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EURUSD: A large sell-off the past week now left EUR testing its key support located at the 1.1016 level. However, this level should provide a temporary support causing a corrective recovery. But if violated, expect more weakness to occur towards the 1.0950 level. Further down, support lies at the 1...
Daily price is on bullish condition located to be above Ichimoku cloud within the following key support/resistance levels: 1.1713 key resistance level located far above Ichimoku cloud in the primary bullish area of the chart;1.1016 key support level located far below Ichimoku cloud in the primary...
Once you have officially subscribed to a signal provider , do you have to keep your laptop/desktop on at all times, or is being logged in on your moblie phone metatrader account sufficient to receive the signals
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Hi How do you wend messages to another member on here ? The message system doesn't seem to be working for me Thanks, Warren
Dear Folks, is there any way to test a multi timeframe system in EA Strategy Test ? I need two timeframes only...
<link to signal removed by mod> take this signal for example, it says it's using a cent account. If it didn't say it, I wouldn't know. And it seemed that the initial deposit is $10,000 USD. If it's a cent account, it's only $100 USD
USDCHF: The pair strengthened the past week taking back its three-week losses to close higher. This development has opened the door for more strength towards its key resistance at the 0.9843 level. This level if broken will set the stage for a run at the 0.9900 level. A breather may occur here and...
Hi all, I'm looking for the following historical price data as older as possible: - E-Mini S&P500 and future Dax (GER30) - 5 min - 15 min - 30 min It could be good if they are for the last 2 years. Thank you in advance Mark
Expert Advisor I have developed for News Time Trading. The EA is not fully automatic, you must set the time before 1 minute of news release time and lot, s/l, t/p accordingly. Remember — time settings must be your broke's MetaTrader 4 server time. Set and leave it. Get the Results. I can not...
Hi all, I'm looking for the following historical price data as older as possible: - E-Mini S&P500 and future Dax (GER30) - 5 min - 15 min - 30 min It could be good if they are for the last 2 years. Thank you in advance Mark
it seems many signal providers are providing signal based on EA bought in the market at the same time the seller also provides the signal based on his own EA.Although, its not illegal and they are at freedom to do so,however trying to state that its different EA or system may be convincing to most
Hi i have a big problem (on screen) i try to display aplication in Market on three computers, three different platform and zero, i give up. i tried login to mql comunity but not effect how the solve this problem ?
What do you think?&nbsp;
I note some of signal provider (e.g., the signal start at Apr 2015, but the equity chart record is recorded from 10 Oct 2015 afterward. The past record is missing. Why? Does it mean that I can delete the past record in my MT4 account ? How? Thank you
My subscriber's funds have not been moved to my account even after the subscriber has mirrored my signal for 30 days and made profits. Any problem with the service of providing signals?
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any idea what will be the next move for eurusd, im still short on eurusd. according to this daily chart, price get res on 100ma and and moving down
Dear Dudes Let us discuss about the best draw down and monthly gain that is requirement of subscribers. Please give your opinions regrading subject matter. I will request subscribers to give their opinions as well. It will enable us to trade effectively considering subscribers' requirements.
My MT4 platform is the latest Build 890. As of late, the CPU runs at 50% constantly and checking the Journal Tab, I get this message: "HistoryCentre: Synchronize 'EURUSD M5' " Yesterday it was GBPUSD and so the situation fluctuates. What can I do to rectify the situation plse? Thanks for responding
Hi experts, Please help on this. How to see the comment of each order in MT4 in "Tester" window under section "Results"? thanks, PK.
Hi all, I am just getting the 'Subscription Failed' message everytime I try to subscribe to a signal. I have $20 in the MQL account so that should pay for the service. Any advice on how to get on board? Please see attached screenshot of my journal with the errors. My account is in GBP and...
Hi, I've started using the new classes in the Includes directory of MQL4 for my EA, particularly the CLabel class. One problem I'm facing is that on my computer (running windows 7 Professional), I can add text to the CLabel object that is e.g. Russian and on my computer it will display the text as
Dear guys How i get MA value with Previous Indicator's Data in MQL. double MA_Value=iMA(NULL,0,14,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0); EMUM_PRICE_APPLY only show price not show Previous Indicator Data. Like below. but i want to do it in MQL coding.
which are the most performing free signals
Hi,Mql4 family, please i wish to find out whether it is possible to copy a signal on an account without going through the mt4 signal tab.I found this issue when i tried copying a signal but mt broker's mt4 did not include my source signal under their signal tab.Please i will appreciate any info on...
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How I can link to MT5 download in order for MetaQuotes to know that it's me, laplacianlab, who places those download links? Sorry guys but I've been unable to find this in the search form.. If I'm right it is $0.20 per MT5 download, right? Thks again for your help in advance.
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I am planning to open one more VPS service for my accounts. Which VPS services do you use? And do you advice it?
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is it possible to install several mt4 and login with one account number so you can have more screens and be able to trade from every screen ?
Is there a way to use the heikenAshi hi, low, open, closing data for a new moving average of various periods. To clarify I want the HeikenAshi calculated data to be used in the MA calculation. So, instead of the Open, Close, High, Low options in the current Moving Average Indicator (which would be