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Hello, Using Ubuntu - MT4 via Wine. Have been getting "MQL5 community authorization failed". Tried entering (correct) login details under "Options" - still same error... Any ideas???? Thx
I have a EA which will place buy stop or sell stop. I find that there are some orders cannot be set due to error, TRADE_RETCODE_INVALID_PRICE. Here is the log, from the same EA, one trade is success and the other is not: GH      0       14:41:30.095    Core 1  2018.09.05 06:40:00   lastPrice: 1...
Hi I want to buy expert advisor which gave approcimentally 20% of my balance. Which expert advisor you may recommend for me? 
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Please the Brothers programmers modify the EA attachment EA  opens deals when a sell signal appears and opens a sell when a buy signal appears to open a buy Required: Do not repeat transactions above some or in close proximity to some .. Meaning When a buy signal appears, there is an old buyout at...
I got this EA from online somewhere. It seems to take only Buy orders. Any suggestion why it doesn't take sell trades? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                    openorder.mq4 |//|                      Copyright © 2010...
Hi, my mt4 is very busy in the hd Vsp, what files have to be deleted? Thank you
Hi everyone, I recently bought bank strategy ea from the market place & installed it, after this I rebuilt the server back to 2012, so I have gone back to the market place for another activation & its now unlisted, with no details how I go about getting further activations. If anyone could help I...
Hi, I have issue with my account (demo) at FXTM ECN MT4. When i have make a sell order with TP (about 66 pips), MetaTrader hit an error, please help me correct this order. Thanks.
I ask this because I want to dynamically determine the pairs with the biggest % daily change. Thanks in advance! Ian
Can someone tell me if its give a big difference for your EA if you are using some VPS for example that will get some <1ms latency or when you are using 50-100ms latency the bid/ask you see will be different , it can differ few pips between it ? Or there is not really a big difference and won't give
please help me connect my mt4 to signals thank you
Hello ; i have subscribe in signal and is good the problem the author trade with 0.03 lot and i recieved 0.01 lot  how i can change them ? tnak you.
Hello looking  for MT4 cpppier - but can change trade comment or delete it  help
Hi everyone, I have been using the same EA with one other. My trades are generally the same with the other, with the same take profit level. However, my profits are extremely lower than him. Please look at my pictures below.
Hi Everyone, I've created a strategy that requires me to place a stop loss above/below the previous bar depending on whether I'm short or long. It uses the high/low, (HL), the ATR to guage the distance, and an ATR multiplier to decide on te increment of distance from the high/low. I've worked out...
why mql5 is not stopping past history? in this week few top ranking signals those have more than 500+ followers are crashed down again. all are with fake past history. and finally what was due is happened his week. there are few broker which are helping scammers or they are doing those scams again
High I got offered 2 AMD Opteron 2427 Hexa Core with 2.20GHz for every core for a decent price. Now I wonder, would I reach a PR of above 100 with those?
Hi, i cant use my sign up bonus, anyone here who are willing to help?
hi everyone, First, sorry for my english I have a little problem. I want to send alert price on my phone (mt4 apps) in creating my price alert on my computer. I can send a alert without problem when metatrader 4 on my computer is turn on (I put my s work). The problem is when...
I rented your VPS server with MT5 to run a demo account onFxOpen. Things were not working. I contacted FxOpen and they told me theirplatform does not support MT5. I therefore installed MT4 to run the demoaccount. How do I apply the VPS subscription I made with MT5 to theMT4 account?
I have tried the following method to display the candles from a a file to the indicator window. See the code:   #property version "1.10"// ---- drawing the indicator in a separate window#property indicator_separate_window// ----, eight buffers are used to calculate and draw the indicator#property...
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As a seller can I sell exe files on mql5 market platform?
looking for someone that can code a scanner for forex based on a set of indicator bands across 30 pairs. I am using a Moving average band . thanks rick
I am thinking to plot my own lines in the indicator using files. Also I want to display the candlesticks using the OHLC values that I have stored in file.    Kindly, let me know how is this possible using MQL5 indicator?    I want to display the output something like the following image:   But the...
Is it a glitch? But i can consistently reproduce it.
I have built an indicator and I want it to send notifications to my cellphone when a certain condition is met. I am planning to use the onTick function with something like an alert,but I don't know how I can send it my phone. Is there a way you can do this with metatrader? 
Hi All, I seem to be having a very strange problem with metatrader, i don't know if it's my broker or what, but i can't begin to imagine what it is. I have an EA that works sometimes, but not others. I wrote it myself so i know what's in it. I put it on and it might open the 2 pending orders it's...
I closed the order when there was a profit, but they open again. Does anyone know whether it is possible to disable the reopening of orders? Thanks
Hello, Having bought a VPS and a signal, I placed it on an account. However, my forex account only trades with a minimum of 0.10 while I wanted 0.01. I would like to know if it is possible to migrate the VPS as well as the signal service on my new account? Thank you
just now ,I created a custom symbol ,and had import the history data .but when i to order,the system return a error code ,this code is 10004,who can help me !!!!  thinks!