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I am facing problem everytime when I deposit funds with my Debit Card. The error is showing 'Desclined' How can i solve this and there is no other way to deposit funds..? Why don't accept Skrill
Hi, Few days back, my server was switched. I managed to move VPS to new server I think the VPS is frozen. Please advise, as to how I can get it back to work. Thanks
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Hello. I have developed a pretty promising EA and would like to test it on real market conditions. I need a VPSto do this reliably without using my live account VPS for this purpose. Any advise? Or anyone with an external(Not mql5) vps that could help me with this regard? I'm sure we could have a
several months ago I got to know how a decompiled code looks like after I got banned. So I have just been curious on to Jobs that I see in the freelance section with statements Convert ex4 to mq4 and also on the question that do the freelance moderators view files sent via zip files as I have Just
Thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I Need to understand why the results from my Optimization, output in the way shown in the Picture attatched. In the picture there are a lot of plots at the top of the result graph that show the Tester ran a Pass with pofitable settings. There are approx
As a trader logged in to MT4/5 client terminal, I want to be able to login to my broker account and deposit money so that I can have the money to my trading account and cover my opened positions faster (rather than going to my broker's website, loging to client area, deposit to the master account
Hi, I've been looking for this answer in the forums but most articles and topics are dated since MQL5 accepted only the default class constructor. Now it is possible to have different constructors with different parameters. But, try to inherit a base class whose only constructor has arguments...
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Hello. Is it possible to attach an EA to a chart through another EA
I use to be able to do this in MQL4, but now I can not do this in MQL5. I found many 1/2 answers or how to's, but none works. If anybody would be so kind as to perhaps so me the full code. Just place text on x,y with color, nothing complicated... Thank you kindly for any assistance. 
This thread about how to fix some tools (indicators, EAs, scripts) which may stop working with new 2265 build The information about new build - New MetaTrader 5 Platform build 2265: DirectX functions for 3D visualization in MQL5 and symbol settings in Strategy Tester
Hello I am a beginner in mql5 and I block on a piece of code ... I am looking to loop on 2 moving averages to know a trend but the results are always zero. Can you tell me if my code is correct or not please int i;int TrendUp;int TrendDown;int TrendUpTest;int TrendDownTest; for( i = 0; i <=
Hi all, New to MT5, just wondering if in Testing and Optimization options there is a choice similar to the MT4s Control Points (for my EA, in MT4, trading on 1H timeframe, I get identical results if I use Control Points vs 1 min tick data, except it's 100 times faster). So I'm wondering how to mimic
Hi, I'm new at metatrader and i can't seem to fix it. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the software, opening the metatester on the metatrader terminal (under tools or F6) but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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Hi Everyone, I am trying to understand VPS. I have paid and sync'd my MT4 platform with Oanda practice servers. Is that all that is necessary? How will I know that EA trades will take place. Thanks Everyone! Pil
Hello, after 3 weeks witout trading, the MQL5 system archived my signal, so it's disable. I trade now since 2 weeks but it's still disable. How can i enable it please? Best regards
I want to build an indicator which signals: buy when the stochastic(red) is above the trend line (green) sell when the stochastic(red) is below the trend line i have no idea of comparing this indicators so that they satisfy the two conditions above for example when i considered the return values
my MQL5 Code : #include <Trade\Trade.mqh>CTrade trade;input int SmallMovingAverage = 20;input int BigMovingAverage = 50;void OnTick() { double Ask = NormalizeDouble(SymbolInfoDouble(_Symbol,SYMBOL_ASK),_Digits); double Bid =
Hey all, I'm trying to register an account as a signal but its telling me its already being used. I did try to register it previously and it was partially successful but I deleted it as it wasn't bringing in the trade history correctly so thought I'd just remove and re-add it. No such luck. Any
Hello every Body I need access some options of Details Tab of Market Watch windows of Metatrader with MQL5, Upper and Lower limit, but I didn't find any information on web for doing that! Who can help me? Thanks sooooooooooo
In the market place i see some products that are costing, $10. Yet documentation says min cost is $30. How is this possible
I am trying to use the import function on mt4 and I keep getting the error unresolved import function call, what could be the problem #import "tlib.ex4"double Min(double a,double b,double c,double d,double e);#import//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Script...
I received two friend requests but in both cases I feel like they are a form of advertising because both have products to sell and they didn't say anything in private message. I didn't accept nor reject them because I don't see any reason do to anything. So the point of my message was to explain my
i have opened for following Developer already delayed my project for 7 days and now i have opened arbitration, and he is not responding, please look into it and solve my matter at your earliest, its already enough delayed
I have create a very simple EA which calls 4 times the same indicator from different timeframes. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Copyright 2019, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|
Static Trailing stop or Dynamic for scalping?
Anybody know if i change my vps will i affect my EA activations?
i when use #include <GetIndicatorBuffers.mqh> get this error: can't open "C:\Users\Milad\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\2506E8E7E4116548D478CE2C3598FAB1\MQL5\Include\GetIndicatorBuffers.mqh" include file testerr.mq5 but when open this address can not found GetIndicatorBuffers.mqh file. snapshot
i have pc , E5-2650V2 2CPU,18core 36thread.. how can i set MT5 IT can use more core? on my Test,look like use only on core。。。
Hi, I don't understand why I have errors when compiling.. someone can help me please? In the documentation there's anything that can help me.. I attach the screenshot
is it possible to extract 'price' data from a website for placing limit orders in a mt5 expert advisor