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Is it possible to add custom time frames (two minute, three minute) to the Android app version of MT5? 
Hi everyone, How do i can write code to get previous value of an indicator , for example previous value of RSI . thank you in advance.
Hi folks,  Let's describe my problems. in the back test a bunch of orders are not being filled. I have absolutely no idea why. Seems pretty much the build, and these are my reasons.  My code A.mq5 has a A.ex5, right ? My code A was built 9/06/2019.  So, my A.ex5 works pretty fine.  However, the same...
Hi, I have a code that exports SymbolInfo...() to csv file. In many cases, the double numbers get messy on the destiny file (ie, they miss the floating point orientation). How ca I solve this please? Thank you
Hello Guys, Sorry i was asking for help, does any know a script that will help to easily Navigate between Open Chart windows Example; you have 10 open Chart windows open, all with different objects and indicators. Now is there a Script with a Command like "Next" to open the next Chart Window in the...
Hello guys, are there any videos regarding How to subscribe to a signal, how to become a signal etc? Please help with links
Hi. How can I manage positions or open/close positions via command line in MT4? I found this link but didn't find what I want.. https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/service/start_conf_file
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MT4 installer (e.g. mt4setup.exe) installed MetaTrader 5 ! An bug or marketing gag ?   Link Metaqoutes:  https://download.mql5.com/cdn/web/metaquotes.software.corp/mt4/mt4setup.exe?utm_campaign=www.metatrader4.com  
Can anyone help me on this?
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Overcharts is a new platform for charts and the data can be sent with Metatrader DDE. How is the link created? I've been practicing for a month now, so I don't know all the functions. Thanks in advance
Hello guys,  Kindly help me i have subscribed to a signal  And some of the trades were not activated which was executed by the provider, i came across this note which i got confused about:  Please note that in order to copy signals, the subscriber's trading platform should be constantly connected to...
In Open Only back testing mode, a tick is supposed to occur at the start of a bar only. A simple test of this assumption reveals a mystery. Anyone willing to help, please help to answer and resolve the mystery. This simple test code (attached) was run on EURUSD M1 timeframe with OnTimer interval set...
Hi, I want my EA to close all position that its opens with loss target. I know there is profit target but is there loss taget can close all positions? what is the code ? thanks.
Hi folks - Can anyone shed some light on why I am not able to display the integrated MQL economic calendar within my MT5 platform?? The calendar when selected within the toolbox is blank. Many thanks!
Hi Anyone familiar with MT5 WL manager API ? I need a full sample of it, then send for building CRM. Pls advice. Thanks Reyson
Hi everyone, is there an app that is able to login to mt4 accounts of any given broker, and execute trades from the app provider's master account? If one were to commission such an app, what would it cost? Thanks for any help.
Hi,  I started coding a few month ago, at first i used builder but i started learning coding myself because it felt limited. I'm beggining to see the real use for hedging but all my EA are coded for netting account. It's been a month since i started searching for a way to either convert...
MetaTrader4 unlogs me even when I'm not on the computer. I'm running an expert 24/7 and at various times it unlogs me. Does anyone know why?
my Indicator has currently this condition that (prev_adx<_adxVal[0]) since the current bar is not closed i am getting false signals/Repainting i want to have non repainting signal. how my condition should be changed. can any one tell me that  Example :  By comparing value of  (i-2) and (i-1)  ADX...
Is anyone else having this issue where you edit the description and click save and it reverts back to the old description? I gave up on this months ago after trying dozens of times. I tried again tonight a a couple of my products and does the same thing. Thank you for any help.
Hello to all. I have the following problem. I would share my mt5 charts on my profile, in the chart section. Here is the link https://www.mql5.com/en/users/marcostacc71/charts Problem is that many traders say to me that section is not reachable from their account. Where is my error?
Over the recent years, several very good articles have been written here on this website on the topic of genetic algorithms. We all know about their huge potential from Metatrader backtesting experience. There is only one problem: we can (apart from insights through additional forward testing) never...
I bought the subscription, but not the open position to mt4 for me. In the journal, this message is given: "2019.07.01 17:30:34.430 '5857779': order buy 0.01 GBPCAD opening at market sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Trade is disabled]" How to fix this problem?
I have this PP indicator that I have been using with MT% but things have changed and I am forces to go back to MT4. I have tried to play with it on my own but unfortunately is it not working as it should. Can anybody take a look and help me adjusting this ind to make it work with MT$. Your help will...
In this thread we will be talking about any type of tricks happening in Forex or in mql5, Let us share our experiences. I will be sharing tricks good or bad. The first one : In Freelance, If you see someone stating " They need a working robot, they are ready to pay big amounts(like 5K, 10K...), send...
I made 600% profit on June but it is incorrectly displayed on my signal.  <link to the signal was deleted by moderator> Why ? And how can be solved to correctly display?
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Can anyone contact me. Need help understanding my account. Unfortunately, I get no contact with my broker.
I have rented VPS for 2 accounts. I only get notifications when  my computer is on and when internet is on on MT4 and MT5 is on in the computer.When the computer is off or internet is off, I do not get the notifications in my mobile MT4 and MT5. Those of IC Markets accounts. 
Have just joined as a member...and having problems downloading the indicators on this site downloads to a zip file then wont open ...just can't fathom it out...can someone guide me on this or show me a tutorial...have used other sites which are easy to use just download and saved to the meta editor...
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i am unable to download any indicator from MQL5.com, when i click download, nothing comes up please help trhanks