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hello someone can help me to find the market profile indicator for any tf please ? M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 and daily ? thank you very much in advance
Discussions about an overvaluation of the euro are simply a diversion from governments' task of sorting out their economies, European Central Bank policymaker Jens Weidmann said on Monday, resisting political pressure to weaken the currency. The ECB has already done a lot to curtail the crisis...
Does anybody know how i can hook up MT with plus500 ? Is it even possible? thx
Hi, Looking for a drag and drop price alert such that once price action crossed a user selected line ................the indicatoe alerts Which is a good one ???
After a success of 12% profits for last week, a new week start with more focus on pair EUR/USD go to and click result to see and contact us if your interested. now After a sharp sell-off that took EUR/USD from a high of 1.3710 at the end of last week, to below 1.3500 on Monday, the...
Hello All.. any someone have script to change TP all open position. so all position use same TP point if use script or someone can help to make the script. Thanks. Maulana
The Group of Seven nations are considering releasing a statement on exchange rates this week to calm concern the world is on the brink of a currency war, three officials from G-7 countries said. Finance officials from the world’s major industrial economies have drafted a text now being reviewed...
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newbie to this community joined here to share my knowledge and also hope to be an active member on this community
European finance chiefs will seek to win back crisis-management momentum to navigate the currency area through emerging political pitfalls after markets signaled last week that the three-year crisis is far from over. Ministers from the 17-member euro area meet in Brussels today to discuss aid to...
It is important to be optimistic in dealing to Forex, you will succeed in trading if you unlocked the secret trading tips by acquiring knowledge in Forex and studying the correct Forex materials.
Did anyone helped you on how to exit your positions? Who recommend you to close your position?
  Are you a day trader? (18   1 2)
Did you earn a lot of money by taking and closing position within a day? How did you set your short timeframe?
Can anyone tell what are the possible issue may arise in trading to Forex? And how did you fix that problem?
Which of the two services is the most popular or commonly used by traders?
Why some trader rely to Forex robot? Is it mandatory to use a Forex robot? What is the difference of not using a Forex robot?
I'm looking for a indicator like Multi TimeFrame and Currency Pairs. It can be show the candlestick pattern. I want it to put in 1 chart window. Can be show more than 10 currency and timeframe. You can post or share with use.
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hi I want to make some drawing tool like with two or tree points is it best solution to use an indicator?
Please, does anyone one have an indicator to detect side-way trend better than the one in the below picture? I really need it.
Is there a way to communicate with MT5 with an external application?For example, I would like to command MT5 to close a trade via an external application.I was thinking of getting the chart window handle and then use this window handle to do a SendMessage(hWnd...) or PostMessage(hWnd...) to the...
Hello, I searched the web but I have not found anything similar. Does anyone know an EA similar to this indicator? (with an interval of hours etc.) newyorkbox.mq4 thank you very much PS: If I make mistakes this is normal: I'm French
On Friday, the US trade deficit shrunk by far more than expected, in large part thanks to declining oil imports. From oil and gas picture is improving. The trade deficit for petroleum-based goods alone shrank from $326 billion in 2011 to about $291 billion last year. That’s still a...
Fellow Traders! Let me introduce my point. Try my levels! Coming week I will trade following levels for GBP/USD: -------------------------------------- 1.5930 1.5912 1.5872 1.5838 1.5808 1.5777 1.5747 1.5716 1.5686 1.5655 1.5625 ----------------------------------------- These levels are important...
Fellow Traders! Let me introduce my point. Try my levels! Coming week I will trade following levels for GBP/USD: -------------------------------------- 1.5930 1.5912 1.5872 1.5838 1.5808 1.5777 1.5747 1.5716 1.5686 1.5655 1.5625 ----------------------------------------- These levels are important...
Hello, I would like to know if you can trade the index Decomposition Systems with your signals, I'm doing better with it than the Forex, and many brokers have MetaTrader index cac40
I want to buy a new computer just to run MT5. Also I want to connect to cloud network. So what will be the best specification regarding processor, RAM, and any other component that might helps MT5 platform to work better ? thanks
These last few days notwithstanding, markets have really been on an incredible tear. So what are real investors thinking? Nomura's interest rate strategist George Goncalves has a great weekend note out in which he relays some observations from professional money managers, after he and his colleagues...
I have tried to learn forex for years manually trading and had even taken several months of classes with FX Bootcamp. I know there are a lot of falsely reported results by so called forex pros and I am always skeptical of their claimed results. Now that I am trying to learn automated trading, I am...
I am installing strategy tester agent. on "mql5 cloud network" ask me for my account. Is this my LOGIN on ? or my Alpari account? thanks Strategy Tester Agent
I am looking at a system that uses 3 separate indicators that work independently creating support/resistance levels based on the CCI. A coder says it is not possible to get stable indicators but I'd like it verified by another coder please. The base requirements are -- EXAMPLE If CCI-55 crossed zero...
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