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Hi i'm asking myself if anyone else has problems like me. The last 3 or 4 withdrawals took much more time than the withdrawals before and everytime an employee is calling me. For every withdrawal.
Hi Everyone, I was going to make a quote in a private job offer and suddenly noticed a new agreement that needs confirmation, do you know anything about it ? Does it mean that we can't contact with customer in other ways like skype ? ‌
Hi everybody, I try to find a way to get ASK historical data instead of BID historical data... If anyone has an idea... Thx for help adkort‌
Hi, since this morning I get on every (re-) load of any web-page a kling - while I defined to be noticed only on special occasions (see my notification tab): ‌ ‌For quite some time I haven't got any of these "klings". It seems that they all have been saved by Metaquotes and now they are played at...
Hi, I developed my own system in java like a robot to trade for me. Now I'd like to send some signals from my java system to metatrader. Could metatrader receive this signal? Is it possible? ‌ Thanks ‌ Adriano‌
is there function to get the time for " CHART_SHOW_PERIOD_SEP " ? ‌ ‌
Hello, W‌hen I try to enter an order using the Market Watch, it goes crazy entering dozens of buy and sell orders. Is this supposed to work this way? Do I have a setting off? What trips all this orders? I haven't a clue. ‌‌Thanks if you can help, ‌‌michaelMiller
Hey Guy´s , ‌ h‌ope someone have a clou.  I was looking for the file , where are the OBJ_TYPE Enums and the Objects (OBJ_TREND etc) itselfs located. Has anyone an idea where i‌ can find  them??? Iam not a programmer, i start coding as fun, some tutorials gave me enough informations to create some...
I have just subscribed a signal with max drawdown of 44%. The signal provider trades 0.1 lot. I want to trade 1 lot. Please can any one advise how much deposit I need or any one can share a MQL5 blog/article explaining how to calculate the lot size will be helpful. Thanks
Hi everyone, ‌ Simple question, and I hope a simple answer: can you lose more than you invest? If I open an account and deposit $1.000, is there any way *at all* that I can lose more than that $1.000 ? If so, how? Any insight is appreciated. ‌‌
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I learned that MQL5 implemented the interface keyword. Could someone bring me some insight how it could be helpful? I did not find any use of it, it seemed more like a limited abstract class than the interface (as known in Java).
 is there an issue? I've tried 3 broker Mt4 already and same result. I cannot install my purchased
Everytime I try to subscribe to 'No China" signal in OANDA's mt4 terminal, it says subscription failed, the subscription cannot be renewed because new subscriptions are not allowed for the signal. I get this error message if I try to subscribe to any signal from MQL5 actually. It only doesn't occur...
Hi im running the demo account to test the platform but everytime i try to make a trade it tells me that there is not enough money.. The account starts with 100k so im wondering what is going on here!?
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Hi please help how do I import a new indicator that I downloaded from the web please 
2017.03.08 00:37:36.468 '11641147': Signal - attempt to subscribe to foreign signal, broker enabled only own signals ‌ Subscribe signal failed, I got the above message. The broker in message is not clear, which broker? my account broker or signal provider's broker? ‌I guess it refers to my broker,...
Anyone know a way to remove the candles from a chart with a custom indicator ? ‌lets say I have a 5M AUDUSD chart on screen, I want to drop a custom indicator on that chart and the first thing i want to NOT see is any candles or ANY info HLOC etc when you hover :) ‌ ‌ Any ideas ? ‌ ‌ Thanks‌ ‌ ‌
Just that, I cannot hear the sound alert when an arrow pops up. Also from time to time an arrow shows up when it shouldn´t. I dissapears after I restart the chart. Thanks in advance
I am following a MT4 signal but confused with "deposit load" labeled on the chart of tab "Risks". Can anyone explain its meaning? Thanks.
YesSometimes yes, sometimes noNoOther (comment below)
I am not sure whether or not my signal provider is placing all of his trades at 0.01 lots, or if I selected something when I signed up, but I have looked under the Signal tab in Options and haven't seen any option to change the lot sizes.  So, is there a way that I can increase all of his future...
Hi all, ‌ I am using an indicator called: candletime‌, which is based on: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|                                                   candleTime.mq5 | //|                   Francesco Danti Copyright 2011, |...
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My charts I think are set for 5 pm est but it is now 7:30 pm and the hour bar chart is still on the 0:00 ?? ‌Today is monday march 6th. I am on the east coast. Where do i look on the chart to see if there are any adjustments.
If I were to set up 4 accounts with my broker, and subscribe to a different signal for each account, can I use just one instance of the MetaTrader 4 software to duplicate trades from each signal, or do you have to be "logged in" to the account that you want trading?
Hi I had two versions of MetaTrader, one original and the other customized by the broker. it happens now that no one works any more. When I try to open them they get stuck in the login window and I have to force to close it. I uninstalled both, but when re-installing just one the same problem....
Hi, I am trying to subscribe to one of the signal services and it gives me an error, see attached.
Good afternoon! Is there a possibility to receive an email every time when my signal provider is opening a new position? Or a notification on my mobile app. Thanks! :D
On the Detailed Report of my account on my MT4, the Maximal Drawdown is only at 2.65% but on my signal's Maximum Drawdown, it shows 56.51% (Current drawdown is dangerous for subscribers. Subscription will be allowed once drawdown improves) therefore Subscription not permitted. Can someone from MLQ5...
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Any ideas how to do that? :)