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I have one custom indicator using a dll. That works fine I also have one EA using a related dll. That works fine too. But when both the indicator and the EA are runing at the same time I get: cannot load library 'test1.dll' (error 126) Error 126 is not documented in the stderror.mqh file. What...
  EA on remote servers ? (251   1 2 3 4 5 ... 25 26)
Hello, I want to set up an expert advisor running on mt4 on a remote dedicated server that I rent. Does anyone have experience with this- can give advice on pros-cons running programs on remote servers ? Thanks.
  custom indicator (14   1 2)
I am using a moving average plus 4 pips as part of a signal. But I would like to see it plotted on a chart. How do I create this as a custom formula TC = iMA(NULL,0,3,1,MODE_SMA,PRICE_HIGH,0)+4*Point; PS Is there any one that is interested in providing programing for a system.
Hi, I would like to know how can I install in MT 4 Mobile indicators I've created with MT4 windows version? Thanks in advance. Mat
Is there anyway to lock an indicator so there are no variable to view or change basically and just use the binary so no source to view? or have a template that loads locked indicators..you couldn't change the settings of the indicators or view the settings but you could add indicators to the screen....
  ِِِِِAli EA (14   1 2)
Salam,This is an EA I want to share! Its name "Ali" is the name of one of my friends who suggest the idea! The idea behind it is: The EURUSD go the opposite way of the USDCHF, Well! We place 2 Buy or Sell orders, one for the EURUSD and one for USDCHF and when the price of one of them go up to 5 pips...
Hi ppl, It is possible put 2 ea's in the same chart? Like use 2 charts of eur/usd and put one ea in the first chart and another diferent ea in the second eur/usd chart. This is possible? Fast_cris
  Which Broker? (2)
Who is the best FX broker?
Two demo dead in days. Any thing wrong? Last thing I can remember is to work on them offline. Is there any setting about once offline and always offline? Or I have do download another demo. I still don't have a real accout. Sent out scaned files in days, there is no any reply. Why is so hard for me?...
I installed and uninstalled MT4 software several times. I can't open the Mt4 software after install, the software didn't any active, I checked my WIN98 process that I didn't find MT4 in process after opening the software. Why?
example i want to put CCI and RSI together under indicator window 1? how can i go about doing it? thanks
Hi Maybe a dumb question, but how do i do standard form numbers like: double myNum = 1.5e-4; ?
I have come across a good looking system. It looks at multiple time frames and shows you the trends. Does anyone have a similar system that is open source? http://www.gl-software.no/gls-startrend.html
Hi I would like to hear your opinions regarding the use of stop loss on manual trading systems. Do you prefer to set a numeric value for the stop loss? Do you prefer using only the exit signal given by your trading system? What do you think about protecting yourself from losses by setting a SL at...
Hi folks, Anybody interested in sending Keyboard keys to MetaTrader have to read my new article: http://www.metatrader.info/node/101 Hope to see your comments
Greetings fellow Forex-TSDers!!! I would like to share a simple trading plan with my friends here at Forex-TSD, and request some of the great programming minds develop an EA based on the system. It is a longer term trading strategy, most of the great profits occur over a 3-8 day period. Profit...
i just wondering "can i extern a variable that can be chosen more than 1 option ?" ie. i'd like to setup a range of lot size to be 0.1, 0.5, and 1 only and let them be selectable only these 3 option if "yes"..how can i code it ? anyone know pls help me...thank you
i am in the process of trying out this EA , can some please expalin how this Ea buys , sells , closes buy and closes sell? I think this Ea can be modified to produce very good results if the brains on this forum can help us out. thx for your help.
I want to subscribe to ELITE SECTION . Are ELITE SECTION a Good service?
  MetaTrader FTP client! (19   1 2)
Hi folks, I've got a lot of requests from my friends the members of the forum asking me to make a better version of MetaTrader FTP sending. I hope you find this tool usefuland betterthan the SendFTP() MQL4 function! Please find the MTFTPdll and more details here: http://www.metatrader.info/node/103...
Hello, I found out that MT4 use different value as MT3 - in terms of the price, MT4 use bid and MT3 use mid number. Is there a way that I can convert MT4 data into MT3 data??(any script) Or is there a way that I can change MT4 into using mid number as MT3?? The reason is because my method can...
Does anyone have time to convert these to MQL4. Thanks very much, Galen
OPEN FOREX ACCOUNT WITH FXSOL NOW And receive 3 USD rebate directly to Your trading accounts when opening 1 lot Clients receive 3 USD rebate directly to their trading accounts when opening 1 standard 100K lot, or USD .30 rebate when opening 1 mini lot 10K regardless of type of account or currency...
  CCIt3 (1)
Hello everyone Here is somethig new I created during holidays, it's called CCIt3 EA. The idea behind this project isn't new, I based on fx sniper's indicator. It relays on CCI smoothed by T3 moving average to create signals. Buy and sell signal are generated when CCIt3 crosses zero line. Feel free...
How is this implemented in the Options --->Publisher?
  AMA SLOPE - New Stuff (64   1 2 3 4 5 6 7)
New Stuff at holidays It shows when the market is began to trending, and with side it does. Just other look to AMA from P.Kauffman! Regards Kale
Hi, I put this MACD signal indicator together from various pieces/parts others had already done but it doesn't seem to be working. I get no up/down arrows nor alerts when I load it to a chart. Could someone please take a quick look and let me know what I've done wrong? Thanks! - Ian...
  demo server (1)
Again, Can you answer my question posted under the same heading?
i forward tested it for 2weeks, generate resonable profits. the author will forward me the source 2weeks later. and by the time i will upload it here. this EA working on any pair and any timeframe,(the ea read mutilple timeframe data, so all time frame has same output).