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Just a quick question just wondering if theres a way to scroll all the way to the start of a chart instead of scrolling with the mouse? thanks
Found and Fixed the Problem and Online for tonight! Dave Mild Panic Over!
How to code to find the zigzag High/Low of the following. It is easy to see from eyes, but is there any simple way to code?
Hi all, I want to share my success story with you all. I have opened a forex account with a broker 9 months ago. My initial deposit was just $1000.00 dollars. I ran the cyberiatrader EA for about 9 months and my account balance is ~50000 now. Looks like cyberiatrader EA works well during trending...
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Hi, I need an EA where I can set time to trade, lots, stoploss an trade direction (long or short). THX.
If I want my ea to be run on one computer only, how can I, using MQ4, capture the computer system number (or serial number)?? Dave??
I've downloaded & read the basics on FX, can somebody recommend a good FOREX book to take me to the next level ? I've come across 'Forex Conquered: High Probability Systems and Strategies for Active Traders' which seems quite interesting ?! Mave
hi, i want any avg year range for past 20 yrs. Last year range and this year range. I will put this on weekly MT4 chart top left. Year range = year H/L in pips. Output can be like : ================= Average 20 years range: 2033 pips Previous year range: 1534 pips Current year range: 1104 pips
I want to add soem predefined values to an extern variable. I would like it to show up like the Movinag Avg indicator, where it lets you choose simple eaighted, etc. How can this be accomplished?
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Hi all Could anyone help me i need parabolic Sar with 2 diffrent couler The red dots overlaying the candles represents the Parabolic SAR levels using the preferences below. The green up arrows represent bullish SAR reversals, ... Regards
MetaTrader programming section was created on our forum It is for programmers and by programmers. So, the coders are having the home now as many people requested.
Hello all If anyone want to talk with Tim Morge about median line in realtime with chart and live chat for free please contact me mere or drop your email here and i will contact you with all detail. Tim Morge is ready to have evry week time for us and to answer to our question for free and free...
Fantasy Vs. Reality The most important thing you need to check yourself for, if you want to be a professional trader, is the ability to identify your fantasies and quarantine them, as opposed to reality. As a professional trade, I have been able to identify real forex issues, as opposed to dreams...
not necessary... forget about this topic. .
Hello, I have set-up some charts with customized time frames. The charts do not update unless I refresh them, or re-install the period converter. Sometimes after re-installing the period converter they work for a short period of time and then stop updating. I am using build 207, dated July 17 2007...
Greetings, Can anyone tell me how to remove some custom indicators from the drop-down list? I seem to have too many, and so some of the bottom ones are greyed-out. Thank you.
Anyone know how to create Average Yearly Range Calculator ?? Range is based on High/Low of the year. I would like to put this on weekly chart on top left of chart. Make it something like this indicator.. Output can be like : ================= Average 20 years range: 2000 Previous year range: 1500...
  Indicators For Scalping (29   1 2 3)
My trading way is scalping. But sometimes it's difficult for me to choose the right indicators for doing this, would you mind guys who have experience in scalping, to post in here the right indicators with the best setting for scalping, and how to use it correctly... Regards, IIN
All, This EA is suppose to buy whenever the price breaks a 45 day high and sell whenever it breaks a 45 day low, stoploss is set at 200 pips with .20 lots, max loss is 2% of 20K demo, exit is whenever price retraces back to either the 16 day high if you are short or the 16 day low if your long. Can...
Floating minus happened cos when i took that position market still on wait n see condition, and then came out fundamen news that relation with status of japan economic and US, and carry trade happened, but i think it just temporarly and soon market will back on the pair GBP/JPY, it was close...
Why is there a difference between the results of the Strategy Tester as opposed to using the EA against live data? I am using exactly the same settings over the same period for the same currency pair, but I get big differences in when the trades enter and exit.
Hi everyone.. Firstly I want to admit that I found this site is very helpful. It’s so encouraging to see a lot bright talented people explore each other ideas on this forex thingy. But there’s something bothers me. Most of systems build, developed, then .. you know... I’m not opposing any one by any...
Hey guys, I always see beautiful screenies that people post that have nice arrows and text boxes, etc that explain whats going on. Is there software, hopefully a free download, that you guys are using to do this? I'd like to post things like that but I can't find software that seems to meet my need....
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No matter where the market is heading we are always going long. This EA is for the conservative trader and should be safe to trade. A more aggressive version will be released later with higher risk and more profit. Instructions: Place EA on 1M chart for GBPUSD or EURUSD USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Update:...
Hello Salwa I know this question has been asked a lot. Is that possible to trade manually with strategy tester? If yes then How? If No then why i can do that?
Would someone here help me to modify the color of this good in red when the price go lower than the previous pric and to be white when the price go higher than the previous is really very helpful for a newbie like me... here is the indi... [ATTACH]1294[/ATTACH] Regards, IIN
4:20 pm PDT Thursday August 16th 2007 No more market stuff till sunday morning. Brilliant week. Attached is my results.