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Hi I download EA’s from MQL5 web site belowand most of the time when i double click on them after putting them in the Expert Folder, they don’t load onto the chart. Any body know why They have the number 5 on the file but not the little blue man now days MT5 Version / 21 Dec 2017 MT5 https://www...
Profit in %, Profit in $$$, Profit to drawdown ratio, Drawdown, Long history ( at least 1 year ), How much money is the signal provider risking, Good communication, Number of existing subscribers
It will continue at the same pace, Some expert says it is bubble and will burst, There value will be degraded to more than 90% of its current value, Other(specify if you have some opinions other than above)
Hi want this cci holy grail indicator. If someone has, please share or if someone can code it, God bless his/her soul
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Please, I request your help so that this program can only be executed on the 4th Period and not on the other periods Thank you for your assistance HERE'S THE PROGRAM CODE
  MT4 Proxy Issue  (1)
I have entered the correct proxy details. But i get an error " proxy server is not suitable". My proxy has a web address eg: port 8080. I tried pining the proxy in cmd to get the ip address and tried with it as well but i still get the same error. My browser and all other softwares...
Today I got message from MQL about my cent account to be turned to free account as is like demo account. But not every one has been switched like me. Question is why? If all cent accounts will be free from price than I should be informed about this change in advance. Right or wrong?
Hi everybody i try to run mbfx(mt4) with metatrader5 but impossible. this make me crazy because is very difficult for me to trade without it. compiling the code on metaeditor (mt5) I see that there are many errors. it's been many years that I trade with mt4 but I admit that this version is...
Please, I request your help so that this program can only be executed on the 4th Period and not on the other periods Thank you for your assistance HERE'S THE PROGRAM CODE extern double Long_Entry_pdr = 5;extern double Short_Entry_pdr = 5;extern double Long_stop_pdr = 3;extern double Short_stop_pdr =...
Hi, I have just subscribed to a signal called <>. I'm just curious, will it copy trades for me even though there is about 3 times as much money in my account as his trading account? ie 450 USD to 2000 AUD? I don't know if it will work or not, and he currently has no open positions. Thanks Jimmy
  Harmonic Trading  (19   1 2)
I welcome all the Harmonic traders to share their views/ideas. We can share our views by means of analysis and charts.
Hello, It is possible in the MetaEditor of Metatrader 4  to close all windows in one command with Menu/Window/Close all I did not find this command in the MetaEditor of Metatrader 5, for me, it's a shame. Pierre
Hi, I would like to, programatically, execute the popup SYMBOLS (CTRL + U) activities . More specifically I would like to export , for a given symbol, the tick series in a given period in time. Is that possible by programming commands? Thank You, Luidi
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Please, I request your help so that this program can only be executed on the 4th Period and not on the other periods Thank you for your assistance HERE'S THE PROGRAM CODE //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| FORXY TRADIE //|
  Grid Lines  (31   1 2 3 4)
I am involved in a class, but the teacher is not using MT-4 Charts. What I am seeking help on is an indicator that will simply draw lines on the MT-4 charts at pre-determined intervals (plotting), and put the appropriate price of the line to the left of the screen as shown in the picture below if I...
For those who love investments, what better way to do them than pointing to the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, here I have a list of 50, of which some are more preferred than others. Tell me which ones do you use ... 1. Bitcoin 2. Ethereum 3. Bitcoin Cash 4. Ripple 5. Litecoin 6....
Hello Everyone! I want to subscribe to one of the Signal providers on this site, the signal provider recommends that I use their broker because their broker uses a specific symbol name for S&P500 (S&P.fs). I'm okay with signing up with the Signal providers' broker only if they'd let me sign up with...
  MQL4/MQL5 limitation  (15   1 2)
Hello forum I wish to have an opinion of experienced developers here about when someone wants to build an EA based on visual trading, i've been given many answers on personal jobs that the one that im asking for is hard to be coded because of MQL4 limitations  My questions are:- will these...
  Trend Trading Strategy?  (11   1 2)
Hi, I'm an MQL developer with 20 years programming background. I've recently learnt MQL and built a couple of EAs with it. I'm looking for a solid Trend Trading strategy or algorithm to create an EA using price action or indicators so that it generates like 5% a month. Please can you advise where I
Hi, Just want to know how do I become Data provider in Indian markets as many people are providing in MT4. Please let me know if anyone know the process. Thanks, Santosh
Ofcourse because it will still go up strong, No, that race is over! Investing in this crypto currency should be done years ago, Not sure...Maybe it could be worth a try, As there are other crypto currencies on the market i'd rather try one of them!
Hello everyone, could someone help me change the fractal indicator that I attached so that less fractals come out
EURUSD on 27 Desember USDJPY on 27 Desember EURJPY on 27 Desember The Price is looking for our money...
Boring, Profitable, Just Ok, Very Bad For Me
Hi Traders,  Do you know about IMPACT brokers? How to contact them? do they have a website? Thanks and best regards. A.A.
Hi Traders,  Do somebody knows how to change from Spanish to English versión in MT5?
  Different backtesting result  (13   1 2)
Why do I have gain different results when backtesting an EA on two different systems?Same Ea, same setting, same broker, same starting and end date.
Hallo, I'm not able to use the following methods ReverseLong() ReverseShort(). I am creating a custom EA, and I have include the following instruction inside: #include <Expert\Expert.mqh> CExpert           ExtExpertTrade; but the ReverseLong() or ReverseShort() method is not accessible (example...
I need to simulate some mql functions. for example ordersend, ordermodify , ... Do you know a open source c++ library for this purpose? Do you know a open source trading platform like metatrader?
For a newbie if you read mql4 book and try to code in mql5 it would be impossible, because there is much difference,  and documentation just throw random information at you that makes very hard to learn without an ordered book.  If mql5 staff are reading this, you all should  really give us a book...