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Hi, in the user guide of the trading platform I found under Trading Operations / Basic Principles the following image: I would like to change it; see the following image: Ok or not? I'm using MT Version 5.00 build 2136 Matthias
I have 20% of the account size of my subscribed signal, same leverage, yet the percentage is set at 15% not 20%. I made sure that I'm setting the signal subscription options to "use 95% of deposit" (using less than 100% should make it slightly less than 20%... perhaps 19% or so, not 15%). What am I...
Just curious, guys. Is there any people here who do FOREX for a living? I don't mean traders (people who actually work in a real bank or dealing center), doing the pro-type of trading. But you know, rather ordinary people who trade from home. Now, 2 questions: 1. Is it possible to make a good living...
Hi friends! I wonder if you have seen a script which allows to export Ducascopy minute data over a specific time interval - say the lasy week or day - I need a script which will do this automatically for 28 pairs each day. Thanks
I would like to save the realtime quotes of all currency pairs of my broker in a database. Which solution is best for this? I would like to use these realtime data for the evaluation of a trading strategy. So far, I have found a solution that shows me the quotes in Excel. If the values change there
To improve the convenience of our services, we have added tips on the most frequent Customer issues in the Freelance. We collected feedback and comments from trading robot and technical indicator Developers in a special forum topic, and prepared short tips with images based on these comments. All...
Hi there! i was increasing the budget of 10$ in my job but mistakenly i increase 60$. i want decrease 50$ and want to give 60$ to developer. there is not any option to decrease the budget. only increase option. anyone know how to do it
Hi, when I close and order i've noticed it goes to queue first which results in me losing money on a trade. Why does it queue? How can this be fixed
Hi,i purchased a product but i can not download it on my MT4. The owner of the product seem to be banned. Is that affects it
Hello, I have an account from which I copied a signal for a while. I gave up that signal and unsubscribed. Now I would like to record my signal, but it tells me: "Specified account has been used for subscribing to signals. Signals resale is prohibited." But I am no longer subscribed to any signal
I try to enter algotrade-mainserver 1 on mql4 but the platform sends authentication failed. I wonder whether someone else has changed my password. I can't access my account at all. what should I do
HTML problem when I go to see a signal on MQL5.com with Safari (v13.0.2 on macOS Catalina) Animated gif with pb attached
The lowest possible timeframe has been 1 minute since the beginning. Is there a technical problem they cannot add other charts like 10 or 30 seconds
I've been unable to find any information on how the experts.ini file, located with the config folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Traders Way MetaTrader 4\config) can be used. Can someone post a link to how this file can be used and what commands/directives can be specified within it
1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, never
Hello, i had a quick question about following signals prom a provider whos account is smaller than your live account. i noticed the orders amounts are too small for a larger account so how do i change this setting to scale for account size percentage
Hello Traders! Is it possible to insert an alert or a message push every time an indicator like Momentum, RSI or others crosses one of Bollinger bands? I am doing studies on this and would like a BB support on other alert or push indicators. Thanks in advance
I have a robot running normally on the local computer. It has two indicators: When I try to synchronize it with my Metatrader VPS, one of the indicators is not loaded. An error occurs indicating that it did not find the indicator. As shown below, he tries to load the robot and the two indicators
Hi Pro, I Am Programming An Expert Avdisor (MQL5) And Expert Advisor Shoud Calculate About 30 Million Possibilities So I Need Use MQL5 Cloud But I Have Question : Can I Use It And How Much Time Is Required And How Much Is Cost thanks
Does anyone come across this issue ? I have purchased 3 indicators from the Market, 1) Range Bars, 2) Double Top Tracker, 3) Infinity Trand Line Pro, using MQL4 program, I installed and activated those indicators on 2 PC which one I use everyday (Desktop PC), and the other one I use occasionally
Yesterday the balance was 0.08 USD. Payment of 399.20 became unlocked but balance of 367.08!! What is going on? Ordinarily, I'd leave the funds in the account until the issue is resolved but with all the account blocks taking place I dare not
When I try to Activate MQL5 storage by using my MQL5 community account, it throws this error. Anyone knows how to resolve it? And why it is coming
I have created this thread to have a place to report MQL5/MT5 bugs with sample codes and pictures. I don't expect to get answers, just trying to help make this platform better
Hi, is anyone facing this problem today (October 15 , 2019): MT4 has "no connection" the whole day !!! Tried reinstalling it, changed Broker accounts and no luck. The problem remains. Help needed please. Thanks
In Mt4, I could have a lot more chart tabs at the bottom of the platform. Now i am limited, and if I try to add more, it deletes one. How can I get more tabs at the bottom, like before? I have attached a pic from my platform Jerome
Hello, this position is sent with magic number -1. When i'm hover the position, MT5 shows me this ID, but the position have Magic -1. It's a MT5 bug? Thanks so much
I don't know why, but I'm waiting for help. I don't think I made any mistakes. Last time I made a request to Freelance. My request was to convert the mql4 file type to the mql5 file type. I did not request any crack operation. I uploaded the file to the system with mq4 extension and made the
I need to know the latest 10000 tick Quotes,How to get?Use Mqlrates to receive it All the functions in MT5 obtain the storage structure of K-line index What I need is tick data For example: MqlRates Tick[10000]; tick[0].open;//Latest opening price tick[0].close;//Latest closing price
I Am Programming An Expert Avdisor (MQL5) And Expert Advisor Shoud Calculate About 30 Million Possibilities So I Need Use MQL5 Cloud But I Have Question : Can I Use It And How Much Time Is Required And How Much Is Cost thanks