it appear in any code that I write or that I have downloaded. Could it have something to do with the fact that I cannot find the terminal_dir\sounds directory?
I understand why posts get moved to a more relevant location, but every one of my posts here has been moved and when I follow the link, I'm in some other post. My last post was asking for debugging help with a specific program. How can I see if anyone has responded if my post goes away?!
I downloaded MT4 platform a few days back from Everything working perfectly except of GBPJPYthis particular pair is not moving since the today there is no movement in thispair at the Market Watch as well as in the chart. Please try to resolve my problem.
After i install my metatrader and reg a demo acc...the chart and the currency wont update,is not functioning...wat problem?
  Bollonger bands based EA (26   1 2 3)
Hi there! Let me introduce the my EA based on Bollinger's bands (BB). The main idea is to buy when main BB is crossed by price bottom-up and vice-versa, - to sell when price crosses BB's main line top-down. We have here some stops and limiters: there are addition levels that should prevent us to...
Can anyone tell me where to find the pivot point options in MT4? Are pivot point settings automatically included in MT4 software or do I need to calculate my own PP's and just manually place the horizontal lines? Thanks
Hi folks! I was wondering if there's an expert advisor that can close a open position which I manually opened. The ea should close the position when stochastics crosses with. The parameters for stochastics should be %K=14 %D=3 Slowing=3 MA Method=Smoothed Price Field= Low/High. Anyone know of an...
Dear Metaquotes, one of my clients has a very strange problem. He runs EA on Windows Server 2003. After some time it seems like the start() function of the EA is executed twice. This means he gets duplicate trades opened. The Experts and Journal tabs show only one call to the OrderSend() function,...
The bailout became law, and what else to worry about? While the market is still in fears, I think this is the best time to get in while these stocks are dirt cheap. Warren Buffet recently invested $5b in Goldman Sachs, and it seems a few other great investors are jumping in right now. After all, how...
Is he on crack? Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan wrote in an article for Emerging Markets newspaper that the U.S. housing market will recover in the first half of 2009. Worldwide
  Brokers going bankrupt (12   1 2)
I trade with thinkorswim. I'm worried if they could go bankrupt? what about tradestation. just take a look at the charts TRAD - TradeStation Group, Inc. - Google Finance SWIM - thinkorswim Group Inc. - Google Finance down real bad over the last year what do you guys think?
How can you encrypt MQL4 source code or use a DLL or callit from a whole defferent folder on your computer.
  How the broker pay (14   1 2)
Dear friends: I want to know how many people win in the forex market. and how the broker pay the money. did they have the worry about "loosing money" regards
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an Interview with Tony Manso (amelabs) has been published. It is not the first time Tony Manso participates in the Championship. Last yearhis Expert Advisor was not very successful. This year his programstaying on leading positions and shows...
On both of my computers each PC one with Vista and the other with XP --- when i turn them on, MetaTrader 4 starts loading crazy things like expert advisor, Exel, word docs associated with MT4, and the uninstall/install options from control panel asking if i want to unistall, then to top it off MT4...
Hi, I am updating Uni DDE with my own price feed, while the rates are being properly updated in my grid, UniDDE update in intermittent some the price feed just freezes for a long period of times Any HELP would be much appreciated. thanks and regards Wasmh
  MT4 Multi (2)
I have just downloaded this and it is requesting a username & password for the demo account What is this it, where is it to be found?
Hi all, I`ve installed the matatrader 4 and I`m using it for charting because my software in the office isn`t good enough .. I`m playing with stocks, but I want to add new symbols in this field, so is there any way to do it? If someone knows is there any way to do this I`d be happy to know...
Hi fellow traders and programmers, recently I have been evolving the idea of creating a Forex team.Finally, concrete plans have formed and I managed to fit this idea intomy schedule. What I am imagining is the following: We form a group of 4-5 people including both programmers and traders....
Hello. I would like to share with you with my live daily signals. I'm a technical trader and using rather basic indicators in my trading toolbox. I've tried "millions of strategies" in all time frames and now I'm feeling comfortable only trading on 1 day chart (Position Trading) or 4H chart (Swing...
Can't you see whats happening. Paulson is using our money to bail out his old firm. Someone needs to go to jail here.
MS is trading like word from the inside is leaking out that it won't be around for much longer. The price action looks deathly familiar. Anyone hearing anything worthy?
I am having trouble getting my EA to compile. Message in metaeditor is: "Could not launch compiler". Can anybody help me?
Hi - I am trying to get my head round metatrader. The home pages says this is a free of charge service. This is all good but who is the broker behind the scenes? Also, is there a way to trade equity CFDs as well Fx?  Thanks, jag