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Name of this indicator is Scalping of Paramon. It is used in the Paramon trading system based on some indicators. This indicator is drawing two horizontal lines based on extremums of current day on the certain period of time (this period of time we may change in settings of indicator).
Hello, Is it just me or is the demo server down? regards, Hugh
Very interesting system with EA and 5 indicators. Need to be testing.
  IFxOverEasy1 system (27   1 2 3)
Very interesting system with EA and 5 indicators. Need to be testing.
  Help Needed (3)
Hi, I have a problem with MT4 which i hope someone on this forum can help me with. I have down loaded MT4 to a pc running windows 98 the problem is that when i try to call any custom indicator to a chart nothing happens, i have been using Metatrader for a year now and have never come across this...
Full set of RD indicators you may find in download section.
  Indicator short name (14   1 2)
Hello Guys, I have made an indicator, But in the indicator short name , i can see other numbers beside the one i want. Does anyone knows how to fix it ??? Thanks Haim
Some basic indicators, manual and imprivement of the system. Besides, those indicators may be used separatedly from the system for manual trading for example.
Here you can download metatrader Download metatrader
  DayTrading2 (38   1 2 3 4)
With statement attached from Jan. 1200 P/L in two days. Download it here
  DayTrading 2 (12   1 2)
Daytrading2 as commented by Jan - 1200 P/L in some days.
Hi to all, Could anyone tell me how to activate the London Gold pricing? When I right click the symbol, I click the symbols but it is only showing all Forex but without London Gold. Thanks.
Hello Slawa and other developers, it has been pointed out before that it would very much improve the usefulness of the saved reports from the strategy tester if the parameter settings could be saved in there as well. I very much agree - it is very difficult to keep track of all parameter settings...
Hi everyone, Could anyone tell me when can i find an indicator of pivot points for metatrader? I am new using metatrader. Thanks a lot.
How to draw verical line like ichimoku indicator?
Has anyone else studied the underlying Bid-Ask prices in the backtest environment? I'm using the previous version of MetaTrader available at InterBank FX. I used the print command to see what values the system is using for Bid Ask prices. I printed values for the latest hour and saw spreads of 2...
Greetings, I hope this post can bring someone attention to develope Sidewinder for MT4. Please let me know if more info is required. Best Regards OKL SideWinder is a combination of 34EMA and 25LSMA to calculate the trend using a proprietary formula. It is ONLY used for ZLR trades. SideWinder...
2:26:37 SOLOD_1 EURUSD,Daily: Error opening SELL order : 6 02:26:39 SOLOD_1 EURUSD,Daily: LOTS=2 02:26:39 SOLOD_1 EURUSD,Daily: Error opening SELL order : 6 02:26:42 SOLOD_1 EURUSD,Daily: LOTS=2 02:26:42 SOLOD_1 EURUSD,Daily: Error opening SELL order : 6 02:26:44 SOLOD_1 EURUSD,Daily:...
I'm "still learning" how to program and wanted to create and use a User Defined Function, however I guess I don't understand how to do this. I am modifying an indicator which uses the following code mulitple times. I thought it best to create a function and call it rather than duplicate these lines...
  Alerts (4)
I created an alert, which worked, and then I deleted it.. However the alerts is still sounding, since I've already deleted it I can't delete it again.. does anyone know where these are stored on the hard drive ?? thanks in advance d
  Stop Level (2)
Can anybody expalin, what is the "stop level " in the symbol property window? and what does it do?
To MeataQuotes: Unless I am missing something the following function appears illogical since there may be more than one object assign to (i). name=ObjectName(i); How do you get all objects assign to (i)? In addition, even if only one object is assign to (i) the function returns wrong name.
My broker, FXDD, is still on v3.86 build 6414. I'm a seasoned software developer and am trying to write some experts but am having all sorts of "strange" issues. Specifically, global variables won't set properly at times. Another issue is variable initialization. If I declare a var as...
I want to make a strategy where they have different closing methods. What I mean is for example when its a buy then to close the indiactor has to go from x>0 to x<=0 and if sell then x=0. My problem is that Im not sure where to input that. Should I just not put anything in the close and then go in...
Global variables to program are set values in the init() function are not visible while in the start() function, is this correct? double dTest; int init() { dTest=1.234; return(0); } int start() { Comment( "dTest:", dTest ); // dTest:0 return(0); }
I set the "To:" field to "," in Tools->Options->EMail tab. And I use SendMail() function, but I can't send a mail to 2 addresses. MetaTrader converts the "To:" field to '"" <>'. Could you show me how to send a mail to 2 addresses?
hi is it possible to send email from the EA , like when i put and alert to some condition?? coz i didnt found the function to do that!!!!!!! for METAQUOTES : can you add this founction to the MQL4 . thanks
Hello, I use Matlab ( to develop and test my trading systems. Soon I will use Metatrader to trade in Forex. I know I can save CSV data files in Metatrader 4. But is there a way to get data directly from Metatrader 4? Maybe an API as in Metatrader 3. Maybe another way? Can...
Hello, how ist Swap calculated in StrategyTester on Weekend? I found out that when I open a position on Friday and close it on Monday after, swap in StrategyTester is calculated only for 1 RolloverDay not for 3. Is this calculation similar to real swap calculation ?? Thanks
  struct TestHistory in fxt (17   1 2)
Can you please clarify on the 'flags' field in the 'struct TestHistory' (fxt files) What is the meaning of this field? I see it takes values of 0,1,2,3.... Thanks