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  Password protection to EA (41   1 2 3 4 5)
hi guys whats the code to have a password protection to EA and is it possible to have our EA working in interbank fx server any help reg this is appreciated bye shwetha
Helo, I need a piece of code to define a variable as a moving average of CCI. I use the MA applied to the CCI (using previous indicator's data) and I want to use that into an EA. How should I do it? iMA(....); ? Thank you."
Help me me. How to solve error of the number code 133 : Trade is disabled. By server? or client? Thank's
Hi all, First post here after moving into Forex after trading stocks for a while. In my software for the stock market I use an indicator that combines an MA and the ATR to draw a line to show my trailing stop loss. It is quite simple but I have never attempted to code anything like the necessary...
Hi, I'm having trouble attaching more than 1 EA to a chart. Is this simply not possible or is there an option to enable this somewhere? Reason I ask is because MetaTrader leads you to believe this is possible... right click on the chart and it says "Expert Advisors" for the sub-menu. But I suspect...
Can anyone help me to setup The FxOverEasy System indicator, such as SHI channel, LaGuerre, i_Trend, Juice, and Perkyasctrend1 into a PDA? Can such indicator be downloaded into PDA? FYI, my PDA type is HP iPAQ 3565. PLease....
  Usd Index (30   1 2 3)
Is there a way to receive this symbol in mt4 by chance? Many thanks.
Hi I would like to import historic data and then convert it to 5min, 15min etc. so i can do good quality backtesting. As it was recommended in an article i read. I donwloaded the 1min data from alpari and then tried to run the period_converter script in MT4. But unfortunately the only thing that...
Hi Bit of a stupid question here, but it is late... I downloaded several .mq4 files from the thread CatFX50. I put them in experts/script folder of metatrader and when I drag them on to the chart I want to see them, I click EXECUTE ON CHART and nothing happens on the chart. Am I missing something?...
Hi all, Can someone help me. I need someone to make me a Custom Indicator. ADX indicator with smoothed -DI and +DI and adjustable parameters for all 3 lines. If this works for me I'll be glad to share my system. Thank you.
In the documentation, in the last parameter in the function OrderSend it sais: "Color of the opening arrow on the chart. If parameter is absent or has CLR_NONE value opening arrow is not drawn on the chart.". But if the parameter is absent the arrow IS drawn. Even if I use the value CLR_NONE...
When we apply MT indicator, eg: Moving Average to the Chart, we will have a dropdown list to choose MA method, Apply to Price, etc. How can we realise this funciton in Customer Indicator?
Slawa, I´m using a demo on ( build 190 feb 6) and a position just disaperad from friday to today see: and
Demo server unavaulable ! Is it testing related?
How could I have this custum indicator: 2 EMA (7 and 23 periods) not on the chart but below in a separate window? traderix
I know how to programically put Objects on the chart to the background. What I would like to know is if there is a way to have a custom indicators whose regular output (lines, histograms, dots, etc) are placed in the background, behind the price bars? Thanks, Keris
Is it possible to shade in areas of the chart background? I tried iterating through minutes and drawing vertical lines, but that creates a million objects and isn't the most efficient way to do it. I just want to shade NY hours. thanks, Jack
Can anyone tell me what does EA stand for? I'm sorry just new to the Forex world and want to invest. You help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  Actual Renko (103   1 2 3 4 5 ... 10 11)
If someone could put together an actual Renko indicator for us it would be really helpful, I know I and some others would be very appreciative. Not a line or histogram based renko indicator, but the real box renko.-between convictions. Its extremely useful for making sense when the market is in Many...
  Broker recommendation (21   1 2 3)
Hi, I am going to open my live account with one of brokers Forex Direct Dealers FXDD North Finance Interbank FX From trading point of view I prefer North as I can trade also gold, silver, indexes, CFD, but cons from risk side is that they are off-shore located probably without any control. Any...
Which brokers allow the use of expert advisors and which ones are good, Any help is welcome. thks
I would very much like the following features in MetaQuotes: ..... in the following order ..... 1) Option to NOT SCOLL CHART WITH click, hold and drag of MOUSE. I often find my self putting a line study near the edge of a chart and the chart "runs away" from the current position. Please...
Hi, I need that indicator for MT4. Somebody can help me? Thanks
hey does anyone know where i can get a decent strategy tester? the one that comes with the interbank package only has about a months worth of data.
i posting here Fractionally-proportional Money Managment for EA's --
hello traders, i want demark, camarilla and woodies pivots indicators and formulas also please give me immediately. regards, k.n.v.santosh
Hello MetaQuotes, The 2 things I wish the back tester had in order of Priority 1). The Ability to not close trades at the end of the data via a toggle 2). Back test over Portfolio Thank you EK
Hi Slawa, I think I may have discovered a small bug. The following prints a 0... Print("Spread: " + DoubleToStr(MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_SPREAD), 4));
Very interesting idea contained in this article: about using RSI as trend indicator. Might be a nice addition to Braintrader and other systems...? This appears to be a simple calculation but I am not versed in MetaLanguage. Would anyone please like to try...