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Hello. I've a this problem: I am not able to change my new phone number, 'cause I don't have the old number anymore...I cannot receive the code on the old number... and is not possible to get it back, because when I did the mql5 account, I was abroad...the old number is coming from a country in...
Since the “Service” program type was introduced to MetaTrader 5 after MetaQuotes launched their VPS system, I’m left wondering if the “Service” programs are also synchronised and allowed to run on the MetaTrader VPS system. The documentation does not mention anything about it, but it could be that
Where can I get a Visa or MC Card that is able to receive funds from MQL withdrawal as an EU citizen
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How to republish an EA from scratch
Hello, I am having a very annoying problem. My suscribers are getting this error: "position XXXX skipped as no symbol found" It happens in all symnbols. I am trading stocks in a netting account. They opened the exact same accpunt type in the exact same broker. I have browsed all over the forums and
Hi all, Just letting you know you cannot withdraw funds from MQL in the US or Australia. I confirmed with Westpac (bank worth $71 Billion) that they have no record of attempts to deposit funds onto a credit card (they didn't even have a record of Metaquotes payment provider attempting to make a
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Has anybody in the United States been successful in executing a credit card withdrawl? If you have, what bank/credit card did you use? All of us United States clients are not able to withdrawl our funds from this site because they removed paypal
I offer mutually advantageous exchange. Communication - through Skype (to look in my profile).
How do I do a back test with high quality
I have tried to move subscription, actual prompt automatically selected a random MT5 id. Not it's locked out for a week, not sure how this can be rectified
Hello I want to sell my mql4 indicator in the market, but the system do not allow me to upload .ex4 file . it only allowed to upload .ex5 extension. is it possible to solve my problem
I'm looking to add LegoMarket-LIVE server on signal providing , but only found LegoMarket-DEMO. Who can help to add this on list ? Thanks
Dear all trader, I want to give a free expert advisor, but I am afraid somebody will use this free to sell it somewhere like ebay... How to lock this EA by giving an expiration date to it, for example when it reach 1 month it won't work, instead it said something like "your ea is expired" I ever...
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I tried to move some posts and threads to this one concerning the subject about Neural Networks. Just to spen some development up and keep everything in one place. --------------------- GMDH is known also as Polynomial Neural Networks, Abductive and Statistical Learning Networks.
Hello everyone. I am trying to convert an MqlRates object to byte array but the only way i found so far is to iterate through the items convert each items ohlc prices to string and then to bite array. Is there a more efficient way of doing this. My goal is to send an MqlRates object through a socket
when I try to add youtube video in to product description, after I push "save" video disappeared. Can anyone help with this? I read few topics about this but there was no any solution described :)
what is the maximum number of friends in mql5
Hi there, when I open the signals in my web browser ( , I cannot see any free signals. However, opening the "signals" tab inside MT5, I can see them. Is there a trick how I can enable the display of them in the browser? Thank you
I Install win10 a couple days ago. Before that I have Win8.1 and MT4 and MT5 worked fine. For a couple days when I tried to connect to my broker (log in), right after the sucessful login and the connection sound, the Metatrader crashes, either the MT4 and MT5. I already: Reinstall both. Run with...
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As your see, IP (BBS-m).v8 and IP (BBS-index).v8 seem popular for last days. They are not repainting. However it is a great work done by a great coder. You can check it. А такой рисунок видели? - MQL4 форум А такой рисунок видели? - MQL4 форум Pollan wrote (a) >> He received a lot of questions about...
Is going to add option for people to pay more money if they want multiple EAs to run in one VPS account
Hi im new here, just wondering, will the signal still work if im using a different leverage level as the signal provider? So due to my countries regulations, all retail accounts only get up to 30:1 leverage. And somehow, they have a new symbol in MT4/5 with a letter ‘a’ following. I can only trade
Some time last year Metaquotes changed the OnDeinit reason code when switching Profiles from REASON_CHARTCLOSE to REASON_CLOSE I can't find this documented in any of the MT5 build release notes This means that a profile switch is now exactly the same as a Terminal close which is very odd When the
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Hello I am new to all of this but recently set up an account. How do I find out who my broker is
hello there good day to all my fellow traders i need a favour, i have just registered into mql5 community and i want to copy signal but i am not able to do so i have connected the server then also it is showing error
Shouldn't this work? double m[][ 6 ], x[ 6 ]; ArrayResize (m, 6 ); //generate x array ArrayCopy (m[ 2 ], x); //shouldn't this work
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GBP/USD April-June 2017 Forecast: ranging below Ichimoku cloud for direction W1 price is below Ichimoku cloud for the bearish ranging market condition within the following support/resistance levels: 1.2569 resistance level located near and below Ichimoku cloud in the beginning of the secondary rally...
system tell me " Current drawdown is dangerous for subscribers. Subscription will be allowed once drawdown improves." on profit trader Signal But now some order still open not close now. If I cannot renew my order have problem
Hi guys, I've subscribed for a signal and my log looks like this - error messages of every trade that it tries to sync? Have tried adjust various setting but have had no luck - Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm using MT5, and so far as I can tell the naming conventions for instruments are...
strange behavior from MQL5 !!! Even though I have a condition != 0, still code goes through the loop and returns zero divide in 'FxEAPrintDataStats.mq5' (60,78) //--- Calculate Rate of Change for BandWidth M5 double M05_ROC_BW; //--- RISING Index[1] < Index[0] | FALLING RISING Index[1] > Index[0]