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  Hello!!! (2)
Hi, This is just to say hello to every member of this Community. My name is Isaac Ezie I am new to forex trading; a proper green horn for that mattter. I am glad to have discovered this site today and I think it will go a long way making me find my way to trade forex. I will appreciate any form of...
Basically I've got this as the main part of the code: int start(){ bool flag = true; int DoW = DayOfWeek(); if(TimeCurrent() == StrToTime("00:05") || TimeCurrent() == StrToTime("05:45") && DoW > 1 && DoW < 6) flag = false; if(flag == false) { if(OrdersTotal() <= maxTrades) { ticket =...
I am trying to find a good stochastic divergence indicator for MT4. Does anyone have one? Thanks for the help.
  Complex (4)
hi can someone help. Is there an indicator out which can show me on a 1 hour chart a daily chart of an other pair in an seperate window? For instance if i want to look on an 1 H GBP/USD a daily USD/EUR. I think not. I found millions different correlation indicators, but not which simply show a other...
Hi Guys, I need your expert brains for a moment. Is there a way to assign a different audio file to a custom indicator? I have an EA running and a moving average cross over with audio alert all running at the same time. They both have the same audio alert. So, if I can change one to a different...
Hello Friends, I am levenburg and new user in this forum. This forum is very good and everybody like this forum. Thanks.
Rsioma (RSI of MA) needs one more buffer 4 signals may be if some wizard have nothing better to do... i know somehow it possible avoid 8 buff restriction through Maonarray, but i couldn't - didn't finish wizard's school plus one buffer used only 4 RSI calc... (code, link and indi below) PS...
Hi there, Does anyone know how to make to 2006 champions Ea work as i have it but cant make it work need help Cheers
we can take screenshots without any special software: 1. push PrintSceen button on keybord 2. paste in Windows Paint 3. save screen image in GIF, JPEG format that's it __________
KeepAlivePro will automatically restart your platform(s) and/or any other app if it senses a hangup or if your system reboots. Lots of notification options. Ideal if you're running your EAs on a remote server. Download it here: - free file hosting or here: RapidShare Webhosting +...
I created some tool that allows to copy trades from one MetaTrader account to another or even from multiple accounts to one account. The purpose of this software is to help traders, who uses Meta Trader 4 trading terminal, in their routine work with trading signals. Some traders, who can not...
Hi, I'm trying to pogram a simple indicator that would alert everytime the price is 50 pips away from 50 ema on 5 min chart. I was hoping someone could help me. Thanks for your time, martini
Hi, I'm looking for a very simple indicator that would alert me everytime the price moves by 50 pips away from it's 50 ema on 5 min chart. I was hoping someone smarter than me could help me program this indicators. Thank you so much for your time. martini
Hello, I have a problem with my alerts that are sent when there is a signal, but the bar where is the signal is not yet finished during the sending. I would like that the signal be sent only after that the barne closed where the signal is made. Otherwise, the signal can disappear and reappear...
  Introduction (10)
Hello Guys, I am stargold and new user in this forum. This forum is very interesting forum and all my friends fan in this forum. Thanks.
On some charting platforms they have specific slow or fast or full stochastics. Is there a equal to this for MT4 or is there just a way to set it up different?
In most of the cases EAs work fine unless heavy news happen. Why not opening a thread where everyone could alert and justify why EAs should be turned off on the following day?
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2007, an Interview with Andrey Vedikhin has been published ( Andrey Vedikhin, a Jury member representing Alpari (UK) Limited., has almost 15-year experience on financial markets. The author of the book...
Is there a way to set the levels on an indicator where each time you use the indicator you dont have to reset them. for instance I want the levels on this indicator to be set at .68 and .32, and be there each time I use the indicator. Can someone show me the code to do this and tell me where to put...
  Scroll left (1)
Just a quick question just wondering if theres a way to scroll all the way to the start of a chart instead of scrolling with the mouse? thanks
Found and Fixed the Problem and Online for tonight! Dave Mild Panic Over!
How to code to find the zigzag High/Low of the following. It is easy to see from eyes, but is there any simple way to code?
Hi all, I want to share my success story with you all. I have opened a forex account with a broker 9 months ago. My initial deposit was just $1000.00 dollars. I ran the cyberiatrader EA for about 9 months and my account balance is ~50000 now. Looks like cyberiatrader EA works well during trending...
  Need simple EA! (15   1 2)
Hi, I need an EA where I can set time to trade, lots, stoploss an trade direction (long or short). THX.
If I want my ea to be run on one computer only, how can I, using MQ4, capture the computer system number (or serial number)?? Dave??
I've downloaded & read the basics on FX, can somebody recommend a good FOREX book to take me to the next level ? I've come across 'Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders' which seems quite interesting ?! Mave
hi, i want any avg year range for past 20 yrs. Last year range and this year range. I will put this on weekly MT4 chart top left. Year range = year H/L in pips. Output can be like : ================= Average 20 years range: 2033 pips Previous year range: 1534 pips Current year range: 1104 pips
I want to add soem predefined values to an extern variable. I would like it to show up like the Movinag Avg indicator, where it lets you choose simple eaighted, etc. How can this be accomplished?
  MultixpMA V 1.0.0 (36   1 2 3 4)
Hi all Could anyone help me i need parabolic Sar with 2 diffrent couler The red dots overlaying the candles represents the Parabolic SAR levels using the preferences below. The green up arrows represent bullish SAR reversals, ... Regards