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Hello, I want to change my signal provider. I have payed 90 USD for a 3 months subscription  Now, because my provider has changed the base currency of his account, he had to change his signal too. How can I switch from the old signal to the new signal ? Thanks
I have been waiting to get a response from your support. I know this isn't the proper platform but what can I do if your support simply choose to ignore my requests. It would hurt to reply customers, you know.
Hi, referring to the accompanying S/tester extract, you'll see that Buy Order 15 has a t/p of 1.16098, i.e. 0.1 pip profit, and yet records a loss of 207.20? Anyone got any ideas? Thanks and regards Matey
There should be a way to block incoming messages from people who use the messaging system on this website for advertising.
I want to try the free 1 day VPS server native on Metatrader 5 but it doesn't work. I prepare for the migration (have only the symbols I want on Market Watch, and only charts with expert advisors I will trade). And then connected with my account en and connected to the VPS, it give me the...
Downloaded MT4 setup and gotten MT5 installed instead, i do not want MT5 because i signed up for mt4 broker services and none of mt4 accounts will run on mt5 where can i download the proper MT4 setup please...
Hello All, Legally and according to MQL5 rules, can a purchased Expert be used as a signal?
I am looking for an indicator that inputs a high and then a low and divides equally price between the high and low in half like in the picture. Obviously this is just a rough line dividing price from high and low but it's just used as an example. 
If we download historical data from MetaTrader using History center (we take the data from Metaquote, not from my broker quotes). Does the trading hour that displayed on the historical data already matched with my broker server trading time? or is it GMT time? Artpat
Hi, i want to calculate the average of bb bands difference (Bandhigh-BandLow) for a variable set of bars. If last band difference (0) is < than the average, we have a squeeze. I have done the following code but I have errors: int IsSqueeze(){   double lastvalue=0,sum=0,bbaverage=0;   int i,temp;...
Hi, How to find the ip address , username and password for VPS? Thank you Regards, Anton
Please help with the following: I installed the last Windows 10 update yesterday (April 6, 2019) and my MT4 from IG Spain, stopped working. This is a real account platform. Other platforms with demo accounts from IC Markets and Oanda, also stopped working after the update. When I try to reinstall...
I see there are four execution modes (for each symbol and they are dependent on brokers). Market and Instant is there for MT4. In MT5, Exchange mode and Request mode are added. Exchange mode is basically the same with Market mode for the MQL developers (they use the same parameters). But there is an...
What are my options for giving other people access to my EA (for a monthly subscription price) without giving any of the source code away? 
Im trying to add SPX500 tot mt5 to test out my ea. At first I was using Tradersway demo then I also added Hugosway and to see if they included more symbols. But for some reason in the Market Watch window when I view all symbols I am still stuck on a limited list of only forex symbols.
Hi I am testing an EA that made good results but the default lot size is 0.01. I think the ea has a potential to be better if I compound the earnings and raise the lot size base on balance. The ea can't do this only initial. I think this is called risk lot size in forex terms. Does anyone know of an...
Hello, I would like to insert an arrow alarm in this indicator. Please kindly help me to add a alert when the arrow appears...thank you!
  Signal search (2)
Hi to all! I am aForex investor and searh signals to trading accounts with the followingparameters: Age from 20weeks Currentyield (04/06/19) more than 4% Maximumdrawdown on the account up to 50%, with the obligatory condition of the lack of replenishment of the deposit with drawdowns. CurrentRatio...
Hi, during backtest the mt5 suddenly stop working Any ideas?
I use 12 charts and on each a 800 line indicator that paints trendlines and values that feeds my 900 line EA. Im wondering how will I know the minimum requirements of the terminal and also when things happen like orders or alot of price changes what resources will it use in (Maximum or more...
I'm pretty new to this and reading all the articles and blogs never gives you a straight answer. Always uses words like maybe , on the other hand, if. Its never clear. Does anyone have a good source for news and forecast? Regards Trevor
Hello guys, Why my IC Markets mini terminal can not display , by the way this problem occures on my VPS server , but display alright on my local PC.
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Hello Backtest tab in "strategy tester" , doesn't show any thing after testing strategy. How can i fixed it?
I am unable to add mail notifications , i am using gmail , indicators have mobile notification alerts, but i am unable to do settings for that can anybody help
Hi all, I am thinking of becoming a signal provider but i don't tend to trade on my PC, it will be on the mt4 phone app. Will subscribers still be able to copy my trades or does it have to be done on a PC?
Can someone help. I cannot log into the apps. authorization on MetaQuotes-BSE failed (Invalid account)
Hello I forgot my MT5 real Account Password. Does anybody know how to reset MT5 Real Account Password? Thank You
Hi I want to use VPS but can not to create account either here on site and also on MT4 I checked many email adresses, login is also available, pleasse help
Can anyone help me with an EA or Script that switches the Auto Trading OFF when the current loss on the account reaches a certain percentage of the balance, or if Margin Level reaches a certain number? I would appreciate any info please. Thanx
Hey, My question above is more about your personal experiences on qualitative entrys, than about things we all can read online. I'd love to hear about your ideas & (even better) experiences on this topic. Thank you