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Hi, I transferred a signal to a new account using the "move subscription" feature on mql5.com. When I log into MT4 on the new account I see the signal and I have all signal settings set appropriately: The signal has trades open but they are not coming on my account. I'm not new to signals and have
After updating to the latest release (MetaTrader 5.00, build 2265, 06 Dec 2019), I can no longer use keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the 3D optimization graph of Strategy Tester. The (very useful) keyboard shortcuts used to work when the 3D graph was embedded on the "Strategy Tester" section. On
Hi Do anyone is having this problem ... I cant delete tick data from tick database using CustomTicksDelete(string symbol name,long start date ,long end date); It always return 0,i.e. 0 ticks deleted But CustomRatesDelete() works fine for bars ,but I want to delete the ticks in the database. Thanks
The scale disappeared unnoticed. See attached screenshot on the shaded area.How can I put it back. Thank you
Hello, I want my expert to NOT trade between 12am till 10am. How can I do that? Thanks Damati
Hi i got an indicator that has too many parameters for the iCustom function call in an EA. i got a "'iCustom' - wrong parameters count" error in MT5 how can i get around that problem ? i'd like to be able to change the indicator parameters inside the EA rather than recompiling the indicator with
I wonder if the option to suspend the signal will give me the option to then turn the signal back on? I saw that you have 4 options, Renew, Move, Suspend and Cancel: I would like to know the difference of suspend and cancel ... Thanks
  MT4 VPS (1)
I am new to trading. I have rented MT4 VPS. This means that I can power off my computer or notebook and the trade will be still active. Am I correct
Hi, I'm trying to write a signal module of the indicator "Reverse no Repair" and an EA using this signal. Both have been compiled without error. However, it didn't open any order in backtesting. It seems that it's because of some bug in my signal module. Would anybody be so kind to tell me what's
Somebody can help me to find a EA , with ea i can order on Channel Telegram to trade on MT4 and send Signal to an other Channel Telegram
Hello, Do you listen any music while you trade? I have tried with many different kinds, but I think classical music is the most appropriate to remain discipline focus and calm . Any replies are appreciated. Let's start
I have discovered a bug in one of the Standard Libraries: \Include\Indicators\Series.mqh in function CheckLoadHistory. How do I contact Service Desk? There is no link for Service Desk on my profile menu as some pages indicate. Other pages tell me to install TeamWox but provide no sign in details
  Copy signal (11   1 2)
How do i change settings and were do i find the signal i can not afford to do that big trades
hai eveybody, there is simple copier for MT5 to MT5 at this forum
  forex reports (2)
what are some of the most important reports that affect forex ?(forex calandar) thank you
I have some products that are being sold and I would like to change their name (Title) and the .exe file is it possible? If yes how ? if yes how can my existing client gets the new file without getting charged?
hi, i have a problem. Im gertting this message when i tried to access my Purchased Tab in my MLQ5 account How do i fix this please
Hey. I need to get Windows messages in a service program. Since services don't support OnChartEvent, I am trying to build something similar. (Btw: Are there any plans to implement this?) I installed a WH_GETMESSAGE hook procedure. Here is the callback (in DLL): LRESULT CALLBACK GetMsgProc(int
Hello guys, Just a qucik question, does anyone know if you are in a 6 month subscription of the MQL5 VPS service, do you get a refund if you cancel early? Thanks
I am testing the FREE signals on my platform. I loaded one signal and it is working well. When I try to add a 2nd or 3rd signal, it won't bring up the screen that allows me to turn on the COPY feature. Why can't I copy more than one signal
Hello all To the site administration good greeting Please look for new ways to withdraw money I am a trader, I cannot withdraw money on the existing roads now I want to display new products on the site I cannot do so because I cannot withdraw my earnings from the site Please solve this problem and
Hi, Is it possible to get the volume of buyers and sellers separately in MQL5 for stock and securities
  MT4 issue (2)
Hello, I purchased and installed a custom indicator. It seemed to install correctly but when I input the product key when prompted nothing happened. I get a tone from my laptop and then nothing else. I contacted the person that developed the indicator and he tried via remote access to my laptop with
Hi, I need any advice, how to get more information from every single trade I make in backtest (for another counting in onther programs). I need values, that I can program (values of some indicators, Opens, Closes, etc.). I think i will need for every each trade 10-50 outputs and if I do the backtest
Hello guys. Im trying to build an alert system for M and W patterns... My code surley looks messy, but im trying :) Ive come to the point where the indicator plots 2 arrows on the zigzag tops/bottoms. I want it to plot when the second M/W leg is higher/lower than the first one. But, here comes my
Hello people! :) All right? I am looking for a way to define a FunctionLine conditional macro, that when the defined language is English, the macro returns ( " Function: " + __FUNCTION__ + " line: " + __LINE__"), when the defined language is Portuguese, the macro returns ( " Função: " + __FUNCTION__
hi there, i feel really crazy for asking but the web terminal is live and i am logged in to my server on demo mode. but the chart screen is black ? how can I view the candlesticks
I've been tying to amend this script to give me a text object "$$$" drop on chart. it works, but says "Text" and i've been unable to make it say '$$$' or etc. Would someone mind possibly pointing me in the right direction, would be appreciated, thank you
I'm developer and I have one job in progress in the Freelance. Job was created by Customer 2018.07.28. Last activity from Customer - 2018.08.14. I finished the job and requested arbitration to finish the job 2018.09.24, but for now there are no any actions from arbitration. I created request to...