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hi every body i want close a part of position  by positionclosepartial function in mql5, but i cant and give me errror! please help me how to use it?
  panel design (4)
Hi all, I am new to forum and I have a question. When user runs my code, I want  a panel  to show up. how & where should I design the layout of panel that will contains some textboxes and buttons . Thank you.
Hello all,, i want to ask about this signals [link deleted by moderator] 1-his account is cent account(my account is standard account) 2-his Leverage is 1:500(my leverage is 1:200) 3- his balance is 11002$(my account balance is 500$) 4-he is always opening volume is 0.1   so if i want to copy from...
We know that MT5 supports CPU multithreading operations, But If it is compatible with GPU computing should best. NVIDIA's GPU have CUDA function. I think if MT5 can run the GPU to calculate should be best feature.
Today my tester stopped doing trades. I understand when settings prohibit real trades, but how tester can be disabled? I have two computers. On another one what is not connected with internet there are no such problem with same EA and trades.
Hi friends, if i have 2 strategies that has 80% win ratio each, 1 tatic 2 tatic and if i decide to trade 1 tatic, then  2 tatic, 1, 2, 1, 2 alternating them, my question  is: if i combine two good tatics, i'll get an increase on my win ratio, or it will remain in 80%, and how calculate this new...
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just went to "tools"→ "opition" → "signal" on MT4. And disable  "Copy Stop Loss and Take Profit levels" and "Synchronize positions without confirmations"   somehow, all my positions were cancelled suddenly. So, I am trying to re-copy the signal, i just make them re-able again....
I'm downloading MetaTrader4. I'm installing MetaTrader4. But the MetaTrader 5 program. MetaTrader4 download link But MetaTrader 5 Admin interested with download link
Hi everyone, I'm quite new to trading and what has brought me here is my need to earn a living. I'm a mathematics student and need to be able to start up my trading as soon as possible. I wanted to see if there is a reference website or resource for beginners, including books and videos? Any help...
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Im new , where do i start?
Hello, I would like to backtest my EA and I would like to use Cloud to have more performance. At moment in the strategy tester at Cloud networking it shows Balance=0. Can somebody help me ? Thanks in advance Fabio
Hello everyone I was looking for a custom fractal indicator for mt5 since we cannot change bars in fractal indicator built in one. Is there any indicator available here or can any programmer do this little work please ?  Fractal shows up when there are 2 bars left and right with lower lows/highs. I...
The advent of MetaTrader 5 is going full speed with FXFlat becoming the first German broker to offer an alternative for MetaTrader 4. The company is a full-fledged STP broker regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) with the FXFlat Wertpapierhandelsbank GmbH license....
Hello, what could possible go wrong if less then 30% of all indicators and ea did work or start with windows 10? all work well with windows 8, on another pc. both pc have exactly the same hardware thanks mike
Hi. I would like to check possibility having 2 candidates or more when I post an assignment in freelance? This will allow me to try different prototype in same time rather than trying one by one.
Zac Elliott
Hi guys, Just logged onto my terminal on MT4 and the signals tab in the program has not appeared. Does anyone know how i can get it up? Thanks
please i have an error occurs as  error no error  what is the problem 
New MetaTrader 4 Build 910: Enhanced Code Base and Improved Interface for Windows 10 MetaTrader 4 platform update is to be released on Thursday, November 12, 2015. The update will feature the following changes: Code Base: Fixed and accelerated downloading MQL4 programs from the Code Base....
I am a newbie trader. I have a simple method that is High Low breakout bar trading system. From its name, you're all guys know how it works. It will trade if price breaks whether high or low previous bar or candlestick. If price move higher and break previous bar/candle stick's high then BUY signal...
Hi, I'm confused please assist, due to issues I have with MT5 I downloaded MT4 but the product details shows that MT4 and MT5 are the same version. I want to use MT4 in the meantime as I have issues with MT5. Thank you,
it's really a great bug based on balance. The chart of growth looks great for lots of traders using strategy of very small size and without stop loss. They take advantage of this bug as the chart does mislead for freshman.  all should be calculated based on equity.
  MT5 Crashes (1)
Hi I just downloaded MT5, each time whe I log in and my demo account credentails are accepted MT5 closes and that's that. What is the issue? Please help. Thank you,
Try to understand your trading system
Hi I need assistance with adding alert and arrow for the crossing over of two movivng averages: In the code attached I have created a MA from previous indicators data. The previous indicator is a 5 linear weighted moving average applied to median. I need the final indi to give alert when the MA...
Good morning. I'm very interested in VSA and find very important to analyse volume on candles, specially on supports and resistances. I think it would very useful to have an indicator that allows to put a label with the volume value on certain candles. Do you know such an indicator? Are anyone of...
Is it somehow disable the auto update or at least disable for beta versions? I guess that my broker's Metatrader (XPMT5-PROD) is misconfigured and it forces me to download beta versions of the Metatrader. Actually I'm using the 1583 (very bugged) because of that.
The candles in my mt4 begin from odd number how can i change it? Thank you
Yes 0.25%Yes 0.50 %NoMaybe
hello, here are some values i dont understand about margin calculations in different instruments, (which is shown at as in SYMBOL_CALC_MODE_CFDLEVERAGE  -> Margin =...
i a begginer and the auto trad botton had takes my attention how could i deal with it