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I really feel the mql5 chat system needs some improvement. If you send a chat message to someone, other modern platforms can let you know if your message has been read or not and this is a simple but vital feature. In the event that you wait for a response for a long time, with mql5 you can never
im a new trader and ive just opened a live account. the problem is my expert advisors refuse to work even though they are enabled......the system keeps telling me that 'auto trading is disabled by server' what could be the problem and how do i fix it?
Hello. I am trying to fix this indicator: Currently, there is a minor bug that prohibits you from saving the line color/type of the oversold/overbought. My coding knowledge is very limited. I do not
Hi all, Please look at the picture below. The red lines are drawn by the value which is provided with iBands function. What is wrong with them? Why they are not matched with Bollingers end points? (The upper band value is normalized just to see if there was difference (but not)) here is the code
  RSI on ARRAY (2)
Hello everyone, I am looking for an indicator. (see my screen shot) This indicator looks like RSI. I have compared with RSI on the same period and it is quite similar, except the indicator on the screen shot is more impulsive. Someone told me that it could be a RSIonARRAY instead of a simple RSI
Are anyone using WebMoney? I have used them once and the experience was horrible to say the least. Please share your experience with WebMoney so we can know more about this payment system
The subscription has gone through fine but not connected in Options
Hello, I was not able to pass "Automatic Validation" for my indicator when I try to publish it at market place for MT5. The report is not very helpful in this case. test on EURUSD,H1 (netting) test49323 (EURUSD,H1) OnInit return code is INIT_FAILED cannot initialize indicator disconnected I started
What mean that. It is possible to be same trade Trading style has changed. Trading history before the start of monitoring is not included in statistics
  Backtest (1)
Hi, short question: If I start a backtest, will the commission be automatically deducted from the profit
Hello. I have set a default template named default, i have attached the settings print screen, When i do a single test WITH the default template set, the positions which are closed do not correspond (visually) to the one which was open (meaning, the line from the open one doesnt lead to the closed
Hi I have an EA which delay to execute the trade, its based on 1min timeframe, on backtesting it works very well execute the trade on time but on demo acount it delays to execute the trade dont know why? please contact me if you can help here. thanks
Hi, I am copying a signal... BUT all the trades copied from the signal are investment of £2 only.. how can I increase this investment amount? Is there a setting? Thanks in advance
  MT5 BUG with iBarShift? (25   1 2 3)
Hi, i really cannot understand why iBarShift is not working good in my code, it really seems an MT5 bug. Here the code, very simple: Print("Symbols "+_Symbol+" - period: "+EnumToString(_Period)+" - Bars: "+iBars(_Symbol, _Period));Print("shift 155 from W1: "+iBarShift(_Symbol,_Period
Hello, I cannot connect to the community on my MT4 installed on Macbook. When I enter my username and password, this error message appears : failed. I just bought a tool so I can't use it. Can you help me ? Thank you
I've tested many of the most popular EAs for MT4 with ICMarkets 1:500 demo and the results generally do not line up with the accounts of the provider, many ending with blown accounts. Is forward testing is only way to get genuine results
  VPS issue (6)
Hi guys, i decided to try the MQL VPS, so i decided to take advantage of the 24hour free. Really easy to install and rent, everything went good till the moment i realised that the ms ping was the same as before. For the position server of my broker they assign me a VPS in London with a new ping
Hi, I have a euro cent account with 100,000 EuroCent (= 1,000 Euro). The signal I subscribed to currently has a balance of about 20,000 EUR. I expected that the lot size for me will be 5 times as high as the signal lot size but it seems as if the amount in EUR is used instead of the EURO Cents. So...
I am tired of losing money due to bad synchronisations my signal provider broker is ic markets my broker is tradersway today i wake up and i saw that i lost more money than my signal provider one, for 1: in euraud trades my provider closed only 2 but my my plateform closed 3 ... 2: you can see in...
Hi, i'm trying to code a screener for the market watch window for the technical indicator macd in Mt5 and it's imposible to me. This code works correctly in mt4 but i don't know how to solve it in mt5. This is a simple code that read the macd of the first bar of all the symbols in the watch window
hi, i create one acount for my birthday but i don't know how to create a new order this is impossible sorry for my english thank you for your help
ifif we check list the data windows, at mt4 mobile.... we look like resume off indicators and show signal too. how this works
  Ask for help (6)
I uploaded EA for sale but there was an error warning that test on EURUSD, H1 there are no trading operations test on NZDUSD, H1 there are no trading operations test on GBPUSDcheck, M30 there are no trading operations test on XAUUSDcheck, Daily there are no trading operations How do I fix it
Hi Guys, New here and this might be posted in the wrong place. I would like to know if there is some sort of report that can show me my Equity position at the end of every day. Just for simple P/L book keeping. Hope that makes sense! Thanks
Hi, I have some code that removes all hlines from a chart then creates new lines. There seems to be an issue wherby after I've used ObjectsDeleteAll() and then create a hline object the function returns true but no line is created. If i remove the ObjectsDeleteAll() function before the lines are
Hi, anybody knows how to activate an indicator on my other computer? It shows that I still have 9/10 activations left. Thanks
Is it allowed to use the name metatrader for my website? i want to create a website under the domain and in my Logo i also want to use the same name "Metatrader EAs", is it allowed to use this name or will i get problems when i do that
Hello there! I have a major problem and I need some help here. I'd be grateful if you help me figure a couple of things out. Please don't judge. 1. what is a virtual function and when does one really need to use it? I have gone through mql reference book but it kinda repeats the question itself. It
Hello! Am a newbie. I just built an EA but it keeps opening hundreds of trades once the conditions are meant. How do I set the maximum number of trades. I want the EA to open only two positions per currency pair. Any useful info will be appreciated
I see sometimes, EAs will check if there are enough 'Bars' before executing. eg. only execute if ( Bars < 100 ) My question is: how do you quantify a bar? Is it based on the time interval you set? For example: if i am running my EA on an H1 chart (that updates every hour), does that mean it will