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does anyone know why there are so many new builds all the time with MT4 Alpari have had another today and assume they all will in the next few days but why are there so many did nt they not get it right the other 50+ goes? or is there a conspiracy....
Alexander Piechotta
Hello, Is there a way to create "Simple Panel" and "color candles" with an indicator? "Simple Panel" in a separate window. (like screenshot...)
Has any heard of, or using, a higher timeframe MACD signal alert - meaning an arrow/signal on the screen of the current TF? I have attached the current one, with my settings, that is very useful. Thanks TEAMTRADERmacd-dot_amp_alerts_1.01.mq4
I've tested this in the past and it worked very well but I never had the time to develop the idea further, now I'm hoping with all the intelligent minds at this forum that we can find ways to expand on this innovative strategy. The idea basically is adding a brain to our expert advisors whereby they...
I would like to find the MT4 for Mac without using Virtual machine. Anyone can help me?
when I backtest on a date range my indicators dont generate values until some time after the start date--even several months for something like 200mva,this is hidden unless you follow the indicator data and makes for bad conparisons--or even no trades--what am I missing? thanks
The euro's exchange rate is not a policy target for the European Central Bank but it does pose a "downside risk" to inflation, ECB President Mario Draghi said on Monday. The euro hit a 15-month high against the dollar earlier this month, complicating the ECB's policy-making tasks by weighing on...
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Contact-Aditi Thakkar Skype ID - instantpipforex INSTANTPIP-COM Instantpip Trade Copier Trades : 10-45 pips daily as per your lot Instant Pip Trade Copier Trades into your Account as per the Lot that you have selected Instead of having to spend hours monitoring your email, a trading room, or try to...
Germany will avoid recession and return to growth in the first quarter of 2013, the country's central bank has said. The Bundesbank's monthly report for February forecast that the rest of 2013 will see a gradual pick-up in activity in Europe's biggest economy. If the economy shrank again in the...
USDCHF: With USDCHF maintaining its upside tone, there is risk of further price extension. In such a case, the 9293 level, its trendline resistance could come in as the next upside objective. A cap is likely to occur here and turn it lower but if taken out, the 0.9382 level will be targeted. Further...
So I'm backtesting in MT5, I'm testing on the D1 timeframe. Whether I use every tick or OHLC my history quality is only 23%, I would like to get it to 90%+. Is there a way to force the terminal to re-download data from the server?
Hello, I'm new to EA development so may be this is a silly question but anyways: the think is that after applying a template to a chart in my EA, the EA stops. How can I apply a template to an chart from an EA an keep the EA running???? Thanks in advance Juan
  payments for signal provider (35   1 2 3 4)
I see three subscribers of my system But I see nothing in payments Can you explain to me? thanks
Markets are down across Europe early in the trading session. England's FTSE 100 is down 0.2 percent.France's CAC 40 is down 0.2 percent. Germany's DAX is up 0.1 percent. Spain's IBEX 35 is down 0.7 percent. Italy's FTSE MIB is down 0.3 percent. Overall, it's a quiet day in Europe. However, Italy's...
Hi guys, i'm working with the FX Fisher ADX Mod. Indicator and i need some help filtering and displaying useful signals on the chart. I need a symbol above or below every candle if the ADX signalline is green (trending) and between 25 and 40. I found quite a lot adx arrow indicators but they were...
Anyone replace this indicator Stochastic on CCI, RSI, WPR and RVI, thus making the four indicators. The author says that this indicator as a template, and that it is possible to change the primary indicator
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Well I`m not able to make reply in broker section its said that you need to have 25 post to make reply there but I already have few replies in that thread. So is this new update from Forum ?
Hi all, sorry if the thread is not for here. I'd like to ask what program language is the closest to MQL4 and MQL5, because I am also planing to learn Java, or C, or something like that, and I'd like to know which one is closest to MQL4 and 5
i open a mt4 account at avafx or avatrade,thier website is or,but i can't i can't supply signals via it,when i enter the broker name ,it display that is invalid,who can tell me the reason, doesn't the mql6 support the broker?
看了一些排名靠前的信号,基本都是剥头皮,那么谁可以告诉我哪一个交易商的速度比较好一点 英文不太好,一直用浏览器翻译的,很多问题不是很清楚,希望有人可以教我下!
I would like to ask about the signal problem from a real account?Or demo account?In addition, if you choose to follow the signal, the account is needed continuous open five days a week?Or the background of the dealer directly traded? MT4 platform
Hello, CSymbolInfo::SessionAW() always returns 0. Same for SymbolInfoDouble(Symbol(),SYMBOL_SESSION_AW)
There is a function ChartGetInteger(...) Where is the function  ChartSetInteger(...) ?   I want to set the X-range of chart in MQL prigram, is it  possiblr?
Hi all! Is there any way to change the value of the input parameters from within the code of EA/indicator, so that when the EA/indicator is reloaded, the updated values are used?
I make a deposit of 201 Credits But can't use it because still @ 2 credit on my MT5
Hi guys, What is the most profitable to trade Stock market or Forex market? How does Forex market differ to stock market?
Timing and patience is very important in dealing to Forex esp. in taking and closing position. Accuracy is not as important in reading chart because even you analyzed the chart efficiently still you lose your money when the market will move against to your direction.
Working to FOrex it is important to discipline yourself, one way to discipline yourselves is to control emotion, never let emotion dictate your decision making. Dedication in work is also important, if you work very hard in Forex then you are happy what you are working for and it always lead to a...
It is important to analyze the market movement efficiently before taking and closing position to attain our goal we had set from ourselves. No such genius person can predict its movement, timing and patience is the best way to make a clear decision.