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The function below is intended to close a Long Position but it seems to open a new Sell order. How can it be modiffied to close a Long Position properly? Thanks. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Close Long position
Can the broker know the indicators, settings and expert? On the chart
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Hello guys I want to design an Expert that has specific characteristics And the idea of the work of the expert in particular He opened two orders Stop buy order Stop selling order Stop loss worked 10 points and the same took 10 points With the possibility of double the sale or purchase of pending
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Hi, Recently I've got a strange issue with MetaTrader 5. It looks like after the last release. Situation: I open a trade with a price X, then partially close OR make second deal without closing the first on price X1. When I open deal at step 1 and step 2 - average deal price is indicated in Trade
Hello everyone, Need advice on the volume size and number of trades that is reasonable enough to open on a $100 account
Hi,how do I resolve the issue of the Market tab that does not appear on the trading platform.Tried to uninstalling the platform on both my PC's,but it stil does not appear.Plz Help
Hi everyone I want to build a Function that assign a letter or anything and after that calculate and get total = profit + or - target daily then stop the EA. Something like this , I don't have any idea how to do it ! void or bool Profit_Daily(){ if(OrderSelect(0, SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_HISTORY)==true)
Hi... I have a custom indicator that shows me MACD and MA, but I want to shows me on H4 timeframe when I attach it to the chart. How I do that ? I tried using OnTimer but somehow if I change to other timeframe, it will back to H4 again. Thanks in advance Here are my lines
1 int BreakEven(int MN){ 2 int Ticket=0; 3 4 5 for(int i = OrdersTotal() - 1; i >= 0; i--) { 6 OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES); 7 8 if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber() == MN){ 9 Ticket = OrderModify(OrderTicket(), OrderOpenPrice(), OrderOpenPrice(), OrderTakeProfit()
I have a problem with adding my phone number to my profile. When I add the number no verification code is sent to me via sms or telegram. I have tried using my system and phone for the same process, and even installed telegram on my system but it's not still working. Please can someone help me out
I looking something for reentry (repaint pending order from grid which is realize) 1 picture. IS GRID 2. Some orders is realize. And I need EA or script for reopen pending orders this same places thank you for help
Dear, I can create the DEMA over the MA, but I can't create it over the SAR. If I do:    int hnd1 = iSAR(_Symbol, PERIOD_M1, 5, 20);   int hnd2 = iMA(_Symbol, PERIOD_M1, 5, 2, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE);      if (iDEMA(_Symbol, PERIOD_M1, 9, 5, hnd1) ==  INVALID_HANDLE)      Print("Error creating DEMA...
hi guys i know its a silly question and the answer is probably very simple but im stock on this for day's now so all i want is to transfer a single value from my custom indicator to my ea i know this code is wrong but i need an idea/example how to do this and what im doing wrong . i look thru
Hi, guys! Im new on MQL5 and also new at this Forum ( my 1st question :D ). I've noticed that my OnTick() is called on every change ( bid / ask). But I'd like to call it only when the close price or tickvolume change, after a real transaction from the market.. Is there a way or even another event to
Why Backtesting does not work: An Overview Article written by Backtesting is the application of a trading strategy to historical data with the purpose of establishing its profitability. The assumption behind this approach is that if a method works in the past, it will...
My brother purchased an EA about two years ago, for whatever reason did not use it , he sent it to me and in back testing it works very well. However it must of come with a license key for a particular account. We with to use the ea but it will not run. Checked with developer and they no longer
I want to update my phone number in my account. requires both SMS codes from my current phone number and the phone number on file. Unfortunately I don't the phone number any more I used to sign up my account. Any way can I update the my account phone number on file
Why are some currency pairs disabled
Hello everybody, I´m looking for this indicator with an alert but cannot find it. Someone can tell me how to create an alarm in this indicator when the second green stick appear? Thank you
I have balance of 18 USD and Im not able to do withdrawal using E-payments ! any one have any idea why
Hi all, For some reason, I would like to stop the VPS temporarily. It already debited my account for 1month subscription on 21st. If I stop it now, will the remaining time of subscription (30-4days) be held until I activate it again? Below post said "free minutes" at post #10
Hi , I want To use this indicator into my EA , or I want to build a custom indicator like this, but this indicator is not in the list from Platform What I have to do? thank you very much I going to leave the indicator
Hi ! I have an issue with my Mt5 I can t send price alert ! Nothing happens ! I can t understand because the email test alert work fine in the options setup !!! Greetings . Carl
Hi to all. Please check the following image Check ticket 164 sell 0.03 price 71,85 profit -1287.00 Check ticket 172 sell 0.93 price 71.75 profit -1277.00 Prices are both quoted USD, two decimal dots, so 0.01 tick difference is 0.01 USD At first sight profit calculation is correct , as it is of
Hello , Help Me And I Would Appreciate To You I Send Front And Back Of my ID And Internet Bill To Seller Status Applications Section To Verifiy My Seller Account , More Than 5 Days Ago But No Response , Can You Tell Me Why ? Thanks
Just got into MQL5 programming and wanting to play around with the strategy tester so I downloaded Scalp All and attempted to use the strategy tester with it. Every time I do it says "Experts\Advisors\ScalpAll.ex5 not found" What's the deal
here is my code: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| GetRid.mq5 |//| Babak Jafarzadeh |//|
For the benefit of our community, developers and customers / traders, please add "timeout" for those who initiate arbitrage process in a freelace job. E.g. 7 days or more (selectable ?) If no reaction from the other party then it will automatically benefit the initiator. This will hopefully improve