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I cannot submit my indicator in codebase. In code phase it requires to add image, but there isn't any image upload button on edit bar. I am stuck on Code phase. only 20% requirements are completed
Is there technical support for the MQL5 site when it does not concern a financial problem ? The Service Desk is only interested in financial problems, but there are other technical problems that should be followed up. Thanks
Please how do I change my User ID from the default to my preferred one
Hello, I would like to implement Websockets in an EA. I have reviewed the following library but I have not compiled. What would be the solution to get the signals from a website as quickly as possible? If you can not use WebSocket, what do you think about using
I have been looking for a mobile application for metaeditor, since it doesn't exist are there any plans on constructing one, with special feature that can be saved to cloud and accessible from any device. since it doesn't exist <to my knowledge> which alternative Application is recommended that I
On the history tab in between "price" "volume" "type",,,what does volume represent? The numbers change and I don't know what they are representing..I am just trying to get the platform adjusted One question at a time thanks
Is it possible to place an indicator that is not made to do so, in the price window, such as the cci? Every video you see on this shows you how to place ma. or Bollinger bands..I want to have the cci in my peripheral...Trading view makes it easy , just drag and drop
Hi guys, Who can tell me what "Internal compiler error" means? No extra info is given by MetaEditor, just the error text which pointing me to the first line of the script. I had been able to compile and run till the the latest update of the platform had been installed. Thanks in advance! Max
Dear Experts, Could you please advise which one of the following conditioning method is the best and most effecting in codding? Thanking you in advance! if(Condition1) {if(Condition2) {if(Condition3) { Take Action. } }}Orif(Condition1 && Condition2 && Condition3) { Take Action.}
I have paid 39USD for a signal Can I use the signal in different broker of my account ? 1 of the broker got symbol mismatch:EURUSDm, so I change to another broker-IC Market I paid 39USD, but cannot copy trades not connected, select from the signal database how to solve
I have to change my email address for MQL5. The method is that I have to send confirmation links from both addresses (the old and the new address) My problem is the the old does not exist anymore making it impossible to confirm. How does one get over this dilemma
Problem. When dragging the chart left or right with a mouse it moves with double the speed of the mouse. Why is it problem? It distracts from seeing whats on the chart. Solution. Provide option to disable the nasty bug
Local Network Farm can be used before, but today I found It can't be used! I have two PC, IP is "" and "". I have already create "inbound" rules for the ports : Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules > New Rule ... But both of them can't find each other.  I...
hi, i am trying to edit the code to make it beneficial for my MT5, it is an MT4 indicator, which i am trying to edit and rewrite it in MQL5, kindly help me with codes, as it is simple to look but is very difficult for me to understand. #property strict; extern string
I installed MT5 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit . there is no market TAB showing up. Please advise
I'm new to the market, I searched a lot but I didn't find any material where I can learn all the basics about MQL4 and MQL5. please can someone help me with this stuff
How are you running your EA's 24/7? I've used Azure's virtual machine but feels it costs a bit to have it up and running all the time. Is there any better way to keep your EA's trading all the time.  I don't want to run them locally on my computer which then has to be on and plugged in all the time...
Hello when I put my login and password on Vantage FX MT4 I got this message : " : authorization failed" Could you help me please ? Thank you and have a good day :-)
hi, i am trying to use this SCRIPT FILE code in mql5 but i have used many attempts to redefine the codes to make it work but i just couldn't do it, i am providing the original code in mql4 kindly help me as i have seen mql5 is lot more complicated than mql4 and i just couldn't do it, please i
Good evening, since a few minutes I get the error (in Subject) in the "journal" tab of my MT4. If you use the same credentials to access via the web, everything works. If in my MT4 I try to go in "Market tab" > "Purchased" I see my product, but the error persist. Could you help me ? Tks Igor
Hello I can not launch 2 Expert Advisor at the same time example Stop Move and close partially I have a message : do you really want to stop " Stop Move " And executed Market=\ close partially on the graph USDJPY Daily
I purchased a signal for $30. My account has been successfully copying trades. I manually close the trades. The trades reappear. How do I permanently cancel trades when coping a signal? I want to secure the profits and exit the trades altogether. Is this possible
Hi. I am not sure if this is the right place, but I am asking if anyone having difficulty connecting to signal server. I have multiple MT4 accounts and they are all showing this 'connecting to signal server'  message but not be able to connect to them. Is it only me? or MQL5 server having a problem?...
Anyone here have experience and/or opinions with normal VPS vs MQL's Virtual Hosting Service? I would be trading using Signals from the MQL marketplace. The MQL hosting certainly looks intriguing, with its ease of set-up. My only concern is that it does not act as a virtual desktop, so I can't log...
After 12 days of inactivity my trade signal was "moved to archive due to absence of trading activity for a long time". Does anyone know how to re-activate it (if that is possible)? Or where I could ask this question, because it seems that the service desk function is very limited and does not allow
Hi everyone, As in the topic - any idea for an example order request (100% repeatable when testing EA logic on demo account - not happening by chance because of e.g. current market conditions), which could pass the initial validation checks for an order to be sent using OrderSend() function, but
Hey i got specific parameters like "TrailingStopPercent" and "TrailingStopStepPoints" which should exclude each other during pass. I already got a working set of rules and use return(INIT_PARAMETERS_INCORRECT); to skipp useless combinations-> problem is: I cant use this with genetic optimization
iex: I have XAUUSD 4 open order 1550 1530 1510 1490 i want to place market order between 1530 and 1510 at 1520 suggest me code for it
Hi! Why is the trades not the same between the strategy tester and live trading ? How can I get the correct performance when optimizing
Hi, I have this error since 3 days now, and can't copy the signal in MQL, I restarted VPS, MT4, logged in again in MT4 (account and in signal tab)...maybe someone could help me? 2019.11.11 08:58:40.953 '10630075': Signal - connecting to signal server