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Hi, I have tested the MT3 BronzeWarrior EA in live and demo Interbankfx accounts with exactly the same setup, and the trades were not the same! I have also observed this before with many other MT3 eas, as has someone I know who used another MT3 broker. So, now, I think that MT3 is not a viable means...
Hi, If I create manually on the chart fibs, I can see the labels displayed. If I create one with the ObjectCreate function and defines some custom levels, I get no labels. How can it be done ? Thank you Nicolas
New MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal build 188 has been released. What's new: 1. Performed complete tests under Windows Mobile 5.0. 2. Added displaying of HTML emails of the Internal Mailing System. 3. Fixed errors in dialog windows operation. 4. Improved updating process of the terminal through...
New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal Build 188 New MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal build 188 has been released that can be downloaded at "MetaTrader 4 trading terminal" What's new: 1. Modify Order Window: Stop levels are defined under taking the minimal permissible levels above/below the market price...
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Hi, I have installed the MT4 platform onto my PDA, is there a way of adding my custom indicators from my MT4 PC platform?
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Dear CodersGuru how i can hv cross alert on 144/200 emas on 1 minute chart while i am watching 60 mins chart (different timeframe)?? mny tks in advance.
Hi all, I have written an EA that contains the code listed below. It is basically running exactly as I need but I am concerned that there is some sort of bug because unnecessary OrderModify commands are made to the server. The EA is running on an hourly chart and, as such, the LowestLow variable...
OK, this has always bugged me about multiple lot orders, but I'm unable to come to a definitive conclusion so I've been placing 2 orders at the same price for multiple lot trades. Lets take a long trade for example. If I buy 10 lots can I close out only 5 of that order if I placed the order buy...
Can someone from MT please post the changes made in 188, I know this same question was posted a few posts back but I, like many others cannot read russian........ Thanks :)
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Do you guys know of any broker in Canada that uses MT4 ? Thanx
I'm running 2 demo account (StrategyBuilder and Millennium Trader) using the MT4 platform , I'm using the exact same "moving average" expert on both but they do not behave the same. One of them does about 4 to 5 trades a days and the other does pretty nothing . The strategy Builder is the one doing...
Just curious as to how, I can add an indicator (i-trend) to an expert and create settings that if the indicator passes certain values in I-trend , to not enter a trade. If can help or point me in right direction. Thank you
Hi. I've got some problem to read values from iMAOnArray function. This is my code: for( i = limit ; i > 0 ; i--) { buffer[i] = iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Juice",7,0.0004,0,i); } double ma = iMAOnArray(buffer,0,14,0,MODE_EMA,0); And the ma value is like value 1 on the chart,...
I Change After The Chinese (Traditional) appearance the ????
Can you please tell me what is an algorithm to calculate "Line Chart"
I am using MetaQuote demo account which is using Interbank FX server. Is there any time out period for such account?
Alpari just updated my build of the terminal and all the compiled indicators disappeared from the hard disk. If the terminal is open, compiling an indicator does not produce its output. If it is closed I can build it but as soon as I open the terminal, the files disappear.... Big bug !!!
Hi all, What I 'm trying to achieve is that I don't want the EA to enter on the same bar that it took a lost. I can't figure it out.How would one do to put EA on sleep() for like 10 minutes if last trade was a lost? Help would be appreciated. Thanks. Maxime Chartrand.
Hello, In my strategy I use first of all StepMA Stoch v1 and it will be much easier if I have a Audio alert when the lines crossing. Where are I can find this ? maybe somobody wrote this kind of program and could be send ? best regards AFP
Hi, I've uploaded the image of a chart . I need to decode the lines in order to put it into my own system for trading. The only information I have is the following picture: Plus the fact it is EUR/USD and I think 15min chart but could be 5min. I am...
Kindly remind me would like to insert emas 144 and 200 of 1 min chart , to 1 hour chart. How i can do that?
Brokers have been rolling this new v188 build out since last Thursday or Friday yet there's still no listing of what has been changed. And what happened to v187 ? And why can't you convert the SpeechText code to a DLL, in like a few hours instead of 'maybe' months ? Surely the users who don't...
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Hi, You might like to play around with this EA I coded a few months ago in an effort to understand the problems with MT3 strategy tester. Its name in portuguese means a guy that acts without thinking. This EA does the same. It has no strategy at all. It makes huge profits in the strategy tester but...
When i run liveupdate to build 188 it wont do ! the program freezes when i push the update and restart button, never had this prob before. Jannik
Hi, Will the Strategy Tester make use of any additional CPU's to calculate the end results if 2 or more CPU's exist on a PC?
Hi does anyone know why the thread tools don't work here any longer?
Why myarray[0]==0 after myarray[0]=123? int init() { //---- int myarray[]; int test; myarray[0]=123; Print (myarray[0]); //---------------- result: 0 test=456; Print (test); //---------------- result: 456 //---- return(0); }
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I noticed the latest MT4 v 188 crashes either after compiling an EA or after trading the EA Real-time. I tried in on different machines on demo accounts and it behaves the same. Does anybody experience these crashes? I will try to capture a screen with the error next time and post it.
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Hi everybody, My last results .I'm testing M15 TF but H1 is the best. The attached statement is M15 TF. Regards MFX
When I run MT4 InterbankFX and Alpari with 2 basic EAs, I noticed that my machine was slow and almost unusable. I then looked at Taskinfo to see what was taking my CPU usage. I then noticed that MT4 was taking 100% of my CPU just from running the 2 EA's in real time (not backtesting). See this...