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EAs, Indicators, Manual trading
As far as I am aware an activation is bound to my hardware and operating system. Thus I can use one activation per computer and install many instances on different terminals on that same computer. I installed an indicator on the same PC, but on two different MT4 terminals without change in hardware...
Hi, Just wondering is there an easy way of exporting data from MT4 to excel. What I have are 2 - 8 horizontal lines on a chart daily and I would like to export those line levels to excel. I am being lazy as ti update my spreadsheet daily on all charts I monitor takes me about 90 mins so this would...
hello everyone i am to make my copy signals private and just share it with whom i choose for now, how can i go about making my signals private and sharing it with people? i have been trying to do this for a while now but have had no luck. any help would be appreciated. thank you
Can we add a horizontal signal line on the indicator?
  True or False (2)
In the "List of Program" in Mql4, there is an example about "if-else" as follow: "if (Price < Level_2) // Check level 2 { Alert("The price is above level2") } Please tell me "above" is used in above example true or false? I think  "below" is correct. Thanks.
I'm providing my signals for MT4. But I can't set the price for signals less than 30USD. But I saw some signal providers provides their signals less than 30USD prices. How can I reduce the price for subscribers. Thank you.
hi ..as a new to mql programming ...still want to learn and have a question  i try to write a code to draw a Vline a head from a predetermined bar or (datetime) first i draw a rectangle (i need it in my strategy) and want the the indicator to draw a line at the end to the rectangle lets say the...
The support told me to open a request in the forum about this issue. I have Paypal or Mastercard. Mastercard is not accepted for payments. Paypal gives the problem in the attachment.
(Newbie question) I'm running an EA on Metaquotes VPS and using the MT4 Android app to see the history of trades, balance, margin, free margin etc.. However, I'm missing option to see this visually, when this was running locally I was able to see the open trades, or realised trades on the chart,...
HI, I placed a pending and expiration, how to know this pending order has expired?(the ticket # is known) thanks
  Girls psychology in trading. (31   1 2 3 4)
I think the psychology of girls is more suitable for trading.. Men are too impulsive:) The most famous girl of the trader ? name ?......:)
  Narrow Range Day Indicator (34   1 2 3 4)
Can anybody here create an indicator that will identify a day with the narrowest range out of the last 4 or 7 days? This is used by a lot of pro traders and hedge fund guys who like to trade breakouts of these days' ranges. If you do it I will be happy to share what I've learned about them so far,...
Dear All I want ask about the seller signal, upload my ID card is rejected, I don't understand about problem the rejected it, what is the resolution less big? Please help me, thank you so much.
7 MA I function as a sweetened Support and Resistance. Fibo Retracements to measure how much the price plays with the trend. Chandelstik to confirm entry
Hi, Is there a way to delete an Indicator that was started in OnInit() by handle = iCustom(..) and then after some 'live-time' in OnCalculate() or OnTick() it is not needed any more and could be deleted to remove it from RAM and further calculation? How do I do that? For files I have FileClose()...
Hi, I have a OP_SELLSTOP, how to setup expiration for 15 mins? thanks
if 2 vps in same company need 2 activation and the activation according to what , if pc formatted I will lose it
Dear. I want to subscribe a signal. Signal have 1:20 leverage and my account have 1:200 leverage and if i ll assign 20% fund allocation to the signal then in that case if signal lost 100% then how much i lost from my equity?  I mean my maximum loss in that case? 
Is there any Italian who could tell me if the new government flat tax (15%) will also be applied to the taxation on trading (currently at 26%)? Thank you. 
The new mql5 messaging system is, politely spoken, in every way a deterioration. To provide such a lousy messaging engine in 2018 is more than worse and I would have fired every IT engineer who worked on this project. The previous version of this engine provided links and picture embedding, text...
Just wondering how does the MT4 platform optimizes the expert advisers? I mean is it possible that I run the optimization process via a command line against an expert adviser then get a generated report without having to run MT4 itself? Thanks
Hi there! I´ve created a new EA bot on the very nice MT5 Editor. I tsted on demos account withthe super cool Strategy Tester, and did all on a MT5 demo account with 25 000 euro deposit on it. I am doing all perfeft. Then when I attached my EA on the Chart of the same demo account, I doesn't do...
 Don't think I changed any settings. And it's the same whether optimizing or using a single Input setting.
Hi, I subscribe to signal and my account balance is greater than the signal provider's, yet my acount did not copy the full lot last night. It copied less than one third.  Does this have anything the do with the setting: "Use no more than __% of deposit (95% maximum)" which was set at 30%. I thought...
Hi, is there anyone who has successfully installed the 64-bit Metatrader on Linux (eg Ubuntu)? I run into a proxy setting screen from Metatrader.  The installation of the 32-bit version was possible without problems.
Dear Sir/Madam I have a problem that i can not apply for jobs in the freelance section what happened yesterday was a customer posted a decompilation job and i applied to only try to test and know how the expert is mostly working and try to make a new one with better options no more  but i did not...
Here are two screenshots made the same day at different times. As we can see, there is a superimposed text and another object that is not in their proper place.
Is this possible? ChartClose is asynchronous, Sleep doesn't work, too long loop also fails most of the time. I know I can write an extra function, but is it possible to somehow make it work in the destructor (which is usually executed in OnDeinit)?