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Dear friends, I'm looking for coding EA with the code to modify TP to open price after position lost, Any suggestion? For example, I open order and then I lost 5$ and I open new order so I would like to modify the previous order the current take profit to the open price. Any advice would be much
Hi everyone, I'm have some issue with ICustom function that it require indicator params in code. Can ICustom use the setting of indicator attached in chart (not the default one) or there is any trick to do that?. Another qurestion: Can i get the indicator file path by it's name? Thank in advance
  Bitcoin pair (1)
I am missing the Bitcoin pair on my Metatrader5 on my laptop and Android phone. Also am missing the MACD at the bottom too. Please help. Thank you
Hello, Is it possible to change demo account mt5 hedging to netting? Or I have to create another one? Thank you
how do I connect my tdamerica trading account to meta trader5
Hi, I would like to create in the indicator a line that follows a calculated volume and that changes color (red when sell and green when buy). I tried with OBJ_TREND but I get a straight line (probably combining only two values) //primo punto datetime t1=Time[0]; double
I would like to change broker. I am currently subscribed to a signal, placed on a VPS. How can I change broker without paying for the signal again
This script deletes all custom symbols created but every time i call the script or source coude runing it makes my MT5 terminal crash. i dont know if this is the best place to share this code. maybe i should ask on service desk but i dont know if it's a code related issue or a system bug... Thanks
I have some mt5 robot that i want to test, but the auto trading button is not showing on my Mt5 platform. what is the solution ? bellow is a screen shot attach Thanks
Hi everyone, I'm currently facing an issue with mql5 debugging not showing me the variables or expresssions, basically the list is always empty. I'm running windows 10 under parallels desktop on osx, may it be the cause of the issue? The meaningless fix with class CFix { } ExtFix; doesn't work well
Hello everyone. I have a problem that I can't solve. I use MT5. I am creating a generic EA that I want to use for any product (forex - cfd - commodities - etc.). The problem is that when calculating a Stop Loss or a Take Profit in monetary value I cannot then transform it into the value
Can a function return a datetime
I am looking for a code that will allow me to place a pending orders with the following: Inputs: Pair, Entry Price, Lot size, Buy/Sell Auto Settings for: TP1, at 15 pips Profit with withdrawal of 50% TP2, at 10 pips Profit with withdrawal of 25% TP3, at 10 pips Profit with withdrawal of 25% SL at 10
Greetings MQL community, I'm newbie to this website, and to this forum, so please forgive me if my questions falls in some other category, and I'm off topic. I'm also newbie in trading, less than one year of experience. My broker uses MT4 platform, but in help/about it states it's updated to build
Anyone having this problem too? I never received a answer from metaquotes support
Hi, I'm looking forward to (find how to) make the indicator braintrend2sig sound an alert every time it appears on screen. Can anyone help me?
How can open an order that makes 20 USD profit in EURUSD in MQL4
Hello, i can t change the yellow color on fibonnacci . It s impossible to see the yellow script on indicator fibonacci retracement ! Help how to change ? nb: i am on a DEMO account
Greetings community, I have very little experience, so I offer my apologies if asking something that I should have known already. When I was in process of choosing broker, I was looking at things like commissions and spreads, without paying much attention to trading platform. So, after opening the
Dear MQL5 developers. I really hope that you will continue to support MetaTrader 4 at least 2-3 years after the MetaTrader 5 official start. Unfortunately MQL5 looks very complicated language for non professional programmers. I afraid that you will loss a lot of popularity of your platform because...
I'm a beginner. I downloaded MetaTrader 4 to my personal computer, directly from metaquotes website. How long can I use MetaTrader 4 freely? Does it has a deadline? Does Metaquotes sell MetaTrader 4 license to a private? Thanks, Alfio (Milan/Italy)
I am experimenting with installing “MQL5 Strategy Tester Agents” on various PC’s (3 physical and 2 virtual). On 4 of them, I was able to successfully install, activate and associate to my MQL5 Community account for selling! But on one of them, a very minimal VPS sporting only 1 CPU (single threaded)...
hi, i need EA that open trade after every 5 minutes on both side but only one trade opened at a time. i search but not found any where, if any body have please help me
Hello folks, Is there a way to trade Forex during the weekend for practice purposes on MT5 for example working on past charts at a given time. Thanks
Hi. I already asked here regarding signals and one of the forum moderators said the website will refund the paid money automaticly if you unsubscribe to a signal within 24 hours.. Is that the same for paid experts ?  Should it be rented to get money back within 24 hours or it's also for full buys?
Hi, I am interested in Renko Street indicator.  Is it  good for trading? and why past data of indicator change automatically? Example if we set parabolic Sar it will show correct place of itself of past data, but Renko automatically change? WHY?  
Hello, I have used my custom indicator to send mail alerts with no problems on VPS for a couple of weeks then it stopped. I went to check the Journal I found ----Mail:"indicator"failed----- I did not change any setting the indicator may send in average about 10 notifications/24 hours...and test
Hi, I have a request to create an indicator that can be used for trending monitoring. The idea of this indicator actually come from an article from a forum, the author make used of a few indicators to confirm the trend of the market. The indicators used are as follow: UPtrend 1) RSI(9) : if the...
Hello dear MetaQuotes team, it is certainly desirable for all users of the platform that every type of error that can occur is actually named in the documentation, since otherwise you are groping in the dark. Thanks in advance. Apart from that, thank you very much for this great platform. If someone
  Decompile Jobs in Freelance (23   1 2 3)
several months ago I got to know how a decompiled code looks like after I got banned. So I have just been curious on to Jobs that I see in the freelance section with statements Convert ex4 to mq4 and also on the question that do the freelance moderators view files sent via zip files as I have Just