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  New release?  (2)
Hi, is there a new release of the mt4? After updating win fall creator sometimes my mt4 locks up and I have to perform a forced shutdown.
Hello CopyClose and CopyOpen return bad result after close and reopen metatrader5 I am comparing two copyclose with same parameters and I receive different result from this functions; My Code: double iClose1[1],iClose2[1];CopyClose(_Symbol,PERIOD_MN1,date,1,iClose1);CopyClose(_Symbol,PERIOD_MN1,date...
Hi everyone! I'm new here and I dont know about some MT4 features. I would like to know if there's a way to get the trade and account history fields via some API or coding. I need to get these data to tell a user to stop all operations if it reached the daily goal. Is there a documentation or...
  vps  (8)
por que mi vps no quiere hacer el movimiento correctamente a otra cuenta ?
Hello Traders, Can anyone recommend any good Tablet for trading?? I use mt4 and mostly use camarilla macd indicator which can be downloaded from the internet. So because of my new job I am away from my Pc. I have a Ipad but as u know u can only use the app with the inbuilt stuff. So is there any
I copy a trader (micro account $ 500) with my standard account of $ 50, he opens the position of 1 lot micro but in my account nothing happens, what's the problem, help me
Hi, I want to check latency between my VPS and broker's server. Is there a free program? Can you recommend one? Or what other way do you know to check the latency? Kind regards
Do you still keep your eyes open for the price movement of same direction of your stopped out order, or you forget everything and start over?
  Clear history  (1)
I openned a position but had to close metatrader and i close the position manually directly trough my broker account.Now the metatrader doesn't recognize the fact that the position is close. The position was closed one week ago but the position is still recognized in metatrader. How i delete it???
  Volume Menu  (1)
Hi All newbie here Can anyone explain what volume means in Metatrader.....I have attached a picture with an arrow indicating what Volume I am talking about, since the answers seem to vary. Some suggesting price changes which I think is odd considering it has a drop down menu that you select from
I apologize for "ranting". 
Hi, I'm looking for a way to lock my MT4/MT5 such that my subscribed members only have access so long as they are subscribed. My website has a MySQL database. Therefore, I need a mechanism where a user enters a username and password to access the .ex4/.ex5 file where the said username and password
  Delete a signal?  (1)
Hello to all.Can anyone guide me on deleting one of my signals please?
hello I'm new and I got a account with capital market and there is a option for a managed account, I was wondering if someone can tell me more about this and where I can find a manager
Hello Everyone, Please help to identify what is the name of this indicator at the bottom windows?  Much thanks.
  Best withdrawal  (10)
Hi, I wanted to understand which of the three methods suggested by MQL5 to withdraw their funds advised as the cheapest, I understand that the PAYPAL method is the best because you pay only 2%, while with epayments there are monthly costs of the mastercard.
Hi friends. I need your help about one case. I try to code some MT4 expert advisor in which i use iOpen(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,0). The problem is that in 00:07 hour iOpen give me data from previous day. Is that normal, and if yes in what time i can take correct data for current day? Thank you in advance...
How can I run 2 MT accounts at the same time? (Same Windows) Thank you
Is it possible to create a simple pop-up GUI to appear when you apply a trading bot to your chart before it runs. For example: The GUI would allow the trader to: - modify their risk/reward, - modify % risked per trade  - disable the bot if x% of their account increases/decreases by the start of the...
I was doing great backtesting a strategy in MT4, OANDA demo account then then for an unknown reason, it just stopped taking trades during the backtesting.  I didn't change my code, but I was Optimizing. Anyone know what's happening here and how to get it to work properly again?
i ned to know how can i down load an expert advisor for demo testing from the market ..  thanks for you all
I can not see a "Profit" Column on 2 of my MT5 platforms under the History Tab even though I right click and I see all the other settings.  Why is that? No such problem on MT4.
  EA error  (8)
Hello, I'm trying to code an EA and everytime I compile it gives me 1 error message, PLEASE HELP ME ... void OnTick() { //--- double movingAverage = iMA(NULL,0,9,0,MODE_EMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0); double currentPrice = Open[0]; double lastPrice = Open[1]; if { (currentPrice > movingAverage) &&
  Spam  (4)
How can I block people for sending me a privat message? It's a person who is not in my friends list....I cannot even remove the message...
  for loops  (3)
I seem to remember being advised that when using a for loop it is better to use it to count down rather than up. please can you remind me why?
<b>New version 1.1 of the product TSO Stochastic RSI MT5:</b> New version 1.1 of the product <a href="">TSO Stochastic RSI MT5</a> is available
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Hey guys, does anyone of u knows a good local trade copier in script format?  What I want to achieve is that the trades my EA makes are being copied x (preferably up to to two digits after the commes) the amount that I specify. ISF
I wrote this indicator. It draws lines with a certain distance on the chart.How do I get the values of the lines? see screenshot.//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                              Frans_Tops_Rev5.mq4...