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Hi friends. I need your help about one case. I try to code some MT4 expert advisor in which i use iOpen(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,0). The problem is that in 00:07 hour iOpen give me data from previous day. Is that normal, and if yes in what time i can take correct data for current day? Thank you in advance...
How can I run 2 MT accounts at the same time? (Same Windows) Thank you
Is it possible to create a simple pop-up GUI to appear when you apply a trading bot to your chart before it runs. For example: The GUI would allow the trader to: - modify their risk/reward, - modify % risked per trade  - disable the bot if x% of their account increases/decreases by the start of the...
I was doing great backtesting a strategy in MT4, OANDA demo account then then for an unknown reason, it just stopped taking trades during the backtesting.  I didn't change my code, but I was Optimizing. Anyone know what's happening here and how to get it to work properly again?
i ned to know how can i down load an expert advisor for demo testing from the market ..  thanks for you all
I can not see a "Profit" Column on 2 of my MT5 platforms under the History Tab even though I right click and I see all the other settings.  Why is that? No such problem on MT4.
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Hello, I'm trying to code an EA and everytime I compile it gives me 1 error message, PLEASE HELP ME ... void OnTick() { //--- double movingAverage = iMA(NULL,0,9,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0); double currentPrice = Open[0]; double lastPrice = Open[1]; if { (currentPrice > movingAverage) &&
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How can I block people for sending me a privat message? It's a person who is not in my friends list....I cannot even remove the message...
  for loops  (3)
I seem to remember being advised that when using a for loop it is better to use it to count down rather than up. please can you remind me why?
<b>New version 1.1 of the product TSO Stochastic RSI MT5:</b> New version 1.1 of the product <a href="">TSO Stochastic RSI MT5</a> is available
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Hey guys, does anyone of u knows a good local trade copier in script format?  What I want to achieve is that the trades my EA makes are being copied x (preferably up to to two digits after the commes) the amount that I specify. ISF
I wrote this indicator. It draws lines with a certain distance on the chart.How do I get the values of the lines? see screenshot.//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                              Frans_Tops_Rev5.mq4...
Hi all,  I use the attached Pivot indicators which is very helpful for me but I need it to show me this day levels only without any old days, is that possible? Regards 
Hi all,  I am using this version....  and I have to activate the highlighted options/setting every time I start the platform.  Profiles, and login are working fine, but platform is unable to remember those view settings .  Is there a fix for this ? 
Hi, I know that Eas, Indis and scripts can access in MQL4 historic data via iTime(), iOpen(), ... of various symbols and timeframes. , In MQL5 exists for that either CopyRates() and or its family: CopyTime(), CopyOpen(), ... (and no other option :() , These MQL5 functions now exist in MQL4 as well -...
  How Forex education help you?  (48   1 2 3 4 5)
Does the Forex education provided by your respective brokers changed you a lot? Does you learn everything in Forex using real money?
  Haru - Ichimoku EA  (13   1 2)
Dear All, One of my EA for micro accounts. This EA uses some code from the Blessing EA, but logic signal calculation is own. Backtesting is packed inside. This only works on EUR/USD H1. Other settings can make it more profitable and reliable.
Can we generate a profit from buying and selling multi-crypto (or FX) crosses from just one exchange? The % change between BTC crosses from a single exchange is from -22% to +15%.
Hi traders, looking for a broker offering AED symbol under FX. Does anyone know of any sources? I have searched everywhere online however nothing really came up under the searches, no-one offers the symbol. thanks
My broker suggests through the MT4 platform's Journal tab to rent theirs VPS. I was wondering if they can get/obtain mine EA's source code.Please share your opinions. Hope, I'm wrong.
  X-Pattern  (2)
Bom Dia,  Estou procurando o indicador X-Pattern para MT5, alguém tem o mesmo para disponibilizar-lo? Tenho um em MT4 e não consigo converte-lo para MT5. Segue em anexo. Obrigado!
Hello could anyone post a trailing stop loss EA based on fractals please? What I would like is for if I open a buy order it places a stop loss x pips (1 in my case) from the last lower fractal wherever it may be. And thereafter, after x pips it will begin to look to trail with the trade by placing...
Hi, The link at is really metatrader 5 now, even it says 4.  Seems I could not find metatrader 4 any more. would appreciate it if someone could provide a link for MT 4.  Thanks
Hi guys, I have got a signal, this one: [link to the signal was deleted by moderator] I have some subscribers, but both of them have got no funds... What is the meaning of this? Can they use my signal without spending money somehow if they have no funds? I am quite annoyed by this, because we have...
  I need a coder  (2)
Hey, I need a coder that can help me make a push notification whwn Moving Averages Cross with Parabolic Dots on the Above or below candles. Anyone can help me in anyway?
1- you have only 2 candles A and B , no need more than that to prove it 2- your strategy is to  create a trendline that will pass across A, B  close prices 3- infinity opens here when you can create infinite new strategies by setting: trend A= A+10 points trend B= B-20  points, for example, and...
please advise me which broker has the Reuters News in New feed in mt4?
Let's provoke the audience, sharing my thoughts ;) First, the freelancers. Even a trader, with most humble starting financial resources would quickly move to the point, where he earns more from trading, than from freelance services. If she/he is a decent trader. Second, the EA makers. If somebody