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Hi, my recent broker only offers 6 crypto currencies, but I would like to trade more. What do you use?! Thanks
Is it possible to trade crypto currency om on the MT platform
Hi guys, I have set the Take Profit to a certain amount. The market is now closed and the price has gone way past my TP. What actually happens when the market opens? Will the TP take place at my set price or market price?
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Is there anyone who like me is a signal Provider with Cent account that had the rating canceled and transferred its own signal as free? I received a message from a moderator who said: cent accounts are not paid and will be considered as demos. My service cost $48 now is FREE... Does anyone know give...
hi all, is there an indicator that displays the closed trades as a curve on a line chart? thnx in advance
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Can someone advice me about available robots which can reopen closed( finished) positions(again and again if required) in forms of pending orders , i will desing pending orders myself Thank you!
Hi all when backtesting with MT5, optimisation field set to "slow", I often get only one agent available from the MQL5 cloud networks (actually, 1 from "MQL5 cloud Europe 1" and 1 from "MQL5 CLoud USA"). SOmetimes I get hundreds, sometimes I get only one. Is that because there are very few avaiable,...
Hi, Can someone fix that indicator? It's sometimes late. It gives the signal after 3 candles. 1 candle is ok. Thanks!
I'm running the tester from the command line using: terminal64.exe /config:tester.ini This all works well and good. When optimizing, it creates a single .xml spreadsheet of results. What I would like is to have the results of multiple runs go into the same .xml spreadsheet. As per the documentation,...
Hi fellow traders. I have just started a new signal service recently and I have one subscriber so far. I have a few questions bothering me and I hope that there would be some kind traders out there who could clarify my queries.  1) I have one subscriber who has subscribed to my signal yesterday but...
Hi,    I'm new to MetaTrader. I'm trying to find if I can connect my In-House application with MT5 or not?  My In-House application is in C++, running on Linux operating system.    I'm looking for connecting my application with MT5, and receive market data feed and send orders for trade from my...
Greetings, I am new to metatrader and I am wondering if its possible to place manual test orders in strategy tester? This feature have to exist but I can not find it =(
I would like to have the option of a VPS but when I right-click on my live account in the Navigator it doesn’t have the option “Register a Virtual Server”. Is there something I need to do please?
I wish a successful 2018. Today i found the reason, why my system slowed down since having built a "custom symbol". I just built one, deriving from only 3 symbols, connected by just add, divide and multiply and activated it in the symbol list. I checked it in a chart- full function. Wonderful...
Good evening! I am using  MathRound(Double,2); to round a couple of doubles to two decimal places. Works, apart from one double: 2017.12.31 19:20:12.891 2017.01.02 08:00:00   Rounded Double: 0.172017.12.31 19:20:12.891 2017.01.02 08:00:00   Rounded Double: 0.132017.12.31 19:20:12.891 2017.01.02 08...
Arr_1[];Arr_2[];Arr_3[];..................Arr_99[]; it is possible to approach something like this    int nar = 2;   ArrayResize("Ar_"+nar, 1); instead of this  ArrayResize(Ar_2, 1); To select which array we are working with
is the forex market open today?  december 31st
Are you using Product widget to promote your products on other websites? is it work for mql5 forum?
So I sent this "bug" to the service desk over 2 months ago, no response until it was closed out yesterday with no comment. I re-opened it today and asked if the bug was fixed. The response was "there is no bug" Here's the scenario (picture below). The backtested EA had an open sell at Friday...
Hi, I have installed windows application "MetaTester 5" in CentOs 6. All installation was well, MetaTester also launching and done few tasks, but it working just 10-20 minutes and close. And every time when I launch MetaTester it after 10-20 minutes close.  Can anybody share experience how to fix it...
I had a signal from 6 months , and after i tired to get a rating on the top 5 signal at mql5 , the site is cancelled my rating >>> why !!! >>> you can do that on the new signal <<< what about the signal from years who tired to them signal ??!!!!
A lot of people think that gold has value because it's yellow and shinning, NO, gold has its value because: a- its scarce b- you can't fake any more gold c- you can carry it between places at a reasonable cost, so you can exchange it d- it does not degrade by nature with time e- divisibility - you...
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I have one proposal: everyone who see 00:00 in your local clock may post "Happy New Year" message. We all from very different countries. So we may celebrate it many times What do you think?
Greetings to all, Can anyone answer if the volume indicator acctually shows real volumes or is it just a "spike" in price change?
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I would greatly appreciate if someone could add a sound alert to the pivot levels of this awesome indicator. I feel this is the best pivot indicator on the web! Thanks in advance!
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Always be discipline, consistent, self motivated, plan ahead of time and money management.
Icmarkets can not withdraw money in china。
Hi I download EA’s from MQL5 web site belowand most of the time when i double click on them after putting them in the Expert Folder, they don’t load onto the chart. Any body know why They have the number 5 on the file but not the little blue man now days MT5 Version / 21 Dec 2017 MT5 https://www...