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The GBP/USD pair embarks upon a corrective mode on Wednesday, after having faced fresh offers at 50-DMA, as the bulls consolidate the recent massive upsurge.  GBP/USD back below 1.2400, where 50-DMA intersects: GBP/USD surrenders 1.24 handle and now looks to stabilize around the mid-point of 1.23...
Hello there, I want to know that if there is possibility of using one signal to more than one account from different brokers .   Is there any one who can help me to understand about this ?
  account micro (7)
Hello .I have a micro account and sell signal , or you can copy the signal from my account standard
Hello, Due to practical reasons I'm using multiple PC's to control trading on one account. Now I have setup VPS to the "master PC". How can I control the same VPS from other MT4 terminal? Thanks for your help. br. Pekka 
  MMR (1)
Hy guys as far as you know the red and Green bar in the MMR indicator are or not repainting????? Thank you for your precious help. 
Taken 2 years and probably about a thousand + different strategies and literally millions and millions of back testing / optimising runs but finally I may have found it :) backtest.png results uploaded 
In her speech today PM Theresa May outlined 12 key objectives in negotiating the exit deal for the UK. She has already realised that being part of the single market is not an option as long as the UK wants to control immigration from other EU countries. Instead Theresa May wants to replace today’s...
  VPS (2)
Hello all friends , after I rent Vps can I add more than one account on it ? is this possible ? or do I need rent one vps per account ? a lot of thanks for your advise . 
I need withdraw money from my account but servicedesk is silent for 3 days. What can I do, is it scum system? 
I am developing a really complicated strategy and i have already used Magic Number and Comment, is there any other way to separate orders?
  copy signal (4)
my signal stopped copying and its active, i also register with vps  
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Comments that do not relate to the "What indicator is this?", have been moved into this topic.
  Signals Help! (3)
I am subscribed to a signal and just want to clarify that the signal will be closed automatically by the provider, or do I need to manually close the signal myself? 
In Forex market, EURAUD & NZDUSD is going down. Our Recommendation: SELL EURAUD 1.4195 TARGETS 1.4165 1.4135 STOPLOSS 1.4230SELL NZDUSD 0.7110 TARGETS 0.7085 0.7055 STOPLOSS 0.7140
In Commodity market, Gold is going down. Our Recommendation: SELL GOLD 1207 TARGETS 1203 1198 STOPLOSS 1212... Follow Up:  OUR 1st TARGET HAS HIT IN GOLD 1203 KINDLY BOOK PROFIT IN IT
Hello Everyone, Some EAs look very promising, but I am running into issues. How can I set the volume of a trade placed by an EA?   Thanks,  V 
New requirements on guaranteed stop loss and negative balance protection mandated to CFDs brokers The French financial regulator, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), is mandating some changes to retail brokers operating in the country. After months of deliberations on an advertising ban for...
  Accounts (13   1 2)
Hi I need to switch from demo to real account 
We expect the dollar to continue to strengthen over 2017 – corporate tax reform; potential hawkish Fed appointments; fiscal stimulus; the dollar’s status as a high-yielder all favour continued gains throughout the year. Dollar cycle still has juice. The USD is hardly stretched. Compared to a more...
  MT5 error (13   1 2)
MT5 made an update, after that I am unable to open the application, error message reads - terminal64.exe is not a valid win32 application So I redownloaded MT5 platform, installation stalls after download, screenshot below Is it possible to make a successful installation in order to use the platform...
A flash-sale of Pound Sterling characterised markets at the start of a new week in global foreign exchange as the hard-Brexit story continues to be digested.  Sterling fell on weekend news that the UK Prime Minister would use a speech on Tuesday to argue for red-lines over EU migration and an exit...
I have several activations left for an EA that I am using. In the past, I would go to "purchases" and download it from there as there was an option to do that but after formating my hard drive and re-downloading MQL5 and MT4, the "download activation" is not there anymore.
Hello, i am looking for a specific EA in the market and it happens that i can sometime see it and when starting next it is disappeared.   Is there any rule how EAs are shown in the market page ?   Thank you 
I searched before posting but I cant! 1.How is rating of an EA, signal provider ? I tried but I cant vote an EA! 2.I tried to a review of a signal but it seems disable for me ? everybody cant ? Thanks
i have this EA with String problem. Sombody knows how to solve it?    //#include <stdlib.mqh> #import "stdlib.ex4"    string ErrorDescription(int a0); // DA69CBAFF4D38B87377667EEC549DE5A #import  
Rahul Sangra
Hello , I have problem with metatester agents. I cannot start them. The problem appeared after updating to Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. Evaluation copy. Build 15007.rs_prelelease.170107-1846 I followed the above steps in order to solve the issue but the did not work.  1) I have reinstalled...
I need my EA to recompile itself after a set period of time. Any code for that? Thank you